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Yes, it is official I have started my own Anti-Bully Campaign!  YA THINK?

A subject that I am so well versed in… not being a bully but  BEING ATTACKED by them! Unfortunately, what I have been through isn’t a secret because I share my test and trials with the jealousy and the bullies in my life and now in the church. We learned about bullies in grade school and I think what still is an eye opener how many there are.

…Here I am middle age and I still have to give another level of breakdown about this  erroneous behavior! Isn’t it sad that I have to share the foolishness of dealing with ignorant behavior in the church house as if it is exemplary? 

Yes,  I would agree regardless of what level you are on in your Christian walk or non-Christian walk…What makes a person so miserable that they find people to attack? 

What day are we living in when simple  home training isn’t an option? The lack of respect and the value of human life! 

Who has birth more disrespect than the people inside the church? Why so many mean-spirited people doing all their madness in the Name of God including killing? Whether its physical , mental  or spiritual…

Let me help some people who hate the church because of bullies…

First and foremost it’s not that you are so sensitive…It’s because they are insensitive to the Spirit Of God and the character thereof.  They are heathens! Most of them are cliques of people who are narcissistic to begin with. They are more religious than in relationship with God. If you are not careful they will make you just as opinionated and hateful as they are. They are bossy,critical and love being in charge. When they feel threatened  and it doesn’t take much because they  hate the true God in you!

For example…A red flag that something evil is coming your way… Bad attitudes, power tripping, immature behavior and surround themselves with people who are just as cruel and parasitic, weak and ignorant as they are…Don’t be fooled because they might be in positions of authority…God didn’t put them there…someone appointed the nonsense…It was “allowed” to plant seeds of discord. Which is  a high offense once leadership has been called on especially bad church members and …Oh yeah, staff members!

When God uses one of his own they don’t disrespect or buck authority. I can almost guarantee that most of these bullies that are in positions of authority are messy, does the most damage under the leaders watch… and are the main source of the church internal conflicts…Throw a rock and hide their hand…

If there is a plot to rid or maim someone’s reputation…they recruit…Yeah…like “witches”. Be mindful of the games they play… with if you are real Christians most of them are not Christians but foot soldiers to do satan’s work right in the church!  

Where in the bible have you read God’s people had to be cruel? This anger problem in the church is serious! I warn anyone attending any church be careful and guard your heart…especially the church busy bodies…that is also apart of the government of bullies…they want to belong, so they share what they know…by pretending and acting as if they like you. For them it’s about power and control… If I had a dollar for everyone that hugs me and had a knife to plunge in my back. Women are crafty and catty! When bullies become so obsessive to abuse you…know that there is some mental illness also involved!

Gossiping, instigating, gas  lighting  and evil speech is huge in church and its also can be a crippling of any Christians. When someone has to set a plan in motion to rid of people they are most intimidated by they start with the most influential pew members. They gaslight… and hype things mainly that are out of context or NEVER TRUE. They strategically communicate with those they can easily get information from. Unfortunately this can be in any arena…But think about this kind of messiness that goes on some churches. I have had the “terrible and tiresome” experiences with the “dog breath” members in church.  Idle minds is the devil workshop.

Many of them especially the more seasoned troublemakers, keep on the down low who they affiliate with just in case the mess hits the fan… Remember when a man or woman who is insecure are generally the ones that need the gangs to work in the church. Pumped up on pride and nothing more! If God is using them the first thing God checks is your mean spirit!  

Honestly, many of these people profess being a believer in Christ but it goes no further!  Don’t be intimidated by the bullies in church and stand your ground and you might even have to go leadership that is if they aren’t bullies themselves.

When safety becomes involved its’ time to leave. If it continues on a job the proper authority needs to be aware of the level of bullying! Cleverly we have those who don’t necessarily do the bullying but sets atmospheres for people to be harassed and incite bad behavior. Everyone that say they are a Christian… Christians are not cruel in behavior or actions. One of the biggest lies in church…There is no perfect church but  you have to ask yourself… How much can you get from God if you are warding off more demons than receiving God? You will be even more surprised at how people think that a bad or immature church is normal. NO… It takes character, a spine, and Godly direction to first lead a healthy church. It’s very unhealthy when a spirit of love is looked upon as weakness…putting on a mean face means what to a Christian and or a demon? Demons fear power and Godly confident people…They are insecure because within they aren’t measuring up or doing the right things so they try HARD TO DISCREDIT YOU…LIE ON YOU… OR GAIN THE EVIL SUPPORT TO ATTACK YOU…That is why  we call them  “attack dogs”!

Bullies are apart of life but know when you have hit covens…like I have! There is an atmosphere that often draw them in called REBELLION…Watch any leader who disrespect authority it sets grounds for spirits to walk right on in. In other words as a parent when you are half way ignorant in public your child sees the behavior and make copy! When conflict resolutions is really a fancy word for self-control. Mean children are often cruel adults. Whatever is missing in there lives have you noticed that the church is the trading ground for it. We are living in perilous times when we have to ask for correct behavior from adults. When all means of trying to resolve the bully problem…Never stop praying and asking God for directions with any situation. Don’t be dismayed when you are met with opposition even with the church staff… You don’t need God to tell you to leave a church. No matter how evil they are we don’t out sit them, we don’t’ negotiate with them when you see that your cry is on deaf ears, and be mindful that often times they know who the troublemakers are but ignored that it can get serious.

From my personal experiences. Many address demonic behavior and bad members as if its going to go away and they prefer you sit and ignore. Jealousy alone when it gets to be obsessive is dangerous. I have seen jealousy so strong against me until traps are set and to be  quite frank…You will be surprise on who hates you collectively.

When an enemy is attacking you.  You arent’ to wait and sit passively they will eat you alive. I am confrontational but you have stay aware that when an environment has gotten this bad… something is imbalanced in the church.

For one,  that’s not biblical to ignore devils but rid of them or cast them out! I have seen situation that have become dangerous… Make your motion to leave and let God handle them at best. However, don’t fall for its going to work itself out…When hateful people are in charge they get more power by staying in charge abuse is inevitable. If it’s a hostile environment be wise you don’t have time to gather any dang witnesses to prove how evil they are. Chances are they know… Keep the cell phones on as if it will matter with some leaders. Some believe that strength is being cruel and fronting like you are running something. Bullies are generally cowards! To take the air of them find the leader of the pack . And I can promise you he or she does all the talking and recruiting others to do the dirt. To see this in action is mind-blowing especially in the church.  It riles the people up to attack…Authority isn’t given because of your mean mug, cruel looks …but it’s who rules you… Whose your Daddy?

Keep it real when you have people who ruin  and abuse people are in charge its say a lot about what leads!

 It’s not wise to try to reason with fools… it wont work! Bullies use the bible to launch attacks… be wiser… Know and you will grow! Everyone that attends church  dont have good intentions but have wrong reasons. Regardless of what they are…

Get rid of the mindset that  churches are sacred and safe…Churches can be the breeding ground to attacks, so you will hate church. Remember a church is built with material  a church is easily dismantled when in the wrong hands. All because it has large membership doesn’t mean all is spiritually fed and led correctly. Don’t sleep because the leadership is popular no sign that God is and who directs them! Its a new day when correction and pruning of the church isn’t acceptable. So, rebellion is birth on all kinds of level.

What is out of control is the church is centered more on I and me…Self indulges, self serving and there is never seems to be a concern for character and integrity. Today , so many are rooted in personal ideologies and selfishness!

Lets stand and stop the bullies in church!!!!