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Are you serious? We have pews full each SABBATH but who is maturing? The world doesn’t take the church serious because it has fail to address its own issues. I am amazed at the lack of leaders who use these are adults what can I do?…


I have to go there because too many want to tell everyone who should be accountable in the world  but  fail to have those same speeches within the sanctuaries.  How in the world is the church suppose to be respected without first dealing with its troubles?  I can give you every rebuttal a non-Christian response is… because that’s what many so-called Christians excuses… I ain’t perfect I am still  a work in progress and that is the same story that has been going on  since  your claim to be a Christian.

Why are so many irritated when our people are exposed for being frauds and told to grow up? I am not… We were reprimanded for being fakes… as if we serve this schizophrenic Christ!

The fear of a walk out is a real gift to God especially with the church troublemakers.  The church wants to get in all the business  of the world but fail miserably to be in right standings with God.  When people can’t tell if you are a Christians it speak volumes.

God has given anyone that leads a church FOR  HIM… Authority.  When one gets  into pacifying , justifying  and solidifying ill behavior you are in some serious trouble with God. Pastors get a bad reputation based on the bad apples in ministry.

 The truth is …everyone isn’t call by God and is just a vocation and hireling is best said!  In ministry you must have a level of character, integrity, and  a spine. That is what the fire of God produces a product of himself. Today, in the physical if a child repeats 3rd grade over and over what  do you think that the child is called? We continue negative behaviors because of more than a lack of discipline…some people really have no business calling themselves Christians especially when they really don’t want to be one! Simple as that!

 I see this kind of stuff in court cases where a parent swears their son or daughter is a “good kid”…. The passiveness to correct child always lead to self-destruction and a fall.   Some churches are about the same. We have to say it even if they can’t believe it.  

We do the love taps  and abuse grace and mercy on the regular church monsters. I don’t care who gets offended the church is never to take any stand on being politically correct but God conscious.  Some cry they are Christians but have too much pride and want to be liked so they  play these games…  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide  (not Hyde). Always professing but never producing characteristics of being Christ like!

Listen!!!!Everyone as a Christian doesn’t have this spiritual bi-polar thing going on.  Its called being phony!

I think so many of us have heard this before… NO CHURCH IS PERFECT,  I AGREE…Yet, this is no excuse for not pruning and being Christ like. When in fact, how is anyone in church never perfecting the saints? That is what the church was designed to do… birth Christ like characteristics…So many have the wrong stance anyway when he or she fail to teach biblical truths. Some leaders are actually happy that they see a little devil in members that way he or she can feel good being a devil themselves!

1) The church is a place where we can be social but not a social club.

2) When  biblical beliefs are not really taught

3) When there is more bondage than freedom.

4( The church can grow with members and not maturity. 5) Immaturity in the church  the lost

6) It hinders the church

7) It assists the enemy

8) A church teaches to click not join cliques

9) When there is no spiritual discipline that church will self destruct

10) Progression isn’t the amount of money and members that’s called offering and nothing more, not a sign of God! 11) How much will healthier a church is when they continue to dine on liquids and never anything soli

Something terrible wrong when the church has become ineffective to thwart behaviors that God was very clear what we are responsible for when taking on leadership roles in church.

 Sadly, the excuse means nothing according to the bible. Jeremiah Chapter 1 should be the beginning to take a closer look at when we think we are called to  ANY form of ministry it is never for being apart of deception. H ow much healthier is a church when to continue to ingest liquids and never solid foods. They can’t handle correction, still having tantrums,easily distracted with nonsense…

Jealous of those who grow is a clear indicator danger is on the horizon especially when they are place in any roles to lead a ministry! If they are crying loud enough weak leadership enables such poor behavior. The lack of sincere praying in any church will be at risk. And God isn’t talking about superficial praying…but the prayers that touch the heart of God!

The world sees no difference in us collectively.. . Why? They see the division. How can we protest injustices without doing our spiritual housecleaning?

There still lies prejudices, injustices and the witches in the pews and pulpits. As  a whole they see the lack of integrity within even those who say they know God. People know who is real that is why they don’t trust preachers who say one thing but can’t stop whoring around… they know true conversions.  

We might not have perfect people in church but guess what? God’s people  may NEVER be perfect but lets not confuse evil for good. And so many times leaders instead breaking up dissension add to it!  In the book of Revelation there is illustrations of who got rebuke. What has changed? Being compromising and self-righteous has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD. Its called carnality.  The cliques are destroying marriages, families, and the very fibers of the church. God isn’t okay with him… and I am certainly  not!

Its shocking what some actually believe that the don’t have the authority to do but have the audacity believe you can transform a world when there is transformation or witness in you! There is so much danger in immaturity in the church today… Its time to separate the sheep from the goats! The church create even more conflicts when they co-sign on shenanigans instead of setting the atmosphere with the truth instead of emotions and their feelings. God never said on this rock I shall build feelings… NO … he will build a church and the gates of HELL WONT PREVAIL AGAINST IT…(Matthew 16:18)