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I thought the “Black Panther” Movement was about being viewed in the eyes of America for standing for social and economic change.

That meant standing together for fighting for the rights of the African-American people? Why must we always seek attention by trying to make a political statement by being half-naked?  I think if they advocated the selling of the books on the Life of Fred Hampton, or Malcolm X. and push the voting agenda and yes, get a library card…  I could have handled the Super Bowl better…without all the tacky gravy… I thank Jesus for a brain on top of my head and not  what is equated with  the spot between my legs and deem my cookie twitching to be sexy… I would laugh hysterically if this wasn’t so serious…what America calls sexy. Whew!!!th6SR6IOML

What better way to seduce your husband by gyrating your special needs  in  front of millions. Yet, hypocritically this is what American deem successful!  And a lot of people are on board with this kind of nonsense.

We are having a war on violence but no one connects pornography and guns together…Better yet… you read about the porn industry and how it’s funded…

But please… I wish they stop exposing themselves to our children as if this is the way to go… We are so easily on board with what sells…It’s disgusting!

 If you want me to take you seriously conduct yourself in a respectable manner.  As a woman, I am insulted that walking pornography is trying to make some kind of statement as a movement. I don’t hear the outage from the under cover lusty leaders… Find your darn clothes… There are parts of the body that come together that entices the opposite sex. I agree what better place to make a statement.  For family friendly football game… women are always the one half-dressed.  Skip if they can sing or not… Just come on stage and represent who? Shut up!  We are getting more and more confused about what’s seems to be correct behavior. Football games now initiates the cause to visit the strip clubs. You might have money, but there is no self-respect.   Any female who can’t seem to stay upright with their clothes mounted up is lost.  Christian or not… Some parts of the anatomy needs to stay covered. I have yet to see a man twirling his “jones” to cheer me up during half time. Its walking porn for my sons!!!!

Nobody is protesting because this shows you were all the activism went…And don’t get it twisted… I take care of my body… but that’s for my man(husband) and not the men.  

Something is wrong as a whole when we see just women are half-naked at half time of the Super Bowl… You can have it going on all day long, no one can take what you say you are about seriously and don’t be insulted when they put you in a category…

Well roundedness, no one is talking about your butt and your breasts. I see the outrage is getting less…  Girls have a hard time already what message really got conveyed?… Sex sells but not to my girls. Women can’t run a darn thing with an acting as if the only education we have is spread eagle on someone’s car… on scantily tight clothing… dancing as if this is the next best career choice.  I have to ask …what’s your point?  I can be beautiful without  being the acceptable walking porn sites  even at church. There seems to be no respect for each other. When I see women like this… I already know something is missing…. If you got a husband it speaks volumes to what he values. Christian or not…Where is the respect for oneself? I want to see man salivate when he sees his wife….

There are parts of a the female anatomy that  can come together whether they tightly pushed together or secured together to be pushed up. For those who are on delay! Your breasts and your posterior end. We preach against pornography but we never talk about the physical aspect fo women who didn’t get the memo on covering up. Why women live for the attention and the doe -doe bird men that salivate for it.  Stop teaching our sons, that the gratification of lusting after women is the way to go. Teach my sons that some of you got some kind of sense.

I still believe what you possess isn’t for the world to see. It’s for intimacy.   We speak against pornography but yet, it is still advocated  with walk around porn everyday with women who love to wiggle it in front of man. When you respect the man you keep him from falling. Not watch him make a total donkey out of himself.  

Sadly our priorities  and values are messed up. One minute we want our sons to be respectable men… but they see what they say being a man is…  Hey fellas,  doesn’t make you a man because you examine women in the wrong way… when look at it lustfully. It’s a man who can acknowledge that you wouldn’t want it for your daughter so get your act together… pay attention to what you govern your eyes with body or no body….Lust after your spouses maybe we can see less divorce. I  want to see man fall out when he see his wife… That’s hilarious to think about because the average lust bag seems to get  off on what he doesn’t have…  

No matter what size you are.. still your business is still your business.  Yet for all the special men out there… your thrill comes where?… I don’t want any man shaking and rearranging nothing in my face…more or less how disgusting it is when women are so desperate for a man to look at what they got…it’s called the stroll…

This stuff in history is some serious stuff… I can do without all the sexual upgrades to everything. Sex sells but at what price do we allow our history to be tainted with warp values.

Our history is full of how slavery impacted this country on the backs of women being sold as sex slaves. Today, we want everyone to buy into that it’s okay to look like a stripper and make money and say it’s class…It isn’t!  Women of color  are already minimize to being just baby  makers without baby daddies. How proud can one be to see their wife, daughter, sister in this fashion?

I don’t wish I was any female who can’t seem to exercise her freedom of thinking with sexual attire and gestures.    When I speak he will know I am wise, when I take my clothes of all… He knows I was well worth the weight and the wait.

I have given myself some level of decency. I don’t need all the commercialize freedom of expression in poor taste…whether it’s your right or not…I don’t want my girls to be exposed to this kind of nature…Look around we have a bunch of over sex and uneducated about the price of love and it’s not at the expense of being educated about advocated decency and some sense of self-love and worth…I will take education of history any day to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday than to be known for  what one perceives as  talent and not be presented as a gift  and the value of being a virtuous woman .  A woman who knows how to be sexy in her attitude of knowing what she is capable of being and doing…instead of the cheap slave labor today called… ????