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I have heard the strangest conversation from women staying in lethal relationships. I am a sucker for love but I don’t want to be a victim because of it. I have had my experience with toxic people. I don’t bother! I am not a psychiatrist and I don’t have that much time on my hand to  consistently hand hold and guide someone to love.  A person may need to be shown love but at what expense? Abuse is abuse… Love me not hit me! 

An  older family member going through hell in a 35 years of marriage. Domestic violence, philandering and alcohol. Stress will kill you quicker. When you understand your self worth…God always has “replacement plans”… Women settle to stay in relationships that are fruitless and dangerous.

Love  will be challenged but not at the expense “abuse” of any  kind is apart of the equation. The thought of her living alone almost 70 yrs old is terrifying but she would rather wear wigs to cover up the lumps on her head…and wear long sleeves all year round. Take the risk of contracting a sexual transmitted disease because he it out there!  He is a family oriented man with a great engineer as a profession…She is an educator…So you see it domestic abuse  isn’t just for the poor! All the myths are debunked…Domestic violence will reach anywhere …there is no limits or any barriers it cannot cross… The sad part… many don’t want to believe they know of monstrous human beings like this. But don’t fool yourselves who isn’t  considered an abuser!

Domestic violence is still dealt with mere slaps on the wrist until the victim ends their torture! Some people don’t want to believe that the rage that lies within just one person can turn your life upside down! We have to be advocates to speak out… It’s never good to hit anyone but I am still my parents daughter… It takes one to get one! Pass a lick and you will get one back…

The Everlast logo isn’t on any precious part of my body…There is a way to communicate. know the recipe for bad relationships…If love is killing you…CUT IT LOOSE!!!!!