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Sadly this is something that has not only been progressive in the church even during the days of Christ but continues under many disguises. I personally have experienced this just about all my born days! Unfortunately terribly more in the church right now!

Often the cruelty is done in a subtle manner…or often done right in the open and only the people involved knows what is going on, if outsiders are aware they wont get involved…

Jesus called it witchcraft…the term in which the world relates it’s called …relational aggression…aka bullying!!

Sadly that it has come to this in church but it has…basically the negative traits are seen in children as early as 3 years old…

The church is made up of women and normally half of them are full of pettiness, insecurities, rage and jealousy! Single or married…no matter how educated, or their status…mentally unstable is best described.

When you can’t go to church without the drama…something is terribly wrong. Bullies are attracted to bullies even if he or she is in a position of authority. The ignorance is almost amazing. The cut throats can include the “clergy cronies”…driven by lust for power, control, manipulative, greed, opportunities, and status…Being the top snot nosed bully is more than a rites of passage…

They are full of hate and disgusted with Godly order, undercover hates those who stand in TRUTH AND LOVERS OF GOD! This behavior is nothing new but the obsession to be rich and powerful is choking the church oxygen supply with God.

They pretend, they act their ruthfulness is camouflage even in titles. Ravenous dogs with similar in personalities and traits which are like vampires and leeches they suck the life out of people… and who resents…

1)Godly power and class

2) Social Connections

3)Fears…Intelligence, skills,talents, gifts and ATTRACTIVENESS!!!…

They are driven to destroy, abuse, and maim if they feel exposure and or are intimidated by the threat of God’s strength.

The games start by searching for  your weakness when you don’t meet with their likes for evil. The true spirit of who they are arises. Purposely baits are set to get your business…GOD gives me “wisdom to outsmart the church imps and witches…They become almost obsessed to hurt you…GOD forbids when the church staff are leading these charges with silence or pretending they don’t see the aggression or know who the target is…

They are fumed when I call them out…The sabotage starts with lies…gossiping, backstabbing,
jealousy, envy and derailing who they think is a threat.
How bogus and serious the behavior can become. I have to alter my routes inside the church because I cant trust who say they believe in justice until the moment of disbelief they side with who has been loyal to the wickedness.

My reality came swift…when I saw lies told together to hurt me and my ministry…Religiously brainwashed in being in a fantasy world with their fraudulent living who can be jealous in a fake God?…

I saw immaturity and no growth in God.
What led was what leads….Ignorance about what God is and what he stands for…Lies were held in the greatest light. The foolishness young or old educated or not. As if being evil is apart the church dichotomy.

This is my story dealing with how low this has become. So many get it twisted…I am not afraid…I am sent by God no matter what one “thinks” is their god. I am therefore on an assignment.

There are but a few “members” that might speak up. They quietly disappeared…the silent treatment was their time out…ostracized and banished because they used their brains and spoke the truth. They wont be apart of the cliques…. THEY THINK FOR THEMSELVES …The aggressors rebuttal…”They are jealous” because we are weak and belong to the the devil.(LOL)…

This is just how simple they are…They envy those with courage and say its not right! Instead robotically they all act alike! Its terrifying because this is how evil corrupted the church. No corrections or pruning. The aggressors are considered loyal… Sounds like the occult?

Think about it!

I find myself not moving around if there will be no honest and credible witnesses. Staying in the camera means what? They lie for each other…and this is no longer a safe place for me…People tend to stick with the people they know even if they are bullies. Satan owns what people call a good church and not a Godly church!

When I am gone God shows up…and then the spiritually death begins…

No excuses!! God is absent in plain sight evil is camouflaged in cloaks of being a God lover but really lovers of men,…Confuse “blessed” with church status and or popularity.

Purposely sabotage Godly order mishandling what belongs to GOD….

Encouraged to be rebellious…capitalize on each others secrets. Gain popular status by gaining trust by manipulation and control. Harrassers engaged others by getting momentum to attack collectively and isolate their prey.This happens in plain sight against me all the time! Some really don’t care but they will in a moment.
Here is the kick to the throat for all my haters….I dont hate the church but what is governing the church. Whether it’s a leader being led by worldly attention instead of Godly values. I am strong in the Prophetic because of my training in God. When you call yourselves hurting me lines were crossed! Unfortunately whether one believes in God’s prophets…is no concern to HIM…Too many abused the church and in the church.

I am almost apologetic to so many that couldn’t express the sinful and the compromising characteristics of the modern-day Pharisees and Sadducees. You aren’t confused and you aren’t  going crazy. These cliques are dangerous gangs that keep church appearing legitimate but will l soon meet their demise!
Prayer cant turn the wrath of GOD around because too many have suffered for years under a church organization.
I have personally experienced the cruelty and the antics of what some might believe is good for the church…BUT IT IS WICKED…I wont dismiss it…it is spiritual abuse and neglect of any leader who breeds contempt in the nostrils of God…THIS IS BAD!

God doesn’t care if one reach what they feels is stardom but we don’t abuse authority or get others to engage in erroneous and gregarious behavior to gain control with that “star”.

Pastors who have co-signed on this type of church lifestyle is in danger with GOD…No matter how popular and political status one’s pastor may think they have… many things are about deception and done with a heart to please man.

God is coming down your street. Personally, I am embarrassed for the church and I am sorry for those who hate the church because of the continual abuse within the church and  understand why many loathe the rogues who has abused their leadership for personal, political, and financial gain.

Money and the lust for power really has reduced a lot of churches to a mere social club with no spiritual maturity. Materialism is what they worship.

Of course it looks like a thriving church until you see what is ruling! .It stagnates true spiritual maturity dependant on them instead of true relationship with God. The defenders of the truth have no need to travel in packs like wolves. I know who has my back and gives me the wind. Faking comes with a high price tag. Only bullies need the entourage!

Truthfully, I have to ask people to seek God about who is spiritually responsible.Christ had very few true friends and brothers. Money and political bargaining power is what so many are out for. God gives me this BOLDNESS…TO WRITE IT, EXPOSE IT…AND TO BE AN AMBASSADOR TO BE A WITNESS FOR HIS KINGDOM…

ALL roads don’t lead to God but I can safely say…Its time to follow Priests Or Pastors responsibly and never blindly! Having strong followers…so does satan…You will find strong leadership not based in Face Book…but with men and women God can trust when no one they think is looking!

Remember…More power..the

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