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For years I tried to understand why people become so  DELUSIONAL AND attached to things superficially and think God is in agreement with it. People don’t read the bible they think all because one is a Pastor they know God, and let them understand it and interpret it for them. They aren’t trying to understand it just get by with checking in church for show purposes and not true transformation of being a better “you” in God. That is why many are led astray by their own lust.  They feel justified their sin matches someone else’s which leads to little conviction or redemption.  In other words people know what ministries walk in integrity and the truth. People will get angry if you are living the life you speak about that is why many “carnal” churches prefer the truth tellers not to be involved or around!

So many claim to be Christian ministers but have unbecoming conduct and feel whatever they do is alright.   If you study the bible you find out that so many are not really following God or his order  but in fact continually insert personal ideologies, political relations,  and philosophies.  

This has nothing to do with God and get this…Their credibility with God is often shot!  The applauds of saying we “worship” you is destroying the worldly church. The three face side of any human…Me, Myself and I.  

I am not trying to  be brass… I see the “pissing contest” … Who can do what the best. They have members of the church with the same DNA…Teaches God’s people to buck authority and act like total donkeys to get what they want. Watch the leader it often reflects what she or he condones. Bad attitudes  ruin many things in life. I don’t care how educated you are, how popular… You have ask yourself …what do you really attract? Rogue pastors attract rogue and like-minded people and play games on the weak people.These are generally the church addicts.  The do everything for the leaders of approval. Never will they be taken seriously.  Just mis-appropriately used and quietly dismissed because they don’t qualify.  That is why when the “clergy cliques” panic in fear someone is going to join them or expose them. They  are  like wolves  they become territorial and challenge in fear of someone who walks with God for real… They go into  on attack mode  the lies , the gossip and the game faces  to gain grounds b  being stern and  rude to show whose running what. It’s almost hilarious because God will SEND THE RIGHT PROPHET TO STAND AND CLEAN UP THE MESS. AND WONT CARE WHO DOES WHAT.  The prophet(ess)  knows who they are in God  and are not intimidated but the witches of the day. This upsets generational demons that have been allowed to destroys God’s temples!

Where is this kind of behavior  in  the bible?  Read  the book of Jeremiah  it will train your spirit about contamination in the pulpit.  Pastor can only lead a flock not heaven.  What a leader teaches means nothing to God if his or her witness is jacked up!!!th (42)

So many  are fallen leaders can’t smell the residue of  spiritual manure… being in denial and rejected God because they are their own God. So many  follow blindly can d can’t see it because of desperation to belong to something or someone. so they become occultism in their behavior to a leader who don’t mount to a hill of beans with GOD!

The need to be in the inner circle of the leader. That circle will consist of the dirt and secrets…. so that requires that you fit in…You got to be sin natured, trust worthy to keep your mouth closed about  the dirt on each other and keep each other’s secret. If one mess up trust me he or she is ousted… and have betrayed the loyalty of the leader. It’s no more than another gang.   That is why many of them betray each other on a daily but wont make a move in the directions of being honest. Their clergy cliques…reflect another level of trust that is why they complain but  wont leave…they are just aS opportunistic as their fraudulent leaders.

That is why when a tainted ministry try to correct the people  the feel they above the bible…His or her people know it’s an act…You know why? Because they have seen  how low the leader really is… There is no respect because boundaries  weren’t set and the sin hair was let down in the midst of them. It’s a joke!

 The appearance of having a bond and appearing close the leader ignorantly  disclose to much of who they are to the wrong people. Sinning together will bring embarrassment and scandal to the church but they are close enough to blow your business out of the water.  

That is why when a leader is too timid and too passive o say certain things is because of fear.   What fear? He or she is in fear of what could happen from the audience to the money leaving.  Being a disciple means discipline…that is why the church isn’t view in an honest light because of too many lines have been crossed and spiritual abuse is the new normal.

 Many that are close not really in relationship with the leader dishes the dirt when they get angry.  This IS the very reason  why  who so many leaders die at the hands of what was in their  circle. Being unwise and too open…they are riding out on what they can get not because they respect who you are. It’s typical not trusting a  Pastor syndrome many have tainted the call. 

