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I am still amazed at the ignorance of others.  When there are other people from different countries who come and start businesses have the nerve to be prejudice!  I know this isn’t just my experience but I know so many have experienced the slight when visiting businesses of other ethnicities.  

One of my beauty secrets for my long hair, healthy and soft is  my rice conditioner. Which can be ordered or in any Chinese Beauty supplies…which I loathe because my experiences with them are horrible no matter who works in them no matter what race works in them. In all honesty, why they are posted up in certain communities is beyond me and treat the customers like crap.

Yet, the African-Americans patronize these  stores like they are best things since slice bread.  When so many of them employ basically Chinese decent or African-American I have yet to see any Latinos work  hardly inside of any of them.   I hate beauty supply stores because they are seriously exploitive of the community.  They follow you around as if you are going to steal products which I find terribly offensive. Blacks and some browns are basically their sales.  I rather go to a chain store to find what I need because I find myself asking a lot of questions about their behavior. What blows my mind even in some of the huge  beauty stores the African-American are belittled and I start asking questions and I go there every time I go into one of them basically all of them have the underline tone when you visit…

I am a Chinese food lover…So over the weekend I went to have lunch at upscale Chinese Restaurant… I was recommended to try the food but  I saw the demeanor toward a family member who was African-American.  

As we made our  orders to go… I heard some tones which I knew if they set her off… they might as well call the police NOW… We got our food to go… and  I refuse t and I stood to watch prepare my food… The preparer was fine it was the two young workers … and then it happened she le demanded that I sit down and  I let her have it… I then took out my phone because I was going to video tape the entire encounter…They wanted no blacks in the restaurant… I wasn’t stunned because I realize no matter where you go the ignorance is still there! I don’t think the message if clear to others who are already in this country to others that get the red carpet in starting businesses. The nastiness wont be acceptable although I am not a full throttle customers of Chinese Beauty Supply stores…Personally, why so many have the litigated gall to say who ranks where. Every white person that came in that restaurant was greeted with respect while we were treated like we are beneath them.

Oh yeah…anyone knows me knows that when I  have negative encounters like this I will pray in your establishment and allow God to  dry it  up… I saw the impact it had on my relative’s  heart was hurt. Personally, being preyed upon it will hurt your feelings. Many can’t understand until they are met with their own situations. Who knows more than I with being the target of bullies! So my heart is tender about such situations! And you want to hear the oddest things…

I have yet to hear “blacks” protest these kinds of establishments. They stay with blatant disrespect towards blacks AND IT’S NOT HIDDEN…Ain’t that much hair buying the world to deal with that kind of abuse… They complain but NEVER…have I seen them send them packing out of their communities. I have personally done my own survey to see just how crazy this is…each time I find myself purchasing someplace else!  Do your own survey and ask African-American women how much they encounter in these stores? I can almost bet the numbers will be off the roof, but they still support these stores!

I am absolutely livid and I get angry because it’s stressful dealing with hate filled people!  You have to fight being ” bitter” because of such charged atmosphere to hate. However, I don’t have to come to their stores and I am amazed that so many “blacks” continue to flock to their stores. I haven’t seen one store that didn’t act in this manner.  I have met wonderful Chinese people but I have to admit so few of them that own beauty supply stores are that friendly.  

I have to  take other alternatives today because of the lack of freedom to be free  even if it’s beauty or food but at whose expense? It wont be mines! I wont support your HATE!