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I am serious Canada sounds even better everyday… my commute is less than an hour commute to New York… The United States have yet to have to me effective and strong leadership in my lifetime. How do I measure> … I look at from the time I was able to vote until now..nothing has led me to say anyone has been  a great president even the ones I voted for.

Let me be so honest, I am really tired of anyone who wants to lead someone when their mouths are full of more disparity for the people than to help them. How can you help me when you fail to understand the fights our people have yet to win! We are not half way.

I consider myself privileged in the sense of maintaining my sanity through the misery! Most politicians get caught up in the dirt pool. A rich fool got enough money to not beholding to anyone including God.  

The ignorance of some people they follow whomever sounds good. And then I asked? When I hear people with divisive messages I am turned off…Sadly, some leaders I once respected I question the agenda…Race and riches are apart of the dirty politics… Either race baiter’s who like for you to believe a devil is under every rock… and on the   other hand you see the low aggression of seduction of gaining momentum for money and power!  People like to build nest in the heads of people. I don’t want the church telling me who to vote for either. I realize that when the church get involved with endorsements there are agendas. The church is then disappointed when the snake “ugly” head comes up! Let people alone because you don’t know just who people will vote for. I hate dirty politics and nothing much has changed.

When the name calling and the licking begins  the two-faced liars switch hands and become friends and enemies if agenda is advocated. I want you to just shut up and just vote!!!!  I know when someone plays the game to get a certain vibe to draw the people in on their political, social or economical,  Achilles heel…One minute they are for someone then they are against it depends on what one gains from them …including adding celebrities as a way of manipulating the main stream of voters! 

To be honest I am not impressed with any of the Presidential candidates.  Who cares about these funky endorsement as if their name is good on them! Endorsements means what in this country? Money and agenda seems to be a motivator…it depends on who gets in they can have  their political influence to push their agendas. All say they are for the people but then the unthinkable happens!  Its given away in a beer moment,.. or otherwise.

The devil and God has certain influences. God and Evil simple as that. th (80) Poor Bernie Sanders… I believe he is alright but the man looks physically  exhausted and ill already … what will change hands if he couldn’t handle all that pressure? A concern for me what starts out right end wrong.  We have to keep it real. I am not against his age and his policies but his stamina is in question.  I like him but not delusional.   Everyone sees he doesn’t look he will physically maintain.

Experienced or not  has led this country no where!  

When I hear anyone who likes to hear himself talk..some are too arrogant for their own good. Some are so far out of touch with the everyday realities.  When I don’t hear the unity thing I am ready for another level of division. If it’s not about race  riches… HIS WAY OF BULLYING BECAUSE HE THINKS HE IS ABOVE GOD. The sad part about Presidential Donald Trump…he speaks his mind which is no good thing because his heart renders war. Most racists believe that aren’t… black or white . Its their mindset to think that who they are  is alright!

When he speaks so foolishly he demonstrates a rich fool with no self-control. Much as people holler they want equality for this country , he doesn’t scare me as much as the people who honestly believe this cruel man is okay! The same level of thinking is a recipe for more racial divide!

 NO! The “Donald   isn’t running me anyplace but this man heart isn’t in America. He want to make people out of his racial and economical  examples that he believes is non racial rhetoric. He speaks of immigrants but continues to marry them. Donald Trump reminds me of the shrewd rich men…and women if the money was gone it wouldn’t be his mouth and money it would be weapon, noose and burnt crosses!

He  sees nothing but power and damn the people especially if they don’t look like him or talk like him! With him it’s LL ABOUT race and riches!