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I just come out with it…I dont trust people because I have seen and experienced too much. I have seen a lot of subtle deception and it almost irks me when more often than most we are deceived by those who are seasoned in deception. I know being on the quiet side I have a tendency to become more watchful and attentive listening. I learned to let people talk.

People have these lists or description of who might be the deceiving kind. We never think old ladies as robbing banks or can anyone handle who we called a best friend would backdoor you! The deceiving isn’t limited of who satan uses to kill us, steal from us, or destroy us! So many go into denial when someone they trusted or family member has done the unthinkable!

Everyday I see more and more people who wont deal with the truth. I listen to the bargaining of why its this way and people get terribly offended that you pointed them toward the truth. What is blowing me away is just the mere thought that people flip out when the truth comes out even with cameras and social media…there is still self blindness even from the so called lovers of justice!…

People see what they want to see. A spirit of PRIDE errodes good judgment so will the love of self. People have this tendency to grasp what they believe is good and because they lived in denial for so long they pretend that they embrace change!

Normally when you find someone in denial its a red flag that truth might be an issue with them and other unhealthy emotional problems as well! They cant fathom that they have been a fool that long. The sheer embarrassment of not being who they really are is more of their focus not the fact that lies were exposed and people got wounded!

I got a call from this older lady. She checks on me periodically or rather being nosey. Yet, no matter how sincere she wants me to think she is…I know mentally someplace she’s off. My gut defenses warns me…to not carry on any conversation too long and I dismiss her. Being older doesn’t mean one can’t be evil. No matter how she greets me the alarms in my spirit takes off.

I know she is messy somewhere and she hates I remain so tight lipped and non impressive with the “sweet old lady” act.

First clue, she retired early and works and volunteers quite a bit. Okay, you might say maybe she is just active?

I say she is running or avoiding something so she is overly involved! Honestly, when one become in a God’s purpose ministry he trains you…You have to look at things you might not care to look at!

Some leaders today are weak…they don’t expose too much truth because it exposes their shortcomings instead of gaining strength in wisdom and favor with God…That is the church is more mega with people than God’s power they rather be liked, worshipped than stand in faith and being the truth!

If anyone hadn’t noticed…something was wrong because she never goes home. And get quite offended when you mention going home. I paid attention because no one quits one good job and take on two more and you are older. Its dangerous and a sign something is collapsing!

It will take its toll on your health. Mentally you can’t be the sharpest because you aren’t resting. Resting in God means you are in peace not turmoil. Running yourself to the ground is a clear sign of not being confrontational about why satan has you running and consuming one’s life!

I came early to an event oddly I saw her true alliances both terrified in fear if what they think I heard and how I might tell or use what I saw!

She was very familiar with talking to someone that was on the radar for mess stirring, she knew that I knew she wasn’t what she wanted others to think. I then begin to see the other faces she hid so well. She got quite irritated because I had leverage…the TRUTH!

I must add, I keep my guards leveled enough to see people for who they are. I have grown disappointed at how so many religious leaders have demonic allegiances and think God is pleased. They see what they want to see and have special set of standards for them. They could do no wrong…this is dangerous leadership!

When I saw what she fooled others with…I was shocked but not taken! Now this confirmed that element that I sensed so strongly about her!

In my heart I knew there was something evil in her despite the “friendly” grandmother thing going on. I
saw evil when it appeared
with the “kind “mask… There was something nagging me in spirit. God trained me on that pulling not to ignore I know about what people perceive as loyal but friendly pythons. I’m careful of what I embrace especially with those who say “I love you” and concern about you and their actions are clear. I don’t pull my bottom drawer to people and I wouldn’t share anything with
her and with good reason. I don’t run off at mouth anyway… if I get that stirring I am more than watchful… What is more frightening is that people use God to push fleshly agendas…and actually believe God is okay with it!

I saw my own grandmother vividly play games and duped the church and people for years.

The so called “nice granny act” but who did more damage messing in folks head because of her position in church.

My experiences taught me to pay attention to the character of ANYONE…People put on masks to complete their agenda. Old ladies were once young ladies. Saying you are a Christian is one thing its when you see the fangs that’s when you will see how deep seated their hatred is!

Our people lack discernment, God’s power and wisdom. No matter what it looks like you can’t ignore God’s prompting. It requires you open up your eyes!