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th (34)Some people sit too long waiting on others to be call our “Deliverer”…So they “wait” and come to some harsh reality that they were just pawns. Never will they be allowed to resolve so many issues within our communities because so many ride the color lines and are quite prejudice  in their missions.  God doesn’t select groups based on how he likes the best… but who is willing to run the race.th (35)

Today… I warn don’t trust every pastor, police or a politician!  

What do I mean? From a Christian stand point I can’t understand all the rhetoric and being partial that creates division. God help us, some follow others blindly and wont test the spirit. All this talking has been going on for years..But honestly have you seen any positive results and it has gotten worse. Chicago has more activist doing more whining than producing.  Careful with acing people out of job unjustly because sooner or later retaliation will come with other injustices on the backs of hardworking tax payers!

Chicago is at its deadly in decades. They will continue to trade Police Superintendents like the flavored drinks.their are certain groups in Chicago is they don’t get their way even ifs all about political gain. Changing the color of his face doesn’t mean he will gain in the race. If you keep basing violence merely on what is poor or uneducated Chicago is already behind the eight ball.  What happens when one becomes weak and listen to emotional outcries instead of what is judged equally and fairly.  No matter what the color the race or gender  the violence will take its toll on Chicago’s . Will have more faces than Even. It’s who the believe can resolve internal problems within family dynamics which are broken down.  Our situation wont stem from the police even if they are murdering people of color. We have too many existing negative elements that are failed to being addressed because you wont get hits on Face Book or be called to speak!

The Pathetic Voices in Chicago are many in number. Be careful because when they are questioned about their own murky alliances you then hear the well rehearsed rebuttals and speeches. Dr. King is used as the whipping boy and the catapult to be too darn liberal until it comes off as nuts…and no balance in character. These words are considered to be a curse…some practice being actors and actresses… People learn to examine the fruit strong follower might  be the next Charles Manson.  


I know for a fact some should not only been fired but never HIRED…They are blissfully happy  still employed  bringing shame and trouble and they find the mother of all mothers…Mother Goose! The mentality to cowardly cover those who have misconduct or otherwise.

So, before you decide to throw bricks remember what your houses are made up… 

This angers when you know “certain’ people should be not made comfortable after creating such turmoil, ruckus and even a loss of life. Yet, to look them in the eye they know and you know they are trouble but seem to stay covered by those who should throw you out on your ear. And let me be correct… I challenge the church messiness…they have more excuses which is ridiculous and they “claim” to follow biblical standards… Some really could care less about a bible it’s all an act!!!!

Are you beginning to see just how unfair people really are?. Are  you not seeing the bully tactics from the police station to the church house. Pick a side is disgusting especially if we are to be treated fair and equal in places that serves the community. How some idiots part their lips speaking on injustices are just as criminally minded ? How is it that so many that are supposed to be apart being fair  with services wont touch the evil within their organizations and are hypocritical in their stance to protect their monsters. 

1) How would you feel if your loved one is murdered or violated  in front of you without a just cause?

2) How would you feel if the person that violated  your loved one  is still gainfully employed  in any organization …police, church, any arenas and the people in authority don’t seem to care that they hurt people?

3) How much is insult to injury knowing that the person who has hurt you in any capacity is held in high esteem in your face?

As much I cry for the world to be awaken…I share the good,  bad,better, bitter and the sweet… Our world does the smörgåsbord  thing where they look where the want to look and say what they want to say without thinking about the dire consequences and circumstances and think “all” should understand…

Ask yourself these simple questions and make a fair assessment when you have to look at the racial division event with intent, those who look away when agendas are on the table… free radicalism until some come off more demented, and partial toward injustice.

What a slap in the face to see that person that abused, harm, or killed your loved on still employed even after being caught on camera. What lesson is learned when the people get rewarded for bad behavior? Am I looking for the final results with people who are partial toward injustices…


Consequently  any injustice as a far as I am concerned is injustice to all of us. We hear very little protest about the abuse  of priest molesting children…they are allowed certain privileges and he is a criminal that works with a collar. No more than a police officer murders a teenager in front of God and the world and it  doesn’t matter he got a job. Does this seem fair?  Yet, think about all these “rules” people use to abuse systems church included!  th (36)

Where is the outrage of all the children murdered before LaQuan McDonald. Some people honestly need to get hobbies because what has launched a national outcry has going on when I was a teenager.  Look at how far we come? Same camera hungry individuals posted up for attention. Which  by any means do I call them our leader…I don’t follow con artist! The counterfeit social justice makes money off of the suffer of others.  Many are  Dr. King lovers many say they understand the movement… His cry that anyone who was suffering injustices. He didn’t add a race, status or where they lived… He  said “injustices anywhere”…

How much more fed up do we need to be what one consider what is fair even if you shoot someone the camera is on, the police is there and here comes  more evidence and then the unthinkable has risen?…

INJUSTICE!!!!  I have completely turned off “all” the talking heads when it comes to what they think is injustice.  When anyone is murdered is injustice whether it’s at the hands of authority or within our community. Being desensitize is beyond and on steroids. 

What I can at least respect… if you be consistent about your character with  injustices not just based on  race and status but by its merely the wrong way to be. Who can respect “anyone” who have a difficult time standing on his or own feet without backing of the wolves to tell you when to speak and when to stand?  Does this not seem unfair that anyone that its right when you say it’s right and but behind closed doors stand with wrong?

Who can run a race fairly to restore justice not be apart that sets atmosphere for more violence.  Anger and bitterness  is also stirring the land because of the “lack of backbone”  in the pulpits and the police stations.

Bullies are coming out of both arenas…who can say whose zooming who?