It’s the thirst of being around power, money or what they deem celebrity status. That is why many  are bitter when a Pastor tries to bring correction…they know he or she  is a hypocrite! They have seen your life…and its weak leadership to quite honest. Being too familiar in the end brings the plot of the death of ministries including its followers. Most people who follow leaders like this are missing something in their lives and that’s real relationship with God…I REBUKE IT… A leader should be a conduit or introduction that leads back to God …not your followers but the lover of Christ…

 I see through the fakes and the phonies. There is no unified front…it’s whose “ego” needs to be stroked the most. If you are The over inflated egos could careless about winning souls. The fledge desire to have more power than God until they fall on their faces and then they need God. The political jargon that goes on with no respect that the pulpit is totally different from a podium. 

Egos desecrate altars all the time…and it spits in the face of God.

You have to question motives when people focus more on themselves than teach the  following of God. Egos are ripping the foundation of any church apart. When there is so messiness there is a leader who hasn’t ‘strengthen the fibers of integrity or character. People who follow leaders like this  are in love with the fact that they are deemed popular but has actually sold him or herself to the devil.  

Deception carry bibles and are on ego trips

I am not surprised at what is allowed in the pulpit. I challenge anyone to read the word of the Lord. It has been around for centuries…God doesn’t   do upgrades  on himself but he has to with man.  Pride is the ultimate destroyer. . So many got into ministry believing that they will be the savior instead of relying  and instructing them that God is the what governs them. Experiences does a lot to bring a level of humility but somewhere even in the eras of different movement they have made themselves more than God. I hear what they say but I watch how you relate to God and his people.  

Too many aren’t really encouraging each other but they pad their own  “egos” with a lot of fluff and bluff… I know about the “buddy systems” in ministry. So many leaders have women on the side, and other ungodly relationships…Some leaders are feel satisfied and glorified  that members are more messed up than they are this keeps him or her at a level that I ain’t that bad. Tasteless behavior is rewarded as struggling members…as long as they worship the  leader God understands.

Unfortunately, its wicked!!!…  I must admit you must have “trained” eyes by God to see all the mess that is done on the down low! ( no pun intended) and it is  being labeled as loyalty. What are you being loyal to? Surely God is being left out because it then allows , embracing and incubate demonic behavior. Its dangerous!

Every person God used… there was a some serious transformation… and those who were lovers of themselves…DIED by their own swords!  What foolishness goes on in the name of God.    How can anyone advocate God being a bona fide fake? Too many Christians are gullible.  If any man lack wisdom let him ask?  God isn’t a darn bone head… and some are so hardened by life’s experiences…everyone can see the bitterness but them… 

Regardless of how much licking goes on in the church arena..Where is the God in it? God meets you where you but some are too liberal and some are too extreme… where is the spiritual balance ? The equilibrium is definite off in the church. God has to raise truth teller. That is why so many people you never heard of is going to come out blasting the lies.  Some can’t pass the baton and be the truth because they have been  denial for years! All roads don’t lead to God…if you think it does  “watch the fruit”… Love is action not telling!  

Although many will say…Lord Lord,  JESUS …Will say I never knew you… One thing that I discovered that  many so-called Christians DO IS …THEY ARE EASILY PERSUADED  ON CHARM AND WHAT ENTICES THEM. Effective leadership isn’t getting people to hit your social media page…But how much love of Christ is extended  with how to win souls?   Winning spiritually to them has nothing to do with God its about status. Doing what looks good in the media. Soul winning is  not a priority because it’s about how many can hit your page viewing what’s left of  their empty pitiful  lives. What’s the point especially in ministry when it’s about tantalizing and sensationalized who you are!  Be honest with is this really about?

Whatever issue some people may have… many are led by lies and by  their own desires. No matter how much one fist pumps and come into agreement because of political views don’t make that the same side God is on.  Many are hateful in their actions, speech and tones and that creates and keeps an atmosphere that divides.

