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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COVERS HAS NO BOUNDARIES…. STATUS, RACE, RELIGION, AND RICHES…What’s so controversial about being a criminal or domestically inclined?

When people make these mere mortals deities in some shape, form or fashion. They can be a Hollywood mega star…Star athlete or a top page investment banker… They can beat your head in front of God and the world…People see what they choose to see. These “jerks” and I don’t mean offenders am I speaking about the idiots who suck up and go along with their stories. All because he is rich doesn’t mean he wouldn’t beat a woman down. Unfortunately I see a lot of us got priorities “screwed up”,,.Who co-signs not with your mouths but your actions. All because you deem them to be a “super hero” doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some disturbing emotional issues!

 I want to know why we are quick to make a judgment call on making everything a race issue but fail to examine the truth?  Its easy to go after a man like Donald Trump…but God forbids if he is man of color!  

Selective reasoning skills is why I don’t bother with certain arenas because they fail do a honest assessment about our inner struggles within the community. Lies and rebuttals are rehearsed by not dealt with…

When attack mode is on..It’s generally wrong…And when the time to step up…I hear nothing but silence… and excuses! I don’t care how many concussions anyone sustain we have to tell the truth about the  mindset of some who just like to abuse.

I may love my “son” but if he beats ANY woman… It is what it is…I would personally have his head!  I don’t cover up his mess!!!

My father, had a violent temper..and my mother believed in conceal and carry! She wasn’t going to be victim and she wasn’t! 

I had a god brother that beat women… He was a serious abuser of women… A woman under 22 years of age … beat her until she had  not one, not two but several strokes! He beat her senseless…She lived but disabled not from the strokes but the abuse of a man who said he loved her! His mother a …minister!

And I tell him the same  thing and  I no longer want to be affiliated with this nut job!!! He is sick in the head!!!!

I had another relative that beat his fiancée’ put a gun to her head and put her head in a toilet full of poop…Sick and disgusted!

Here are commoners that you would be glad to throw in jail…Yeah how about these rich and famous people who got away with murder and or mayhem? 

It’s hard for a pimp to be pimp …If this was the average Joe…It takes a female to  cut his penis off… or kill her attacker. Women will get time while the man still walks!

Violence against a woman is basically the same. She has to stop the fool herself because laws fail to protect her but embarrass her or imprison her! When she take the law in her hands she is prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Money is doing all the talking despite the claims of social justice…If he is rich and famous…He gets nothing but God knows! If he is deemed as being “DR” he still not considered the criminal profile. Yep, it’s easy to go for someone we believe fits a criminal profile. Well guess what? We have “thugs” with money…and educated! I know you thought if his head was full of locks and body riddled with tattoos…That’s Him!!!

All American football star…Oh no…He wouldn’t hurt a fly…No he just murders and get away with it.  Shut up already for those cover crimes up with race and riches…I have seen it all… Overlooking just how messed up some of our people are! Would you want it be your loved one being abused? Some I don’t even want an answer because some have sold their souls to the devil for status. Don’t tell me what’s not about…when women are being abused or had been abused!

Regardless if a family is left without a mother or mother with a black eye and broken neck… No one on the this planet can convince me that we have this exception when it comes to the rich and famous. They can rape women for years and then its call a racial attack…  I know that many have suffered by injustices due to race but must we cover up those deviants with money and excuses?  Domestic Violence like anything else gets a pass when the man is famous… HMMM!!!!

Here is a   CONFLICTING message that we send our children… We speak against everything except if it interferes with  worldly gain. Money cover lies! Where are your morals …is who they are more important than the ones they hurt or even murder?