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The most frighten part about the 2016   election campaign… is that its taking on another dimension. A man publicly hit a Trump protester in North Carolina  and then threatens to kill him. Was it me or did any see how cruel the man was and thought he was justified.  Arrested later was this “senior” throwing punches at someone who had the right to walk by without being attacked!

What mix messages are we sending in this country to our children?  All because it takes another forum violence is never the answer. Although, I heard  Donald Trump incite and feed these frenzy attacks…what’s next? 

 How can we take this  immature. arrogant and insulting bully seriously?  Had this been anyone else… the other way around … jailed on the spot. The man who  hit the protesters is the same atmosphere festered for race riots. He wanted to say something a  bit more hateful but knew he better cool it! Trump ripens and heighten evil the ways he wants when he wants… Open up your eyes…this is setting a premise for something else. It is, … what it is!