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And the town troublemaker was more than misguided, his grandparents had their hands full with the 17 years old that seem to be involved with just about anything…

This East Coast teen brags about being shot twice in the leg  before…He had allegedly hid a gun under a neighbors porch…and she found the gun and  turned the gun in The teenager  begin to threaten the neighbor even bragging about doing damage to her vehicle… He tried to intimidate her.

A neighborhood Pastor went to visit to pray  with the teen’s  grandparents they had been members of his church. They prayed  that he would turn his life around. Too late!  He was murdered…shot multiple times with drug dealers!  

The elderly Pastor told the details of his lavish funeral purchase with drug money…

Although he said everything about the child’s death was disturbing… His coffin was seen through the city led by two white Clydesdale Horses…and white men with top hats…  and $1700.00 gym shoes and the paraded his body throughout the ghetto… and then they transferred the child to a hearse!   This wasn’t something I said but something I read from another writer who told the accounts of this story.

My first reaction was I knew the “ghetto buffoonery” will come in sooner or later. As if the poor teenager paid into his pension fund and how this kind of nonsense is glorified. The sad part about any parts of this story wasn’t that he didn’t have people who didn’t care but what happened within this family for the child to give his grandparents this much grieve.

His funeral was more than disturbing to me but you can’t believe just how limited the heart and mind is…  He was laid out as if he was the breakfast of champions. I am appalled at the mindset to parade a criminal around for the ghetto to worship his lifestyle.

  The more I read the more I know about this tom foolery … that goes on in the hood. I ask God why can’t the get it.. why so much ignorance? The Son that wrote about  his Dad, was a preacher’s kid.  I begin to cry because this bothered him in such a way. He hit the streets… No bodyguards…Just him and Jesus!  He was fed up…

The writer  wanted prayer for his 87-year-old Dad who is taking the streets …with just himself , no limelight, no cameras…his sign ” STOP THE KILLING”… He even disclosed that people actually got out of their cars…no fanfare just a grieved spirit about what he was in a 17-year-old that struck a chord. People were honking their horns and encouraging him.  Why didnt this need national attention?

The Pastor didn’t need an entourage to walk the streets. People saw something inside that people wanted the change. It wasn’t about show and tell…. He knew of a greater power to do the walk alone.    What touched me more … a female police officer stopped and told him to pray she had his back… I was no good after making my heart to proud. The Spirit of Caleb!

I knew this man’s heart when I would pray and clean up  the corners in Chicago alone. People respected me because I was out there faithfully… No one paid me… and the same people who will complain didn’t lift one finger to help, neither did we get all attention regarding the matters on the corners… There was no media  coverage when youths were being gun down almost every other night. God let me go “faithfully” everyday and pray on the corners. Our neighborhood had shown signs of improvement but no one even bothered to carry the torch. I had all these “religious” folks on block clubs and  these “social” committees but no one bothered with the cleaning nor the praying. 

That’s why I know about the hype and can spot the hype!  I know when it’s genuine! 

When I heard of this “writers” Dad taking the streets …word spread around town and joined him! 

When I go back to those old corners in Chicago,  all I see is death and deterioration of the community. On an average two churches on every corner and all you see it death! Something is wrong with this picture!

 What a difference one person can make in the lives of others. Honestly, I say this in all sincerity and respectably… too  many played the game on the backs of others for show and tell. What will your presence bring to deteriorating neighborhood if there is  no power like this “elderly Pastor”?

… I  cried because I knew he knew who he was… All this nonsense just to be seen isn’t what drove this pastor to the streets. At 87 years young, he found the greater power and I knew what it  feels like when you seem like there is no sincere “physical  help…and the knowing that God is there no matter  who abandons the watches  

I prayed for his father because I understand when you are grieved you have the energy to run miles.  As when I get worked up I can work for hours without being tired .  Pray for this Pastor …When God tell you to go …you have to go. God Bless this Man of God… The struggle is real and it’s time others know it and stop playing around with it!