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To be honest to learn that  filthy text messages and sexually posted selfies on the rise with the straight and the gay… I am tired! I understand why a lot of Bishops are retiring. Things have gotten out of control in the church. And let me be the first to say… I watch how other pastors surround themselves with people who cover up for them during their little boys night out. EMBARRASSED as I am for us as a whole. I am divinely angry when they want to pray and get so spiritual when they caught up! They want people to pray I want you to get to stepping!!!!

Lets define scandal…and misconduct. Misconduct in the bible as in illegal,  distasteful  and sin! Because definitions seems to “vary”  according to some denominations!

I continue to expose the “naughty” behavior because how can anyone stand up and preach to others what they fail to be?  This is how we know who is consecrated. It’s not easy but God makes it possible. Keeping it real doesn’t mean we allow anyone to run God’s business. There is an order of discipline and the church needs to not be faking about what it represents.  images

The sexual misconduct is embraced because it’s hardly addressed… Buddy systems stop the truth from coming forward. For the some denominations there is now… a sex offenders website for you to spot the perverted pastors! Did you not know fights are breaking out between husband and wife over the man not the mistresses? Gay men calling out “Bishops”… and writing books… Women who have children and have been the Pastors secret lay and the wife knows about it. If  you think the Kardashians are disgusting…Try the church houses?

Here is an honest question? What can you do for the world when we cannot address the worlds in our churches?

It’s easy to be  “anti and pro” outside the churchfor something and wont address the  sins, and perversion that inside our doors. I find it odd…We want the injustices to be addressed but many suffer inside and have inner conflict by weak leadership. It’s painful to say what many of the leaders we love and some put on a pedestal…I kick them off! This is not becoming behavior with the ministers of the gospel. Sin is running rampant among us and I will admit I see the fear in others to call it out… Because it just might expose themselves!

Everyone knows the females and males who  knows what we deem loose behaviors. One minute praises to the Lord…the next they are bedding down “any” sexual conquest! 

 When I see pictures of pastors posting up their “man parts” … and shining up their posterior ends I am just at a lost for what people think Christians are.  God will expose your nonsense…If you are going to be a whore… advertise being a whore but do us a service and QUIT…

I scare a majority of these wanna be pastors and ministries I have a reputation for not cutting corners. I am pleased to announce that I am grateful to God to not get caught up in the nonsense and that some reject me BECAUSE I DON’T PLAY ALONG TO GET ALONG. I am purposely weaned out of ministries because I will say something , if it is off.

And guess what?  

I see the craziness and because I post it, expose it and tell it …they kimagesnow I MEAN BUSINESS.   I don’t need ratings… or numbers… There is no Go Fund Me page…or social media shenanigans to get “shock value” for attention. They know not to test me…

Many of them in church can’t decide what orientation they prefer the list is endless just how low down it’s getting in the church houses.  I don’t cover up the church sins… I share about the secret parties and orgies among so-called Christian leaders… Why some act like they are straight men and women when they play these games is beyond me.

I see them jump around like a bunch of porch monkeys on Sunday… and their lives don’t even reflect of the  foolishness that I see when church is out! I see the jealousy that pour out the nasty acting crabs in the barrel…waiting to annihilate anything that they”fear” will cut off of their sinful smörgåsbord for being apart of the  “clergy cliques of disasters”… I find it so amazing how so many of them act so well.

I mention trained eyes because God will show you the garbage, the spiritual fronting it depends on who they are impressing.  You see, who they are depends on what is the soup of the day.  It if is secular they are secular, if these are well-known ministries…God is in the room.  All foolishness!!!!

Why would a pastor be hanging out with the filth of the church that is another disgusting story? Many of the older “Generals” have retired too not because they don’t love or trust God…Too much of the messiness is stressful! God will allow your own minds to turn you out and turn you over. It’s called  your FREE WILL.

God will send reenforcement and they DON’T LIKE US… SHOWING OTHERS JUST  HOW BAD IT IS REALLY IS.  

The strong might survive but wise know when we have to let it self destruct!  We have to take our hands off and stand back. I know for a fact it’s about to blow up on all circuits too many play church. Playing church is the new normal. You don’t have to fake anything …God will bring you up. I have to refresh others there is no church reformation …only the reformation of the heart. 

