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You ask…Are these really Christians? My answer is… Christianity isn’t in the bible…so  people’s definition of a Christians frightens even me.  Being Christ like isn’t a bad idea… but many make this not a God big deal.

If someone else takes the same stance as Donald Trump he is then considered telling it like it is… And when others speak such vile disdain and start mess it’s called … we can vouch for them. Shut up already! You wonder why people are turned off…Listen to what is being said and the actions being taken. That’s the case the “CHICKEN SHOULD COME TO ROOST ON A LOT OF PEOPLE”.

In one voice it’s called fighting for their rights …in another voice it’s labeled as racism. How about we got a lot of angry people giving into their interpretation of what America needs…YEAH RIGHT!  Here comes the slammer they tell you how much they love you and you see what they affiliate themselves  with . And prefer to  be deemed  like “Trump” as a “peacemaker” for love for our people.  

First red flag…Look for the real of love of God and what they treasure… Underhandedly popularity and where the money is what drives them.  Then you see will what they stand for …What kind of convoluted thinking this is? It’s NUTS!!!! Yet, people follow blindly! But when the awakening comes… legacies will be lost because of the fraudulent leadership. Self curses are done each time they co-sign with evil!

If you want to see schizophrenia America listen to what we  people lab label as public figures. And don’t get me started with these evil ministers!!! Most don’t even know what a bible has to say let alone, be a witness.  A lot of so-called leaders are getting ready to be EXPOSED and I wont bother posting I told you so…Too many words of what I have said have so far been all of 100.

So many “slam” Donald Trump for his behavior  and in the same breath justify evil doing without first examining themselves. I’m no Donald Trump supporter but what is equally terrible is so many are quick to say the  atmosphere was ripe for violence and on the down low instigate violence with personal attacks. I agree…I ask what  “atmosphere” have some of these attention seeking leaders  have actually given to the community…besides baiting them in with what they want to hear… I give the people credit…they are starting to pay attention what people are saying and doing. On one hand violence is okay at a Donald Trump rally and on the other hand our people are slaughtering each other and we hear nothing but same rebuttals. Especially when they are confronted why anyone is killing anyone is  a matter of the heart never race. A murderer is a murderer… adding race heats issues of why.  

Ministers that say they know God have no business siding with ignorance when it is so clear… WE HAVE SOME SERIOUS INTERNAL ISSUES THAT NO ONE WANTS TO ADDRESS THE TRUTH…this isn’t freedom but more BONDAGE 

People that love their audiences will say and do things to keep the people following them.  The truth is God will deal with people like this HARSHLY  because of the lack of telling the truth as instructed. People pleasing comes to some serious destruction. Regardless of how we are mistreated we respond the way God intended.  God doesn’t let us unify with evil to get any job done. So many have lied on God… God is clear about  how we are to respond to evil… and never have he said side with it even if i is a presidential nominee or a police officer!!!.

You  can say all kinds of mentally imbalanced things and got the nerve to honestly believe you are speaking truth to power… OH MY GOD!!!! Go sit down!

We saw how badly many treated President Obama and his family. It was okay for them to name call and do whatever.   And then it is only wrong when they turn on each other.  Mr. Trump was accused of   setting the atmosphere for violence  and I thought about it.  Even within the Chicago Police Department how many continue to say that the system was corrupted on many watches previously?  You know what I know… many are sold out to getting power know it depends on the leverage that they have…Not to empower people but keep them beholding to people and systems without getting to the root of why so man allow these fraudulent punks to speaking in the first place…

How many times  have anyone told a Pastor that abuse was on his or her watch and did nothing. Trust me this list is long?   How many times a child has told someone who he or she is being mistreated within the school-house or the church house and the muzzles are placed on staff not to get involved? Look at th the scandal of child molestation within the church and you will get an earful about nothing but a sermon on such a distasteful matter is dismissed until something happens to their home-bred monsters IT’S NEVER OF IMPORTANCE!

Collectively  we fail to address the evil atmosphere that is often instigating and justified in our community.  You want to hear denial …listen to when they talk…but the truth is never spoken. If you are being too truthful they hate it and will try to out talk so now will hear the truth.

What happened to all that power to say things that keep the people dividing instead of unifying>?…God has never “blessed” division or people who divide the people for strong followings to gain control. It’s a dangerous power… NOT Just Mr. Trump can say whatever he wants set the atmosphere… But I have to ask what are you saying out of your mouth and with your actions that is setting an atmosphere.

As many would like to “dog” the Donald…for his blatant disrespect. How can one that instigate troubles among the people with divisive behavior say he is getting what’s coming. I would agree… but in that same token… I pray we all get what’s coming.

