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I adore those  warm windy days…like today in Chicago… I can attest to the recent heartaches,  challenges and difficult times within these last 7 months. A test of my faith, to stand and believe God because I was push to the brink.  Even if I felt like crumbling God kept me strong.  Becoming victorious in every circumstance…and  what I lost or lost me… His replacement plans was awesome!  

Today… open the windows and just breathe… Nothing has been more freeing than to  to let it go and press pass it. Spring has to be recovery from the past winter.
Encouraging for those who seems like the pain will never end…God will strengthen you in the heat of battle… When you are sincerely a follower of God… we know the battle belongs to God!  We can fix it up with faking it…but believing it!!!

I tell people about my Fred Hammond… He made music that can minister to your spirit. A lot of people make music but can they reach the inner you is the next question!