 Yes, I am embarrassed because it’s disheartening to see so many play these games. Unfortunately, a pastor should never cover up he or she should be about the truth. Many lie for their buddies. They make excuses for them.  Some may even befriend who they are running around with. Some of them share.

Affairs happens all the time on road trips. The church groupies. I have seen pastors encourage the church groupie…married or not.  They love being their idol. I have seen some Pastors know women are chasing them down and do nothing but make a fool of these nutty women… by getting their offering instead putting them on the church nutty list and place them at the back door so the police can gather up all their craziness without anyone knowing.  I have seen pastors get fueled that a nut job desires him or her. Okay… its called “stalking”.

Pastors have mistresses or sexual tryst with gay men. Nothing is shocking me because I have seen this kind of garbage in church. Women send naked photos to the pastor…Pastors that work with women all during the hours of the night… I know what I’m talking about…Almost being raped by a so-called “pastor”…It was only the grace of God that my parents didn’t kill the man or my boyfriend at the time!

I have warned so many of my brothers about the easy lays in the church. You can spot some but you must know some leaders suck up that a female is eyeing him. More often the behavior is coming full circle. Women are exposing who they are  because they want to be “First Lady”. First lady of what? Many of the pastors wives got some stories. I’m waiting to see how today’s Bishops are going to clean house. What a “Bishop” does today…is almost a joke! It’s about materialism. It’s not standing for what is right. I know women who might have the title but they can’t do anything with it. Women in ministry face more hardships and they wont tell it…They start altering themselves to become more noticeable…What I be about should bring notoriety!  

Trust me being sexy is more than wearing the clothing and a boob job! It’s natural! Women can’t seem to figure that out… Tight clothes to show your curves will bring you nothing but heartache and contempt. If you are baiting something or someone you are already at a loss it will be what you attracted.

 So many celebrities don’t really work out they go and pay to have it  removed  or replaced. Being confident isn’t  going to come with being in the company of the most popular…bumping heads with celebrities and among the rich and famous. Its comes with God’s self assurance…not what you think…but how he sees you and how you define your self-worth. That is why so many are advertising and marketing themselves negatively… Social media pics of showing off intimate parts has gone WILD….

Medical exams about sexually transmitted diseases… and hotel room confirmation pages. I can’t buy into anyone’s anything if you say on thing and live a lie. Before even becoming a Christian I knew the skinny on these lustful folks. Women can spot a lusty pastor…I can spot a lusty pastor.  They don’t wear tight clothing because they have boss figures..they know you will burst out of your pants!
The game is on! God isn’t going to have no more watered ministers who can’t talk sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Why would a Christian leader befriend contaminants? Many LIE… God said come from among them and be SEPARATED…

Apart of my calling is to embrace but not be a FOOL…  Sometimes you think you can handle things but driven by your own lust that includes me and anyone else… There are some people I  refuse to associate with AND I need no dealings with. Flattery is a slow poison because underneath draws to seeking popular status instead of being a true man or woman of God. Watch who leads you. If a man lies about a little thing he will lie about anything. Another slam dunk against the church…Is the lust to be the center of their universe. Don’t worry if superiors wont get rid of these disrespectful nasty jokers…Many will become so embarrassed they will off themselves if not find themselves exposed and legacy tarnished. How many leaders play the cover up game? They see it, stay around it and it’s not okay!  

 Let me be honest… Too many Pastors today actually believe that being lusty is okay, his isn’t apart of God. Close your ears to any leader of any organization or church that can’t practice SELF CONTROL…
Why? You can’t tell a man or woman anything about God being a deceiver. If you have issues maybe you need to step down. There is an attack against the family even in church. It’ wont stand for  anything. How can you teach our young men to respect a woman and you are hovering together discussing body parts yourselves? Many are not bold enough anymore so I guess God will have to pull the cover off of these disgusting ministries.  I am not apart of looking the other but I don’t search for devils under every rock. It’s almost shocking that so much go on right in the leaders face and he or she ignores that church diseases are on the rise. Cruel ministry are enhanced that sets atmosphere for abuse to take place. Pastors turn blind eyes to men beating their spouses and if they don’t speak up you are apart of it.  The deviant buddy system in church is demonic and it stinks in the nostrils of God!

Sadly, the world is right when it comes to the church…They are not  chasing after God…they chase everything but God!!!