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I was watching one of my court shows… A mother was in denial about the wrongs of her son. Under the age of 10 he had brushes with the law.  The mother was arguing about how good he was and so forth,… The Father, vehemently stated she is messing the boy up… Although the “father”  didn’t have the best bedside manner…  I agree… He was a problem child.  The “father” He told the judge… that mother wont let me deal with him…

Some parents get angry when society has to step up and do their job and become quite offended when  you tell them about their parenting skills. I saw no matter what was being said…I saw her being totally passive about the son’s recent encounter with law. She didn’t want her son angry with her…she was going to be the good parent. If I can tell all my stories on how bad it is when people can’t face the reality that the shouldn’t lead anything, parent anything more or less some actually feel they are doing great jobs until someone tells them otherwise.

I  understand when you have a problem child. It will challenge you but “tough love” has to be implemented. Whether the child changes or not …you must stand your ground. I wouldn’t let up and I what I  inherited… no one could understand just how “demonic” the behavior can be. Mother’s children need fathers. What’s the point of being angry with the father…you slept with him not deal with it.  In maturity you will begin to understand that you will have to deal with consequences of your behavior! Stop blaming the police, the teachers and so on…All that try to try to either stabilize the behavior at some point. I am not advocate for riding out on others for what goes wrong in the home.  We have this society that stays in denial and point fingers but refuge…to deal with the behavior in the home!

I personally  wish you stop having children when you can’t develop enough stamina to say … NO…then I think you need to reconsider and so more assessment about what parenting is all about.  My child does no wrong and generally they are main ones that have crossed boundaries. I don’t coddle nonsense even with my own. If you don’t want to be corrected don’t do it around me!   I have seen children hit their parents and actually try to talk the child down…Lord, give me strength… I will call the police in advance! When your values are warped so are your parenting skills.  

Your style of parenting should never abuse authority and disrespect. I see in the streets how so many teenagers are so disrespectful. There is no misunderstanding… you didnt’ teach them anything. And because we  have more “single parenting” homes  we see the end results when a father is absent. Dont get it twisted…all because some father’s are in the home doesn’t mean he is being a father! The cry for help is alway there…I think what is more of crime is when a parent is too weak to discipline a child… I see it also in ministry… What you lead and how you lead will determine who God will deal with all of us. Some leaders can ‘t  handle the truth about some bad members… The think that inoculating the behavior means to continue abusing membership…I know that too many leaders enable bad behavior forgiving and discipline are two different things. How much time did you spend with who they have abused…then you hear excuses… I hear it all the time…I can’t control people…Well, you might not be able to control but sure can watch what you call effective leadership. When a leader is in denial about bad behavior its say  a lot about her or him…

Grace and mercy have been abused even in the church…If your pastor molest children or rape members.. I don’t need to pray… I need to call the police. If your members are being abusive… and troublemakers… I don’t need the “angels of the Lord…they need the darn exit signs of the church. Surely God can supply the need…Yet, so many pastors let things slide because of money and membership. IF God gives you two good members …Guess what? Your doing well. It’s the incubating and coddling erroneous behavior that stinks in the nostrils of God. God don ‘t care about your full pews… full of demonic behaviors as you are the poster  child for having a mega church with a lot of garbage…

Some  don’t want to confront and pray it dies down…WRONG…. Just like bad parenting bad leadership will being to rip the church and family apart. You want to play it safe…unfortunately a lot of ministers dismiss the teaching of the bible when it comes to disciplining their own.   The challenge for any leader including myself… we have to deal with the people we love and like. I have to take the chance of them leaving me than loving me.  When we ignore things people see that  we  play favoritism… and then we lose respect!  Some lie and argue and say it’s not about the money but it is… If God want you to maintain he doesn’t need the satan implemented these decisions based on being in difficult situations. You can’t stop what enters the pews but you can lead by example by not being a jelly fish… Satan isn’t afraid of what leads today because they know what side they really are on… Let God and let it go! He catches us…But that requires faith and not fathom faith!

All because you have known them 20 years doesn’t mean they had been good people or  didn’t abuse anyone.  Pastors children can be the worst members! I can allow you to be yourself but  I can’t allow you to run a muck on my watch either! We have bad children we have bad church members…Get over it!!! Dealing with bad people is also can be a mirror… You don’t want to see just how messed up we are and how just how bad our own parents were… It’s not a bad thing once you get a range on the passivity…Passivity is not to be confused with strength…There is nothing strong about denial and wavering when it comes to dealing with things!

 Jesus dealt with it … I have seen leaders get angry when someone tells them about their bad children. Stop getting offended… Quit! Strong leadership is taking the bitter with the sweet. You will see the worst in people especially in church… Why? When people come to church they put on their mask…they are spiritual…until someone has a terrible experience and tell you something different…It’s not going to go away… My consistent cry about the Sons of Eli…This spirit is killing the church… and it has nothing to do with God it’s weak parenting! Some mothers’ know that their son sold dope and need prayer when  the son continues to sell dope…but he is good kid that sells poison to our children.  Parenting is even tougher for people who lack backbone!  Denial is  destroying this world right now with violence because so many like the  lady in court  who has this good kid… Yeah right!!!!