It’s funny when you disagree with their political views and ideologies and you know God’s truth many are offended and then a wall comes when you are present. There is something about God’s truth that makes the pack of wolves hover together from you reaching and exposing where the lies really are. Pastors have no problem with the wolves in their church. He or she honestly believes in being mean-spirited will keep people off of them and from bringing the truth of exactly just how tainted the ministry really is.

Nonetheless they can criticize and ostracize others without blinking or thinking yet, they are NEVER WRONG  and don’t quite demand unity when you don’t see it their way… When many say that they are a Christian I find it almost shocking that some even have the nerve, to bring God into their  personal conflict  because their “egos” feel attacked.  If God is about love where is yours?  Doing good work doesn’t make our a Christian… nor does it signifies that you belong to God. Dope dealers give to ministries and that’s a good thing because the money is still green.

Today, I have seen some lines crossed…and I know that God is using me to bring exposure to what so many believe we under legitimate men and women of God…In fact… we have more BASTARDS trying to lead God’s people… And Yes, if  you think you belong to God you better ask question… and watch what you follow… 

As long as we are on the same side then it’s okay…When you are on the Lord’s side why is there any conflict about God’s will when that’s what we should be focused on.  Too much nonsense being labeled as being radical when it’s nothing but personal licking! You have to know when you are just too difficult to deal with… You got to know what the truth really is… Yet, may settle for a version of the truth… Another term as one might call “smoothing fur” or showing off… Ego and pride are basically why many Christian leaders can’t unify… If God is the center of your lives…and you are directed from God… everything will level out to the truth no matter what.  Being grumpy and mean-spirited… seems to be okay when agendas match…But tell the truth… here comes rationalizing.  If so many are so sold out in helping God’s people…when can receive better direction when their if first a true relationship comes with God…No University… can give you his wisdom or power.     I am more than disappointed because of the tacky instigation that a lot of people do. Where is the God when one call themselves “radical” and provoke rebellion! So much for God’s love with all the political licking and tirades that this political circle has come to . 

They believe they are in right standing.  there is a way that maybe thinking that you are too smart might be your problem. Intellect interferes with God all the time.  Personal conflicts plead  There are many deal with counterfeits. 

I don’t claim to know everything about God. Although many of us say we understand truth and no what the truth is…According to whom is the question that I asked. If you say you are a Christian…and the bible is the foundation…Why do we have so many Long Rangers? Why do a spirit of division hinders the church house? Why do many claim to have right relation with God still divide? The answers might surprise you?  

The bible was misused then and it more than abuse now…What spiritual goals are maintained without God?  Being an intellectual doesn’t exempt God? Yet most ride it on their own ideology about  what God wants without the foundation of scriptures and laying before God with answers. The surface Christian is about show.and many are out-of-order. Too many kill in the name of God… and so many instigate division in the name of God . God doesn’t set atmosphere of rebellion! You don’t teach people with subliminal messages of hate  and call it love! People are not sold out to God they are sold to cliques and the beguiled. All because you are in solidarity doesn’t means it elevates the thinking of God.

There seems to be a lot of  allegiances for each other but the real test …if the egos match they compliment fraudulently to each other…When the test of if you are genuine …men and women of order will be kept aside in fear of who they really are will come to surface…so, they play the humble game and keep the real truth about who and what they are from coming to the surface.

Humility is when they are embracing God’s truth and not their “own” prophetic voices… How can one lead without God being the prophet of all prophets. To be quite honest all spirituality isn’t God but a showdown with the false prophetic voices that use their own agendas to divide God’s people! 

If you are messing in the murkiness of wickedness with your prophetic voice… it means nothing to God. Transformation power change lives including egos.   A true man or woman of God wont fear his strength and the power to tell you about yourself. Ego’s keep themselves surrounded with lies and compromise! When you have to make a fraud or rogue leader the Lord of our life it speaks volumes to just how far you will go… in your thinking and your actions shows what one loves the most…IT’S CALLED “SELF”…

No matter how educated, intellectual  or how smart “you” think you are …trust me there is no wonderful  view because of denial,  ignorance and spiritual blindness  that  has you on the basement floor and you have yet to recognize that you have went anywhere…just your over inflated egos!!!