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I post all the warning signs..here it comes… You can be the most qualified… you can be a person of truth and organization. The same snakes stay in the highlights but never will true aspersions will be shown because they all got an agenda.  You can’t be made a fool out of unless you want to …Chicago’s corruption extends in the pulpit. Even  if the say one thing watch the affiliations. The more dirty you are the more you can get around and away from even dealing with the truth.  

No matter what you have seen as law enforcement…I know you were blown away at the deception of those you actually liked and thought they love God… NOPE!!!!  

If there is corruption in the police department I want it all to come full throttle. Lets go back 20 more years you will find even then people were so attached to each other’s monsters!!!!

No…there were no protest they were in bed with the crooks. What media frenzy? Trust me if a lot of noise should have been made it should have been made with bigots before you hit the department. 

There is something about some citizens of Chicago that amazes me. It depends on what the rebuttal is for the day…They repeat the same things and Mr. McCarthy failed miserably to understand that the wolves attack collectively. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!

I know you saw the monsters and tried to do the right thing but there is always the facade that draws you in with…betterment. I pray that you discerned when you got the phony concerns from others that should do the right thing. Were you shocked at how dirty even some clergy were? If they are going to be fair… they didn’t you want bringing order. You know how many “superintendents” had to take a bow because the police department is now accountable for the craziness that goes on in the lives of anyone? Of course you had a racists regime…but  no one was holding their feet to the fire. Look at the crime levels now… Where are the those protesters now? Chicago violence has not only tripled… but the city is losing more each day because of it!

LaQuan McDonald was going to be the way of ridding of you…The sad truth is that corruption in City Hall centers around many things that goes awry.  Bad press or good press… what do they care that a life was lost? I didn’t see this kind of outrage when “thug life” disrupts Chicago on a regular. Yes, they grieve for a second… and it continues… Sounds nuts doesn’t it?

Mr. McCarthy had a program and Chicago politics had another. I was embarrassed because of the so-called Christian leaders…  not only judged things before the “truth”  but continually place the cart in front of the horse. What apology will you get… it will be on the down low because of the two faces…. When the “truth” is going to come whirling out… but everyone had their agenda.
I pray you write a book about the political fishing in Chicago’s Lake Michigan!

Where was God and his wisdom it was nothing but a circus act and so many of us lost respect for them.

These people are “addicted” to  attention, money and the power! When they are ostracized and misunderstood the media is the devil…But on the other hand when there is an agenda… everyone is posted up like exhibitionist. For the more seasoned crafty snakes they find the weakest link and push the poor idiots to the front to make  a total donkey out of themselves… and then… the race card!

Wow!… When I see how  so many laugh in each other’s face and stab each other in the back… Mr. McCarthy this is normal… I didn’t find out the hard way…I saw the messiness many years ago. Dirty pool is their gain! As much as they “claim” they wanted honest assessment in the community…I  knew some of the so-called community leaders… purposely given divisive subliminal messages.

Of course someone like me didn’t play the game.. I didn’t kiss things, get in bed with the money,  I didn’t smooth furs, and rub other body parts, I didn’t follow like a love-sick puppy dog without a brain… Hell, I wasn’t desperate! Any game that was to played… God directed me wisely. I stay out of this arena…it’s tricky even with those who want people to believe they think  in justice.

How can this be when a judgment call was made on things we didn’t understand? It’s easier to come after you…you wouldn’t let them politically control you then…its a communication problem…Been here!!!! But its clear where the demonic activities breeds!



I have seen them stick their necks out for common criminals even if they are dressed up and hold positions of authority. What does it matter?  It’s not just people from New York either… It’s someone from the outside that might see what Chicago hides on a daily!

They see what they want to see, and they say what they want to say. It has worked for years. I had been warned of this for years even as a teenager….Don’t let a handshake and smile fool you, the dangers of  the  two head snakes!

