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Today,  If you feel a wee bit sensitive…lyrics are not all clean… I know this is going to mess up the religious minds. But if we don’t get an understanding what’s happening with different perspectives. We cannot conquer what we can’t understand and some may not want to. It’s not to advocate or glorify  a lifestyle it’s what others feel when they have no options in life.

Yep…the reality is… even Bones Thugs N Harmony have words that are worth listening to…THE REALITIES OF THE STREETS AND HOW THEY VIEW THROUGH THEIR LIFE SPECTRUM…Not a pretty sight!

Two of my favorites…Lyrical geniuses is an understatement…Listen what the message conveys…everyones’ clothes are on! It’s not pretty, who is confused about what is begin …said, no gyrating to draw you in NOTHING BUT REALITY!!!    

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