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I love of all of my law shows…and paternity court is no eye opener for me. I was trained on the deception of women.  Paternity court brings awareness how devastating a lie  can be even for adults who long to belong and know their biological father.  To see how far the lies and selfishness  have gone  that is the amazing part and women will go as far as the lies goes until the unthinkable happens …She is exposed!  Not all stories start and end this way but to see exactly how people handle children is shocking!

Affairs that went on with no mention of being pregnant… or a mother’s true lifestyle before settling down…  and just to  know how low down some people can be when it comes to knowing who the child’s father is.

Sadly, we have come into this age where there are multiple “baby daddies” … And we hear very little about the importance of being married before the baby. I guess in my day we were considered really old-fashioned but I have a clearer understanding how one lie can turn someone’s lie upside down or the importance of just waiting for the right guy and being married really is.

Women can be treacherous in the paternity of a child single or married.  She is crafty…She can do look alike and cover ups. I believe in paternity test even if a child looks likes a prospective father. How can she tell she is sleeping all over the place? Every time there is mis-communication and  one is being unfaithful to the other.  It can happen!

We place the burden of any child on the mother. She has the advantage because she bonds with the child in the womb for nine months. What I am not understanding when women  are not known for being the biggest cheaters because they are.

So many dynamics goes into why a woman is all over the place STILL in this day and age. The breakdown of the family doesn’t start necessarily with the man but  what the woman allows in her life for a child to call him FATHER. The family dynamics have been so torn apart and do we have to wonder where the breakdown of violence stems from. When there aren’t men standing up for what he created out of a wedlock so many of our children are dealing with broken families even if some are married…the whorish father produces insecurities within the family. As much as we hate to discuss how far a father rolls  his stone  as if being a player or  a philanderer is the rites of passage and glamorize . He is never held accountable  as a father . A good man does more than gives his financial obligations but holds his family rock steady. It doesn’t make him a man  because he contributes as a provider but his input to be that stabilizer! Working all day doesn’t build a family but actually destroys it. If you got to work that much maybe  you should have reconsidered having a family! 

Society is constantly dealing with the fact that the westernized customs has eaten away at the Father and the family. Our America makes excuses for dead beat Dads and Moms. It’s not okay to be all over the place and then say its’ a mistake. Taking clothes aren’t mistakes but a willing participant.  When I see how much  women lie about a baby’s father… that is nothing new. I warn my brothers and sons about the divisiveness of when you sleep and creep. She can twerk her tail but is it worth it. That’s why we teach self-control. Our boys are taught to disrespect women even in their views of looking at women. Regardless of how good she advertise I have to awaken another generations that our generation missed it… Being all over the place is setting a terrible example. Don’t buy into …

A man being a man  is typically he is being a fool

 A woman can tear your world apart especially if she is a dip off to begin with.   I  don’t buy into I made a mistake. That’s the first lie… The reality is that you set it motion… and ignorantly thought it wouldn’t be you or feel for what is clearly a booty call but now dealing with the bottom of the birdcage. Women love giving away out of desperation of attention or wanting someone to love them even if they are straight , gay, married or not interested…How sad has this become. Sleeping around only exacerbate the problem. Trying to make wise choices in the heat of passion don’t work.  First assess is this what can make a good husband helps!

The church is a “special kind ” of world…the most pick ups and dip offs aren’t necessarily a club… go to a church near you… YOU CAN SPOT THE CHURCH WHORES AND PERVERTS.  They are the ones whose eyes are popping off or gently rubbing themselves on you. Seriously we are going to have to get folks out of these RELIGIOUS COMAS”…

You will find some of the most whorish people under the steeple!  My messages are straight forward and without all the fluff even in the pulpit. The lies we fail to address when the women trollop like show ponies and the men will catch more than a cold with any female that is being seductive.  Often the man thinks he can hit it and quit it until he has a medical issue or a court issue.  She has either given him something and took it back home or someone said he is the “FATHER”…

The fool tells himself no one will know until all his business is in the streets. When there is no commitment the man is liable to be anyplace. Paternity court will open your eyes to craftiness of women trapping men.  Yes, it takes two but what about the woman knows who she has been with and play pick a Daddy… It’s  terrible! To see what goes on in paternity court will make you zip it up for some they learn some hard life lessons.. Even when people are married these days… a situation arrives out of no where infidelity is big  even in paternity court.  Marrying a whore is a major… Don’t get involved and come home with the results of being involved. If you are married you can view your chances but there multiple fathers… is serious in our country and unfortunately women today think it is normal!