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I have seen it many times… when “marriages” hit another level of attacks…Resentment builds, less communication, then here it comes…When one prefer a better version. He or she may look hotter or smarter until you get the newer version home. I don’t care how much better you think you can do…when God put it together there is no argument. Get it home… and I find out it wasn’t worth destroying your marriage! When they are old enough to know better they can’t admit that they destroyed their marriage for something even worse! This is when they go and get a look alike! 

 The world and God have two different versions of what marriage really is. I say this continually…marriage is for mature people… that same person you are so head over heels in love with… will grate that final nerve. That reality is…when it goes bad you don’t find the next exit sign…you endure!  

Adultery and abuse are  definite grounds for divorce! Yet, I have seen marriages stand even through those things. I don’t know if I am one of them!  But  I have to remember God is still a healer  even in troubled marriages…

You don’t fall out of love you just choose not to.  I have never seen so many divorces based on just mere unsatisfactory… If you are unhappy…there must be an effort to find out why…that is still no grounds for divorce. If you are growing apart something is coming between you.  In between will be the truth.

Too many who divorce thinking they are getting a better model often get the same person just seen in times of vulnerability.  Some people stay married to whores…why? Its dangerous and physically unhealthy!  I have seen people stay in marriage while the other spouse live another life even starting another family…That’s called dysfunctional!  God wants us to endure not be stupid! Some can stay in what the feel they can handle… I am honest, all that garbage isn’t for me.  Too many sexually transmitted diseases…not to mention the emotional toll it wreaks on the family as a whole.

Children know when parents are in conflict or the other is dipping off…Which is a sad state to be in… I wouldn’t stay for the children if this nonsense is going on. Staying wont make the spouse not be a whore.  I use the word “whore” because anytime we have no drive for sexual self-control… you are at a loss….Even the ones that love their spouse but never go home over indulge because they don’t know how to be married. Live the single life and people h ave no idea that they are married because of the amount of time away from home…Don’t be shocked   to find someone else filling in your time slot and a divorce maybe coming near you!

A woman was having an affair with her ” so-called” friends husband. When they got caught… I see the bitterness in his  first wife that just wont go away… The mistress became his wife, only to find out that she married the first wife’s troubles… He was more than a whore… he liked  very young girls… Unfortunately she not only find out he was a jerk… He was physically abusive.  

The grass always look greener until you walk through the grass and find manure”

It’s so easy telling people how to marry and who to marry but oddly opposites attracts.  There should be equal yokes… there is a level of being common.  I have seen couples say they have been married 50 years and live separate lives, and separate bedrooms. When we stop living off of the generational lies of how marriage really is…No one really knows until they walk out the steps that God has given you…All marriages aren’t what people believe that they are. 

Surprising people will make some people feel trapped! It is what is. We love to do so much cosmetics than dealing with roots of situation. Quick fixes are then embedded in the head instead of staying with your heart.

A word to the wise, when it comes to marriage careful of what you share with whom married or single… Misery loves company some people can be jealous of Godly marriages… and will tell you garbage to make you  self destruct…You see when you are married you then have to be each other’s mirror to see things you wouldn’t ordinarily see if apart.

The cuteness fade away and so many believe in trading people in for a better model…It bombs mostly all the time. Trust God to put you with the right person. … I tell people get out of the superficial…Marriage is still a covenant not convenience. Regardless of how the spouse wrecks one nerves … you are still married. Marriage is really a gift but many treat it like a “death” sentence. When  your feelings change….too bad… you are still married!