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Someone “recently”  discussed with me… about  their life being in a “special education” class and the stigmas that came with it.  How did I deal with being what society called an exceptional” child?

I had to first dismantle when someone is “considered” dumb. This angers me…although I have seen the most educated act DUMB…Special Education is a name I hate!

Today they have renamed the classes with something a little more embracing and  welcoming! 

Special Education meant “Only”…THAT YOU LEARNED DIFFERENTLY.

That’s it!

I didn’t have to think hard about  being “exceptional”  because  this too came with stigmas… the challenges of being called exceptional or above average brought me PAIN.  I didn’t understand why and my parents were always going to war on what they knew was “special”.  I was the “golden child”but no one understood and recognize the torment I was in.

Often beauty  in our society can’t come with smarts! Our westernize society embraces…more beauty than brains if you ask me. Women are made into anything but strong roles. Many believe” girl power” is stripping down to entice sexually! Success seems to come women who show you their goods. Oprah Winfrey  broke the mold for women of color…She is smart and rich!

If you are smart you can’t be good looking. When you have the trifecta  working… Get Ready!

I was taught and trained on many different levels . You have ward of the monsters and maintain character from those who suffered with low self esteem and acceptance. Being too quiet was somehow considered more intimidated to others…so some tried it and failed at it… I was also a FIGHTER!

I then explained that the level of intellect starts at home…but  a lot of attacks came with it. So in one sense I am called smart… and in another I had to become a warrior!  I refused to beat up or running home. I had a reputation that will go toe to toe with you big or small. I had another concept about people bigger than me… I didn’t care… Bring one …you will get one was my “motto”.

I was little for my age and for the oddest reasons…when I was growing up the boys picked on me so I had to fight boys first  and  as I begin to blossom the females gave me HELL… they didn’t stand a chance… I definitely couldn’t stand girls. It came with too much cattiness and jealousy…If they started out my friends the jealousy would end the relationship once they realize I was true to me. Jealousy stirred even greater. When like today..I know how to do me and be myself!  Women are still trying to figure me out…because I refuse to share much! I saw deceptions in many  forms especially in people who mouths expressed one thing and their actions came down to deadly behaviors!

My guards stays up!

Being smart wasn’t an act… I loved to read and study this was apart of my upbringing. This is still my common practice today!  

My mother knew I was ”  exceptional and hyper” and she would buy me books and I would read them  ” ALL”QUICKLY…And she asked me questions to see what I “COMPREHENDED”…This means nothing if  you can’t understand what you read or think you  know or experienced!

I was reading college level in elementary… Learning was easy!!! I wanted to left alone… but there were teachers who challenged me to reveal how much I did know and come out of my shell. Well, coming out of my shell meant I had to bring my shield.  I knew this came with persecution. Being a nerd as one called in my day! I didn’t dumb down I learn to stop talking!  

Talking was the set up for me…when people realize how much I was well versed in many areas…It’s easy to say it’s a  trick or a fraud… I can’t agree! My mind soaks up information and its  a God-given gift to have WISDOM. This isn’t something I learned from school…I was born with it! You can be among the brightest and the smartest sometimes and because how they deal with adversity during these times … will bring wounds… and many wont exit!


When I learned that these attacks weren’t normal As ans adult pieces of the puzzle then came together.

You know you are destined to for a great legacy this builds the character in you to maintain the legacy. Many have legacies but they are based on lies and stepping on others!

The plan is greater than that… So, here  was a wisdom key God gave me…Everyone wont stand with you only those who can “SPOT” or discern the gifts he placed inside of me. Even when they cant understand they will stand will anyway!  Anyone else who tried feverishly to do harm sees the greatest potential! True beauty is really priceless…You dont have to pretend to be what you already are!