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On today, I sat and talked with an old classmate. Seeing visibly he had been through a difficult life…  He and I talked about the “days of old”…when we use to have so much fun… during the basketball season…We weren’t worried about violence but winning games not our loved one’s.
He was a very good athlete with professional potential and his family has this curse of alcoholism… and domestic violence…th (56)

Sadly, I saw how the tears welled in his eyes to tell me about the murder of his daughter which made national news! Murdered by her boyfriend and a massive manhunt for three days. He had shot his 21-year-old daughter in the neck. He shared his spiral about the pain of losing her after he spent nearly $70,000. For  his daughter to get out of Chicago  only to be violated in another way.

He shared about how alcoholism had plagued his life even hindered him. He told me… I know God and I replied then “stop running”… Ask God to take the taste out of his mouth. I knew I struck a chord it’s time for change. I saw him nearly grieved himself to death….th (53)

Although his daughter killer was behind bars…the pain that he couldn’t rescue his daughter from the monster that had been abusing his daughter.  He then had to face another challenge his 24-year-old daughter was an alcoholic and drank so much until she had a stroke! The pattern continued…they loved people who was just as addictive to the violence. Although she is now in Seattle and not the violent streets of Chicago.  

The battle of a disabled daughter who drinks to the numb the pain.  I wasn’t trying to console him…I told him reality…I knew I rocked his world with truth.It was on my “watch”…that if I never saw him again…I didn’t want him to die from a broken heart.

It was time for him to make a change. I too saw  his slow death…He didn’t overcome all the obstacles as he struggled of becoming a professional athlete. He had three daughters the victims of men who were domestically inclined… and alcohol.  Any indication of connecting with abusers and booze is lethal.  I prayed for  him silently because I wanted to be the one who was the life changer… Death was looming within his family and he had fallen years ago…watching family members die in this vicious cycle… My plea if you know anyone who is struggling with alcohol  and or domestic violence reach them by teaching them. Many say they are for injustice but are selective in their charges. Whether it’s a family member or a friend. How much more than love can be extended with finally telling the victim or the abuser it’s time for a change. It sounds easy but it isn’t… Choose wise counsel when approaching such matters…All you can do is give the olive branch…not hide it!