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I first like to thank everyone who has been by my side through some very difficult times. These last 7 months has been a nightmare with a lot of near misses in death with loved ones. Standing, staying, praying and encouraging me. There was so much strength not just in numbers but in our belief system in healing and prayer…Those who supported me and my family who understand the power of praying.  

I have to share a personal private challenge that is now ongoing. I also like to say thanks to  NOT my real blood brothers but brothers who has been by my brother’s family from day one. And because my brother is somewhat of a celebrity the media and coaches around the country who was brought coverage about my brother’s battle.  These brothers  who came to aid of my brother  non- stop  and along with his support of his sports family that have stood with his wife and my niece…has been overwhelming!  

My brother who took a very serious and deadly fall…who had broken his neck and had become paralyzed from the neck down. He is still recovering , after two surgeries and has loss a tremendous amount of weight. I am still believing God for a full recovery. Thank God for prayer because he is now at 60 percent mobility considering he how he fell and his  staircase is like something out of a movie. He could have died or remained paralyzed when they found him near his front door…

He is now walking with a walker and his prognosis is good although I can see he is battling  to come back  from this also includes depression. Going from a healthy man to being labeled disabled.  My heart hurts for my brother because we have been through a lot in our lives…This is challenge for any spouse to watch  your loved one trying to fight his way back and for me I have to keep fighting to stay strong through some serious set backs!

My brother shared something with me years ago about waking up and had eaten a whole dinner…  and I didn’t know  just how severe that this thing had become until his recent situation.go-figure-sleepwalk-120516

Sleepwalking also known as somnambulism … is something I believe people believe it’s a farce but sleepwalking seems harmless but can end deadly.  Recent stories of people walking for miles. My brother would consume meals and couldn’t remember eating.  There are others who suffered in silence with it in a chronic way like my brother.  It goes beyond locking doors but finding out what  are the triggers.

Many things can contribute to sleepwalking… and sometimes its just stress or something buried within. With the death of my mother my brother couldn’t seem to adjust from her death. The recent death of my grandmother andI don’t know to what degree the sleepwalking has triggers.

I have seen some sleepwalking in children and other stories are now coming forward about sleepwalking…There is no cure.   A serious wake up call about just how dangerous this can be and the tragic circumstance we are now facing because of it.  

I thank all the news media who have supported him and his family and is bringing more awareness to sleepwalking! Continue to keep my brother and his family in your prayers!