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Each time I am met with more craziness than the last. The level of accountability in ministries no matter what you profess that you follow…I am sadden because if any cases where that of my children…I can’t tell you that I wouldn’t flip out.. I publicly statement on many occasions I don’t trust Day Care Centers and the church follows along the same line.  Many see “abuse” and oh boy I have heard more foolish rebuttals than I personally care to share. My heart aches for people  who have to go through something as hearing that some perverted freak took advantage of anyone especially children.  It leaves such a disdain for people in authority of the faith… who abuse children and or people!  th (73)

Altoona, Pennsylvania  case made my skin crawl as if the children were used as sex slaves. The church brainwashing with using the bible as a defense mechanism to cover up crimes. Tale of  “alleged abuse” going back as far as 1940…with the hands of political influences and ties that assisting in this fiasco. Purposely allowing sexual predators back into main stream society… SERIOUSLY????

This takes me there on another level because to read about the level of covering up and  the faults of the church. Somebody is either going to jail or hell …or both!!!!   In a search warrant for the   Cambridge County District…there were 115,000 documents in safes and file cabinets regarding these kinds of matters in the church house! 

I would have to do more than protest… I would have to get some serious legislation in place to prosecute the any clergy or priest who molest children. Statues of limitations has to change. The psychological damage it does to a child let alone an adult who refuse to talked about being abused in any church!  2003-05-15-PriestsFederation-Release-1

Is it me or has the church grown numb to what is  happening on the watches of those who are apart of faith communities? I find it embarrassing and shocking at the passivity of the church as whole when it comes to sexual abuse among priests and clergy.

I don’t know if I could carry a protest sign without thinking about clobbering one of these filthy bastards  across the head! Jesus would have to speak to me…I knew the anger I felt when a pastor attempted to rape me… This fuels me even more and to read the legal documents it’s  wake up call! I want every reader to read these documents… IT’S DISTURBING AND IT HAS TO STOP!!!!

 Ravenous wolves in sheep clothing…We trust our most valuable believing that someone close to us wouldn’t try different things. We weren’t allowed to be sitting on laps, spending nights at different homes. We can’t protect our children from life but we can protect them wisely in our midst. Perverts are more in churches and schools… than at a local bar, street corner.  Satan  knows that the church is ignorant and stays ignorant… to what they think is sensitive subject until investigations blows the church out o f the water . Cover ups are unbelievable… Some of these “priests” have been molesting for years and are sent from place to place as if the filthiness in their hearts will vanish.  I pray that the Pope… address the sexual deviants in the Catholic faith. I know my plight has never been easy …exposing some of the debauchery within the walls  of the church!

Pray for every  family dealing with church abuse of any kind and victims of child molestation  within  the  church …Swift justice and that God pulls more covers off the spiritual and sexual abuse of every church in America and any place in the world!!!!