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The talk about how to educate our children without breaking the bank. Lets be realistic and debunk the lies…yet again! Think about this… in America why is so much money involve to educate? The investment in educating them will be more than a 100 fold.  Education costs too much in this country. You are educated but in debt over your ears. This is still struggling. What nest egg or savings one might have is all depleted with cost of everything in this country.  Lets face this country go so deep in your pockets what was once a nice savings looks like peanuts today.  When I use to speak to people years ago about surviving so many thought we wont amount to this in our country. How can you believe this way when people live from paycheck to paycheck. You wont get rich on a job! Having your own business s possible but it’s hard. If you have a small business trust me you get lost in the shuffle.  

Hustling isn’t the best way of life. How can we honestly help the poor when we can even educate our young? Poverty is a curse and not being educated how to break it can come through more than education. We have to become self less. I use to get so ostracized for being the fool for “helping every stray dog and cat”…these are their words not mines. I helped people get back into the mainstream of life with just a place to stay. I did this for  years. Some comeback, to say thanks and others becoming just like many they don’t care! Poverty is a spirit…a rich person can have a poverty spirit. How? It’s the mindset…money is here as a means of exchange. I am not hating on anyone that has worldly success but we can eradicate so many things if greed and the thirst for power is eliminated.  

I warn young people don’t let everyone allow you to believe that they care  watch what they surround their lives with . Some like being adored and the hearts are not in the right place.

…Fronting and reality is two different things. Being focus someone’s fake humility isn’t going to keep food on your table.  God sincerely bless me because of my heart to be a giver. I show people not just talk the talk. No one needed to know what I did but God… Hard days are not behind me…they are vastly approaching with realities of the struggles of people. That is why people market themselves immorally because of the need of money.  God has a better plan if we just pay attention.

I warn that too many ride out on making themselves look good-by telling all that they do in fact, the most people who hurt the most and need the most aren’t always visibly seen.  People go to work everyday “broke”… Even if you have a vehicle stickers are $100.00. Insurance is vital…maintenance of the vehicle is just as important. My point it cost a lot to live! Sadly, even if people are making no wonder many cut corners to try to alleviate the stress of poverty. 

We see the results of not having. It’s painful to see people get duped by systems, organizations, government even the church.  Regardless of how smart one is  they can talk and get paid but the reality is  what many are talking about still has no impact to the struggles.  How much more awareness do the world need.  Awareness is means of making money for others… 

Be smart…Ask yourself …If we have been protesting and talking the same talks what has gotten done in the last 50 years? The same problems are  even greater so that means there has to be some changes and we can’t trust people to changing systems because more often than most many get caught up and forget the real struggles of the people. This in turn keeps the people in bondage.

The padded comfortable lives of today’s politicians is such a far cry from the hungry bellies each day. I get frustrated because as much as we need our own banks, medical centers and so …I have seen  a few  people who have implemented such changes. They didn’t become millionaires overnight but I saw and knew they were serious about the order they provided. Building affordable housing, made their own little cities to put a dent against poverty.  Yet, I understand…They can only do so much because after patching one thing another thing breaks with a gaping hole.

Some of us are used to be distribution centers for God. We have to make money in order get money. I can live beyond my means but I want the people who I touch live good lives. Struggling is no joke! I have to warn the next generation about the  tackiness of so many that have drop the ball. I know the game of being selective in who people help. God doesn’t extend mercy this way. But I see the warp thinking of others. Is how you see things the way God sees it? In this process we eliminate “self-gratification. Most speak about it  but more “egos” are on this displayed! The subtle way of instigating and dividing God’s people is dangerous…When race and other factors are remove we still don’t have the “green”… (money).

Jobs are not our only problem. If we don’t educate our people they wont maintain the job or have the mental capacity to think beyond the box. If we don’t show them how to be responsible time is wasted on being something or doing things they can’t grasp!  What is loss when a sense of urgency to condition them to arrive with character and lead out with education. Many fools hold a job but what will they do to gain access to a better quality of life…when what they make is not making a dent when there is more bills than money. All this talking without future projections is nothing but TALK! It’s unwise to put things in the hands of people who will abuse it once they get it. We have to teach our young to be wise in this life!

So many ride on their “high horses”… All it takes is health crisis to go through savings, a life happens moment to turn your world upside down.  People think I have this magic wand to get things done but there is always a battle behind the scenes. I get the greatest joy being the real change. The power to give even when it hurts. I hate to see people hurting and that keeps my world in check. I know whats like when a life moments comes unexpected… and you are facing a Red Sea moment.

I want more for our children. Should no government determine that our children learn and do better. It’s hard…the reality is that rich gets richer…and the poor people forget. I have seen things come and go  a  relationship with God keeps me steady and ready…and when I am led by people who care is will show and it give us the advantage… People are building their own kingdoms… It’s up to us to gather that last push to fight sincerely or our young  which will face greater hardships and fruitless lives!