 I honestly believe that  we have to first take that assessment of where we stand and how we either part of the problem or the solution. What rebellion have one set in motion as I see on a daily. No respect for order and all because we like person one might fail to stand for the truth. Isn’t this also a code of silence? How can we hold anyone accountable when there is rogue behavior in or  circle and too cowardly to address it. How can certain people do “evil” in the face of religious leader and then the behavior is then justified? Let me be first to let you know…Every  lie you tell …you will pay!  there is something wrong when people have diabolical connections as if God is going to give the free pass. I can put my name on this… publicly… The days are approaching fast for anyone .. from parents to preachers… 

The most dangerous parents and leaders I see today are people who claim they love God and their hearts render war and keep the people divided. There chosen monsters do no wrong and even try to put God in on their madness…NO! We can get in some serious trouble with God. 

..Yet, the rules seem to be different when we have to face the deception among our own.  Some like to believe that they are fair in fact. It’s only their monsters they seem to go bat for . Other than that…  You see the hypocrisy. Wrong is  wrong no matter who does it . As much as people say they want cameras… I still ask what for …Even if someone comes with the “truth” there is a way sem to right to them and NEVER GOD!

Donald Trump’s behavior is inexcusable and so is the behavior in our communities. I have never seen so many people who have misguided truth and placing blame and let it lie where is should.  I have seen open evil and I hear the excuses and this keeps people from being accountable and responsible. Poor parenting is like a worms eating at the  harvest.

 Two wrongs have never made a right! And then we have people who have “these” rules…Of course when they are their personal pet monsters… We hear the  abusive word of not judging. Let’s get something straight. I find it remarkably disheartening when people lie and cover up evil and when people present even the truth they could care less how much proof you got. God doesn’t care where the wrong comes from even if it is one our children. That blood is on your hand.  How can so many co-sign on the devils mess  and want respect? 

They have the nerve to claim to be lovers of God and full of hatred even with their acts of silence when they are suppose to speak up and be honest.  God doesn’t treat us as such but the tone I have seen purposely leading God’S  people on personal opinions and not necessarily the truth.  

Sadly people are taking their public forum and justifying  ignorance. Your feelings will “betray”   you in the end and God will hold you accountable. Never  have I seen people follow people so blindly and without the truth. In the heat of any moment..I understand the power of self-control and when to hold your peace. I have no idea what kind of “spirit” that seduces a person to operate in just sheer ignorance and say things without  thinking. As much as I am not a Donald Trump supporter. I notice that the rules for him seems to be fair game.  the . I’m careful of opening my mouth at the wrong time and making a “fool” out of myself. You can be the product of your own environment. When you see that adults can’t seem to line up with the truth but can attack in evil. What do I mean?  When an atmosphere is set… then what you are doing in the midst of the atmosphere…Are you saying peace when there is no peace. Are you lying to make yourselves feel  good about your bad choices. God is no passive parent when it comes to evil! Although this seems to be advocated when one of our own screws up! How unfair this kind of practice is. No matter who doing the wrong we don’t act passively and make up these dumb excuses. Denial is killing our children.  What strong men when they advocate injustice one minute and deny justices when they are clearly wrong.

Some serious young people have to take charge because we have too many grumpy,bitter old men speaking… So, they use their podiums to sway the people to do wrong by what they feel instead of what is the right thing to do.  I have never seen so much wickedness done in such passive aggressive manners. Where is the pillar for the truth.

You see, God lovers tell the truth no matter if they don’t have buddies, they don’t hide behind religion to create an atmosphere to violate anyone. Regardless of how cruel I have heard come out of the mouths of men and women I once respected. Somewhere you have lost your way to take the low roads and speak the truth even if the reward wont be popularity. Some love being in the “spotlight”…Until you start exposing their level of sins…then everyone else gets these pardons like they are god. In fact, I can guarantee when any leader purposely set this kind of atmosphere you find your evil in the same residence as the people who followed you.  If they are Christians I have yet to hear what God loves and no one has to the courage to say …HE HATES LIARS!  I am going to expose this manner of evil … within the reigns of being called a Christianity. NO, all Christians don’t cut up like this but be careful of those who say they love God and spew hate.  Gaining power is what the book of Revelations explain. The lust to turn people into cowards instead of standing for the courageous.

I am a little taken with  how  far having  ” celebrity status” and  the buddy system has gone… No matter what God say they are doings things ungodly just to be adored and worshiped! There seems to be  no conscious of God but  go along with the evil to justify doing good along side them. No true backbone because that requires you stand up alone not always with someone!

Wolves travel in packs to attack. Its so easy to beat up on Trump supporters but what tone have leaders been setting for  years within our community? Any race can be racist.  Our people are so desperate to be led that they swallow anyone saying fight for the power. What power? They all come off like “TRUMP”… BULLIES.   This level of not using their brains and study God is what is going to end terribly in our community. Scandals are going to rock their worlds… So many  will be disappointed at what many have sold themselves out for. And it  has nothing to do with true community relationship development or  God!

It’s one thing to be right about what you think is  the problem…but its entirely different ballgame when the atmosphere has been set for years with hateful individuals with no real acts of love of kindness just all talk and no play. Who can take them seriously…is the world better because they met you…the answer will surprise you! It’s not a mere mortal that I put my trust in… Sell in today but will sell us out on tomorrow!