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( Read Numbers Chapters 22 through 25)

Balaam (pagan seer) was a prophet that sold out for money and gain. People often believe false prophets tell you things that aren’t true. In fact the tricky part about false prophets are their teachings. He or she might be gifted in the prophetic but abuse power and authority for  gain. False prophet is one that is false not only in their teaching but their stance!

Balaam was paid to curse Israel.  How insightful this story is. Someone that was gifted by God got caught up to do wrong! This is nothing new today in ministry. Ministries are more geared for followers of them instead of leading them truthfully back to God. He was indeed a prophet but was willing to look the other way or enter the other side because what was in him is what ruled him!  

Sounds familiar?

Although many take on roles to do and be the right thing …it is greed… that will allow them down the wrong roads and can’t see the danger that lies ahead.  There are a few who really believe that they are going to get away but the warnings are all over the place… People get angry  and will abuse others because they are doing the right things. We teach our children what is right and wrong and then they see the adults. My age shouldn’t be exemplary if it is wrong …its wrong!   

We as adults make bad decisions and we should own up to it. In this, Christians can you believe that people actually get angry when you live the life you profess? Never have I seen so many are angry at people who are true witnesses for God. Although no one wants to be corrected there is season in your life when you get off the potty and be mature adults. If you are telling people you are a Christian why would anyone be angry if you are a Christian?  I think we get so caught up in making these fraudulent images until people forget how to be themselves.

Balaam got mad at a “donkey” that God let speak to him  because what one considered to be the lowest on the totem pole in the animal kingdom about the abuse. God loves Balaam  enough to allow the donkey to ask why did he beat him and to warn him that the angel of Lord was going to slay him if he continued on this path.

Balaam represent so many that are in church today. You may have a call but walk in disobedience acting as if what you participate in is no issue. But it is… will it bring a curses or blessings! 

However as much as people have abused the name of God, these same people hate when you hold them accountable. How can any of us get angry when they see us saying one thing but living another?  Pastors have a fear of abandonment for speaking for what is right. Many are afraid to teach God truths…and embarrassed to let others know they are God lovers.  We are  held to another level. When the love of God is hardly taught as if it makes you weak…but it is God ‘s love that sustains us!  There will come a season in your life when God will allow  the strangest things to ask you questions. Just like when our children get hemmed up God will hem you up… God knows that if it is up to us we will have this “superficial” relationship forever. Testing time brings a change for the better or worse.

People will hate you when you love God and make comments like you think you are better…The truth is…I am…If God has spared my life from the “inner” me how can I not be sold out? People will be jealous of what you possess and just like Balaam will try to devalue you because you know who you are in God. The spirit of Balaam wants to release curses and want you to curse yourselves by doing things that go against God. Idolatry and sexual sins is chipping at the church…Sin is glorified because there is no ceasing! 

Balaam’s  donkey spared his life. We are met with distraction and so many have  been seduced  by compromise or hypocrisy. God gives us “free will” and that is the most challenging because people do anything  and actually believe they are safe… they straddle both sides of the fence and the world shakes their head because they know who is serious and who isn’t.  

God’s mercy was shown and used this donkey to show what he could be “AS” instead of being an a**…