And sadly the people stay in bondage to not only a corrupt systems but the people are played for suckers! Bargaining chips for personal gain. Black community my right eye… I am still taken why people still follow the same mess and expect different results. Common sense …if investigations were ongoing who can do what or say what. Although the story was spun for political gain. Face it, Mr. McCarthy people feared your strength because you didn’t play the games! You see, playing the game means that there was a common ground with all the them… deception.  

A real man or woman of God would never throw you under a bus but pray with you and for Chicago that all manner of evil is exposed even if it’s in the police department.  When those darn cameras get rolling you will then see that the “media god” goes beyond gaining strength and power … You can see the hearts of many of the Christian leaders  who manipulate public trust in this manner. Old trick… but anyway! Did you see who threw rocks and hid their hands?

When there is a cause…We know of a greater power until many saw that LaQuan McDonald tape… and then you saw the leniency toward Tyshawn Lee’s father…Some even came off more sympathetic… even if an alleged so call lifestyle was evident… I heard the nonsense…DON’T JUDGE…

They saw that tape of LaQuan McDonald…. I knew this was going to be the way to run you out…  and heads were going to roll because Chicago hates order and unfortunately many of them can see the racial bias… on either side black, or white…they will respond accordingly not necessarily with the TRUTH  but what will gain.  Where is the courage to  go  gang land territory demand justice for all that were murdered at their hands? They can’t control this systemic epidemic of rebellion… We need help…being disabled in all arenas to be capitalized on especially in the African-American communities… I pray they wake up!

 It was almost if some purposely side with evil in order to make themselves look big.  How concern can one be if what person decided to be rich or poor, educated or uneducated?    Murder that is done in cold blood…I want justice whether it’s a  dirty cop or dirty priest. Chicago is a breeding ground for snakes. Chicago is this wonderful city… I heard the crap already! It’s so wonderful that they seem to forget to cage the other animals that are wolves in sheep clothing. I was embarrassed because you didn’t have to be brain scientist to see what was in bed with what. Ignorantly I saw people who were looking for the push for money or careers stand in solidarity for political push and not necessarily was the truth even at the expense of such a tragedy. NO… they hate people who bring light you will expose too much of their real head… the snake!

They live comfortably and wont have it any other way. If some actually had the testicular fortitude to say lets see where it all went wrong…Immediately as if they are controlled… went left without being reasonable and examining to see who really needs to lose a job and face criminal charges… Christians  you think would know better but used as props to appear as if they are a united front knowing they hate each other. Egos are bigger than God. Let a real issue show up …watch the weak responses… If there is no personal gain forget it… I know you saw they weren’t sold out to God by they way they act. God gives his leaders …not public  sense, not educational sense but…HIS WISDOM!

Did you see the hatred in a lot of them? Did anyone ask for resignations when people were tortured under another tenure? Did any one preacher take the podium and ask that mayor to step down? I don’t find it odd…Its typical and hypocritical. Anytime a man or woman of God stands at podium with Chicago’s well-known  snakes… that should tell you something…It didn’t tell me anything…because where I come from there is a rich history on liars and thieves…one hand washes the other… God’s men  and women are not supposed to cause blemishes but stay clear of them that have them!

Don’t worry about any of it because a judgment can be good or bad… Yet,  I know God knows who did what and why…Why God comes out of their mouths blows my mind… Keep the courage to call it out… A lot of crooks will be exposed.  And in any wrong doing at the hands of people of authority will be dealt with by God regardless how they pretend to be…God knows the evil men and women with the wrong hearts.    What happened in “their” bible studies is not what is according to the bible that I read.  Man can’t see because they are too blinded by what they want instead of what is the right thing to do. You couldn’t be controlled… and they hated that…

I will agree… some instigated your firing for personal reasons …it might be even jealousy! We know that many despise the way you handled Chicago…and many things shadowed your better judgment when you were trying to show them things that they weren’t ready to understand!

Stay encouraged and so many of us wish you all the best… God’s plan is bigger than man’s and don’t forget that!