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I have witnessed the foolishness and the narcissism of the religious leaders and the political leaders.  They “all” get on their soap boxes and cry foul ball. They all have many masks. They say one thing but look at who they line up to tear the people down.

Have you notice when it comes to getting what they want they all seem to look the other way? Church and State!  How can the church clean up corruption when the pulpits today are tainted with corruption? How can anyone stand to tell someone what they demand and not take the lead on what is walking error in their organizations?  I am amazed at what carries protest signs and wont deal with the “wickedness” on their grounds?

In order  words how can frauds ask other frauds not to be frauds?  How can anyone that say they love the people but abuse the systems with attacks, innuendos, personal an inner conflict to then take others down. 

Have this talk with yourself… When people come around you what are they really drawn to? Some people are addicted to drama.  They don’t care what they draw as long as the attention is on them. Hey…before you slam “Trump”…Check yourselves…Doing stuff  for what reason? Negative press or good press… Its stupid!

It’s no longer relevant… because regardless of what you think is bringing awareness to many causes will come with  consequences! 

And if it comes up murky what do they want from you and how can you trust dishonesty on any level? What are we honestly asking for our children when so many in bed with the devil anyway! We got adults who act like spoiled brats! So many inner conflicts you don’t know  who you are talking to because of the double mindedness and the split tongues! You can’t trust it!

I think a very sad reality is that many are profiting off of injustices in this country and  God is thrown in for good measure.  Other than that stop trusting people whether they have titles, graduating from the top of their class, or have political clout or own churches. The biggest corruption and deception are with people we would like to trust.

Have you ever experienced when children know when something is off, so they keep asking because they know someone is telling a lie?So much is learned on social media even history and truth. How can you explain to a child about the lies our history have told including those man call icons?

You can’t!  They go to school to learn and when they do you’ll find that many want to know why so many lies were being told.  Some have a warp sense of what the truth is…

I am almost shock at how ignorance and lies seem to pair together on a daily and people can obtain more information than ever but its the lies the gravitate to. 

How can one call themselves activists and or leaders and abuse  their spouses? What can he or she be activating with no character beside the violence?  How does one that believe that they are in ministry but have their hands dirty messes and evil hearts?

How can we ask that poverty be eradicated and we have people in politics bleeding citizens and getting rich? How can any religious or faith-based leaders ask for justice and fail to clean up their own sanctuary messes?  

How can we fight for social injustices and protest  but sell drugs or watch those that do ? How can one  complain  the system has failed our communities  but allow criminal activity to be in ones homes and on their watch? 

How can we say we fight against bad policing and fail to address the bullies  in our churches? How can we say we love God but affiliate with evil and make excuses why you do?  I can guarantee  that there would be some kind of half baked answer. The truth is … That we have so many hypocrites in the pulpit and at podiums. Is it fair that so many get involved as a way of being superficial?

I have never in my  life seen so many people “perfect” being phony! And what I can’t seem to fathom… How long this has been going on and each one seem to deem one another for praise but can’t trust each other? You wonder why so many people are coming out of messed up homes? Listen to what one might say they stand for and see the evidence thereof… I let them talk! The most foolish one can do is build total establishments based on lies and fairy-tales… It’s not about who is so perfect…

This has nothing to do with being a Christian.

Lets start small and say why can’t you be correct? People have abused authority to build their personal kingdoms and don’t care how it has backfired! Lies in history have been repeated so much until, if you come with a slither of truth they are deeply offended and need proof. Camera means what? We have video tapes of things being wrong and what is ever corrected? Some people know that some people are ruthless and calculating instead of being wise becomes the puppet! 

Some people have this rich history on putting twenty on ten… In others words exaggerating or embellishing the truth. Let me be clear no matter how one leads doesn’t necessarily means I follow. I am not in denial about when a man or woman, Jew or Gentile, or whatever your “faith-based” is… I was warned to stay away from the appearance of “All” evil… yet, people don’t care what breeds among them. I  do! I don’t have a carefree attitude when it comes to the bad apple. It only takes one!  Too many have sold their entire lives trying to get something for nothing! How much more corruption do anyone needs to see… You can look at the political thirsty and those thirsty for power!

Think about this folks… How much has changed for the better in religion or political powers…NOT MUCH! With all the knowledge of doing things better and getting it done…Is it really being done? For some to ride out on the people with  fear, and the world will be a better place.

To stop this nonsense …look at what surrounds them and ask yourselves what have the really done to push people forward or keep them hostage. Are they about unifying and dividing. The answers isn’t surprising!  

Educated yourselves before we call them “heroes” and have s… Know when someone has you back or putting the knives in it!