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Hey Pastors!!!!!

Remember I said this… You can’t seem to see what you don’t have in common because of the “lust” problem… it is then you realize what you and the other cheater have in common…Nothing! Pride comes before destruction. You  might be human being but we are held accountable on another level. As if being whorish in the pulpit is some kind of rites of passage, sexing and sleeping around is embraced!

 Many lose everything over someone’s masks!

Addressing  the Israel Houghton situation. He addressed it…He cheated end of story. I don’t care how it started or ended. Somewhere he lost his way!

I knew him to be one of the most prolific, prophetic worship leaders in this world. And I adored him… My message and warning for him was no different from anyone else. I saturated he and his family in prayer…because the temptation is out here. He isn’t the exception. That is why we have yield to God in positions of power. It comes with a lot.  

Single or married men throw it in my face on a constant. What angers me to know end is that there are some who can’t discern the climate “especially” when it comes to me.  I HATE MESSINESS… So, come correct!  Some men have tested my waters …with the baits to see if I am “hot” enough to go for it. You know what I mean. I am not desperate for attention that’s it…That attention thing if you are not careful push you away from God. Most of us “think” we can handle the power and fame…only to find ourselves running along side more devilment. I am open and private about my life but the parts I share I am sincere and honest about this life in ministry…It can be a HOT MESS!

People call me different, and that is another way of “trying” to belittle me as if what they say really matters… There are people places and things we shouldn’t surround ourselves with. We tell this to our children about their crowds by “adults” can’t seem to practice what they preach!

I might be labeled as many things but I am not a liar… and I am strange with integrity… you should try some! I have been around the very rich, highly educated, famed celebrities, and all that other stuff…It means nothing when you have no character.

It doesn’t phase me who you are and what your last name is because I have to resist garbage that comes with it and draws me in.  And remember this other liked minded people can draw you into ungodly things… People know we should watch associations but in ministry for the stupidest reasons.. they are enticed by their own lusts… they make allowance and it goes down hill!

Some know when you are down and know how to talk to you in crisis. All that good stuff! You have to keep your life in some kind of Godly order. I have seen when some Pastors entice groupies…You should see this mess in full throttle. They adore being worshiped. This a huge problem in so many churches here in America.   Why would I do something this stupid because it is God that will expose you! I don ‘t need to have all his attention which is something whores go for in church. They can spot each other …And get this some actually got the ligated gall to get angry when they are being exposed for this kind of behavior.  

It’s so easy to get caught up but gets complicated when any of us FALL.  I still love Mr. Houghton… but I have said many times in ministry. There is always that one that will catch your eye and that is the one that can draw you in.

I love who I love no one including myself is above correction and opt of doing the right things. If people never step foot in a church ideally many of them have some concept what is the wrong thing to do. If you have never heard of God, you know that when something or someone is on the level…those who know, lie about it anyway! When I was growing up naively, I actually thought the church as this safe haven.  

Lies are en-grafted in your mind that we are all common good… A LIE!   You wont find the worst of the worst …prison might be one but what about the prison that enables them to be liars?

A TRUE STORY….my grandmother made the best green beans and dinner after church was apart of certain Sundays because of another program so he liked everyone to stay and dine together.  I saw this huge spread for the Pastor’s family.  I wanted some of those green beans… and I kept asking my grandmother can I have some I was hungry! She said I have some at my house I will give you some.

Like now, I went on my protest and I started asking questions which annoyed her. I wanted to know why my overweight pastor and his daughter who was just as large as he was eating and I felt like this isn’t fair.

