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You ever get that person that say you don’t understand … How Chicago politicos are done around here. I say… I agree, I don’t understand when people have allegiances that leads to more harm than good. I don’t admire people who have no testicular fortitude to say its’ wrong! I can’t stand the split tongue…that say one thing in certain forums and arenas  but get in public and represent something else.

Don’t get me started on these dog breath preachers who do anything to be in the limelight but signing their lives off with God BUT take  satan’s deadly nectar when they “believe” no one is paying attention. The trust with church is truly broken because of the lack of integrity.  If God gives us the call why are so many befriending becoming bed fellows with ungodly men and women to get money!  

The real test of faith comes to see exactly where your treasure really is.  Standing for what is right ain’t always popular.  Many that stand with some of these fake Christian leaders  read the book of Jeremiah… the judgment on you will be harsher because some no better… but it impressive on their walls and resumes… WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES!

 All because you are with popular people doesn’t mean God approves. Integrity and character is missing even in social justice arena . Many are brainwashed and fail to look at the truth but go along with what the “majority” said which in God’s eyes…these are deadliest people to align yourselves up with.

The political pissing contest who can align  with the most power even  with the most educated and elite. In fact, these powers are so limited because you are beholding to a “them” instead of HIM.  

God don’t need the tools of evil to bring good.  th (81)

This is lie that is spread in ministry for centuries. So many make excuses why they follow the worlds way of gaining political and power. God doesn’t lead any of us to align us with destructive and embarrassing individuals… this is why so many ministries  have blemishes and many question the agenda of a lot of egomaniacs in the pulpits!

You seem to hear God on Sunday and become a deaf-mute during the week. Unequally yoke means what to you? I have seen so-called Christian politicians unite with they know is evil all for a political front. Watch those who are crafty and wise snakes to use the bible to deceive people as well. Some have no idea what a bible is let alone, read one.  I am not confused…about what this really is!

What agenda does a Christian leader have if all roads lead to spiritual corruption? People are starting to turn on the church because some are looking more money and power-hungry! Some are actually proud because they are spineless… Why would anyone trust the mess Chicago is in?…

God can place you in places not to teach you a lesson but an assignment of what to stay away from. The “limelight” is addictive and even the secular world knows what belongs to God. When your priorities are to the whom what  one deem is an honor  that  is the mirror of who you are. People are not confused. Nothing is more distasteful and aims the judgment of God as calling yourselves a disciple when one is a devil!