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I have heard both sides of gun ownership… I agree that guns don’t shoot themselves. The problem is increasing, crime is  higher than ever… The community misfit still continue to terrorize the cities with gun violence. I am one who strongly believe that the best police team cannot stop gun violence alone. We have to get to the root of this very serious problem.  Gun violence has affected my family… and many others. The man who decided in Kansas that he will go to the  workplace to kill his girlfriend and decide to maim and kill as many as he could get away with… He  had a criminal history and he also seemingly had anger issues. 

I am not against people owning their guns…but I am against irresponsible gun owners, and illegal gun purchases. There should be a system in place…to title guns so at a least a this is beginning of being responsible.

Do anyone else find it amazing after a gun massacre in Kansas there is a picture showing a common criminal with an assault weapon practicing with it?  th (64)

Where did the video come from? Maybe a mere oversight on my part. I have to ask how many signs does one need before they know it can end in a negative way?  I know I cry the loudest when I see people with off behavior. God gives us common sense but some of us want to put the part we should be own  and they .  I can pray to cops come knocking but when it comes to the mental health of others when we see that emotionally the person might need help. My prayer is answered when he opens my eyes to the trouble.

 I am always one to pay attention to the people who are off. I don’t care who gets offended … No I don’t want them seated next to me and neither will I take my eyes off of them.

Passively we brush each incident off  to only embrace another mass shooting or a situation. I  am tired of prayer vigils, I am tired of the typical common rebuttals for the nonsense. Chicago  gun violence is off the meter…I guess we are looking to blame someone except for the community terrorists.  How many more body bags  do  we have to order before this can become a strong priority?

I just want to also ask this question? Wasn’t the Kansas shooter employed after coming out of penal system? He was gainfully employed like the last mass shooters in California! So, here is something just maybe we can think about?  Being unemployed and uneducated… has nothing to do with the mindset and the condition of the human heart.  When someone gets discontented the first thing he or she reaches for is a gun it really depends on what ticks them off! 

I can’t ride out what any communities need exactly.  Being educated with a job doesn’t seem to fit the exact profile for when? what? or why? … I don’t discredit that this might be a cry for some instances. But to take the life of another human is where some people are mentally. Some go home and murder the whole family with legal guns. It’s disturbing if we dig a little deeper but the part we can control.  Like in some cases if there is an element in your house…that probably needs your attention. What is more than fair … there can be many different case scenarios with the use of gun. In a perfect world I might prefer that only law enforcement need guns but look at this … Even they abuse gun ownership…. We are back at square on…   We are looking at only  band aids but we need to get a grasp on how the violence must end even in the simple starts to stop it…There  no substitute for where  a person’s mindset really is…Keep the people who gave lost loved ones due to violence in your prayers!