I was a little thing it was late and in my mind I wanted to know why he got all this special treatment with this food.  My grandmother got “embarrassed” and told me to go sit down and I will bring you something …Well, I edged toward the  Pastor’s table to sit down to eat anyway…

My grandmother couldn’t believe what I had done…I sat down and started to eat. Oh yeah, I got those green beans…

My Pastor adored me and he  didn’t mind me sitting with him. But you should have seen the looks at the his daughter and wife as I didn’t belong. (Sidebar, they are just as hateful today )  

He embraced me… My grandmother was so annoyed that she called my mother to come and get me …nothing new here! I didn’t want to stay. I thought why are they served like “royalty” and it had been a long service I was hungry and why did I have to wait?

And my grandmother came in that evening and told my mother what I had done… My “mom” laughed… She told my grandmother respectably… Who are they that people have to wait before a Pastor sits down? Basically she was more concerned with what she looked like instead of me being hungry…  

My mother said… I had been in church forever and that I was hungry.  My grandmother had missed the point. But I didn’t. Although I did get scolded for being disobedient to my grandmother…My grandmother couldn’t handle how my mother dethroned the pastor and my mother made a comment about his cruel wife and daughter.

Here’s my point… Physically we get hungry but we all seem to forget that the spirit man in all of us suffer when there is inadequacy in our way of being fed. Today people are just putting on fronts too busy getting  “brownie points” instead of tapping into the true hunger of people. Too many married leaders are doing all this “traveling”  social-climbing … and I don’t think this is a blind spot. I believe some of them have been allowed to be jerks! It comes down to what might be more important to them. How can they save and bring awareness to God’s people with honesty missing in a lot of them…and their houses are JACKED UP?   

When I came to some serious realization what goes on in ministry I am blown away at what doesn’t go on! So many surround themselves with “yes” people who enable such behavior which God hates!   All men of God are not whores… but we have those that are. As if being a philanderer is apart of God’s services.

Saying a  man can’t be faithful to his wife even if he or she is in ministry is an insult but the realities some are bedding down everywhere they can get it. I think I am almost at a point where this is trying to be made true. Why God sends one man all over the world is another lie… That is their way of playing and never going home.

Think about this? Why would you have to tell any minister to go home? In fact when he or she becomes married that is his first level of ministry.

Too many whores in ministry has made God a home wrecker. The truth is so many of them “capitalize” and make themselves bigger than God.  You don’t need God to tell you that if you neglect your spouse you wont stay married long…IF you are married one is miserable because keeping the family together is now a “single family home”. … Third, God has given him or her a missionl thal requieres him or her to be less responsible at  home to save the dying the world. All of this is a  LOAD OF CRAP!… The truth is …this is play time and seem bigger than life time. And someone knows the dirt in the inner circle that will usually tell another version of the story! Is it that hard to believe why many can’t stay faithful. God didn’t give any us of free pass to roam the streets of Chicago or Rome…  

For years this has been a way to stay single and not be committed in a marriage. God respects and honor family he dishonors those who lie on him to stay away from home. Church is still a business… Hours for me will stay the same unless a special project. I am not a social worker or Captain save a whore! This is ridiculous all this running around the world has nothing to do with God. God has so many people and will only launch you…A LIE… Think about this… ladies and gentlemen… Don’t believe in all that God told me junk… God had great men like the Apostle Paul and had to knock him off of his _____.

To let him know what his mission was for  HIM.  I know that all of this staying late with the opposite sex sets affairs in motion. Some like staying late because something is what they like to see. Lets stop making excuses why we mess up. I know if someone wants to work with me on project late at night… What do you think that he wants? Surely not my Godly time! We have to watch the set ups of the enemy.  

I HAVE CHOSEN TO STAY LOW PROFILE… EVEN IN GOING TO HIGHER ARENAS…  I am “terrified” of getting caught up in things I have no business and I have fought to hard to get this far in God. I have seen it up close and personal the price of FAME in ministry alone. The higher you go and stay together…the greater the attacks and the temptation. I, can’t get knocked down if I am on my knees. Prayer helps to keep me in check… I know the dangers of falling into something I can regret. Call me old fashioned…I know when its time to go home…and accept all these distractions that look like ministry but are no more than disguises!