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I love me some Chicago White Sox… Tell me it ain’t so over a matter in the clubhouse. First Baseman Adam LaRoche decided to retire because his son Drake was asked to cut down time in the clubhouse

I said  maybe t his is about something else. I do understand the position of Vice Executive President of the Chicago White Sox, Kenny Williams has  but in all honesty what is the “real”  problem?  th (13)

If Adam’s son Drake  is apart of some kind of apprentice program there still should be boundaries. So don’t y’all go getting special on me. His father is on contract not his son. I am a little taken at the uproar over a Mr. Williams decision. I understand the difficult decision that this might be to some but why?Your son can’t come to work anywhere in this country in any profession so don’t give Mr. Williams a hard time…I’m sure all us understand this… but why the blow up? 

And the offense came… Really?…Is this fair?  At some point I am sure Mr. William would allow the lad to come on occasion.  Is this not a bit odd that 13 million dollars was the magic number?  I like Mr. LaRoche being the poster father of all times…What better example has he set?  I agree he looks fabulous but wanting Drake there at the clubhouse with adults on regular shouldn’t  be acceptable. th (11)

I appreciate Mr. LaRoche spending this kind of time with his son…but he is technically still at work. I understand he wants his son to learn the game but at what  expense?  

I would like to believe that we don’t have the entire story.  I hope this doesn’t  become so controversial that we can’t seem exercise some common sense.  I love  you Chicago White Sox…let’s keep this professional and please don’t break up the family over this…