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Since, he has made his debut on the scene. I love me some “Steve Harvey… I watched  reruns of his television show which use to be my comic relief on the down days.

I can’t honesty say I listen to his radio show or his talk show on daily but I have become a Family Feud junkie… His personality draws you in. I tell people we don’t laugh enough. When the day is hard…I watch “Family Feud” and it is more than a game show. I get belly laughs which are very good for the physical body but when someone can get me to laugh that hard you become addicted to the stress reliever. 

th (71)Everyone that knows me knows “Bernie Mac” was my heart as well.  I mean I actually took their crafts  personally   and more seriously…That’s why they were called the “KINGS OF COMEDY”.

I listen to how  Steve  respond to  each  family  on the “Family Feud… If it’s one of those days… I catch even the reruns of that.

 It’s hilarious!  His sense of humor is so raw when he deals with the different personalities in the families.  I think what gets me about Mr. Harvey… even in his acting and hosting television shows… He somehow still presents being himself beyond fame. I like that and I think that is why many gravitate to his kind of humor!

I appreciate him even more when people like him stay grounded enough,  never flighty even in huge success, to become invested in the community. th (69)  His mentoring program with our youths. His recent “Town Hall meeting with one of his guest panel… my Pastor, Father Pfleger on the ridden violence in Chicago.  

Steve Harvey, is my kind of “star”…   He has gone beyond reaching  just one…   No matter how bright this star shines it shines even greater when he has become apart of the solution by advocating to change the hearts of our young men who struggle with all kinds of issues.. So, many have agendas…but so far he seems to present himself humble and sincere about what his mission is besides Hollywood standard of success…  

Thank you  …Mr. Harvey,.. you have so far proven you that you can be led by God without being a jerk  doing it! Your sense of decency gives me a better outlook on what one deem “celebrity status”. And that the greatest gift of healing  in spirit with your gift what God calls medicine…LAUGHTER!