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Growing up I remember  the well-known drug dealers  in our town. I went to school with all four siblings one brother, and three s sisters who were also drug dealers. Everyone saw the fancy things that they posses.. I saw the mother get in on the act.. and seriously married a “pimp”…  One sister used the Hair Salon as a front. And people knew the lifestyle but connected anyway… I will never forget  how ignorant these people were. Although so many knew they were “drug dealers” but downplayed how that side of town was riddled with crack cocaine.  As any  can really insult me by calling me  a good girl or  bookworm…

Whatever element that birth this foolishness…I saw death coming in many ways! By the brother being the youngest and the baby he decided to turn his life around after countless rumors of  him being a murderer. The reputation this “whole” family had been amazing! Every last family member rolled in this criminal environment… I have no idea what happened… but it was the beginning of the end to this family. After becoming loaded with money…They  moved to a very affluent neighborhood  as if trouble wont be found…

It was in this moment the brother decided to get his life in order. He talked to be about his new life style and respected me for always maintaining my strength through the changes and I was one of the ones that stayed away from the games! Long after that someone blew his brains out on the same corner he once sold drugs! Someone disapproved. His killer has never been found to this day!

Sadly, we see this too often when someone decides they want to turn their lives around and someone doesn’t care! I stay clear of responding with the good old rebuttals because someone can tell you another side of the ruthless of their street life. Meaning some murdered other people as if this part will die down. I don’t’ think so! Some say “karma” but it’s call the law of sowing and reaping they work whether you understand them or can’t see it working. I commend anyone who changes their lives for the better but it doesn’t make them less of a target. Although they may have confess their violent past doesn’t mean the past wont catch up with them! Too many forget although they may have left the life but you have to ask these questions will their past come! I have no idea how much damage had been done even in murder! Today because of the hype of being seen on social media governs  some people psychotically! Whatever this narcissism stems from it can be deadly!  

It’s about the “likes”  views, and comments….

A young  Chicago man recently released from prison “allegedly” bragged about a murder or giving his street testimonial … someone remembers his day of coming out and shot him up he now fighting for his life.  Violence and bragging seems to go together. It’s almost like boasting about the sins instead of true repentance. Many say they have turned their lives around but you can’t trust it!  Someone grieved about who they may have murdered. When someone tells me that they are transforming I stand in the way of that change. I embrace what is present but it doesn’t mean I trust all that is being said.  Violence in the black and brown community is way of life. What a long fight to fight if you are swinging at the air. Chicago murders are embarrassing!

Chicago is tore up  because of the seeds of violence being planted long time ago! We tend to forget the old gangsters and glamorize their lifestyles and many died horrific deaths. How can we be shocked at what has been seemed as black and brown problem? When its more than color it’s the breakdown of strong family dynamics.I will continue to say this over and over again…the symptom of violence is only being talked about.  So many are afraid to speak the truth about violence it has no color…. It is evil that embedded.

All these leaders are combating just symptoms..and never targeting that it’s getting worse because too many wont confront the breakdown of where the door is open in homes today! Making people comfortable in their own mess hasn’t resolve a thing!

Something is still way off balanced in Chicago. I grieve for Chicago because many ignore “simple” solutions that require courage to say it and do it. Never have I seen so many angry that you call the truth on matters instead of ingesting and bringing unity. Have you notice you don’t have to teach one another tear down another , or sin against each other? Rebellion is welcome in other forms, that buck authority, teach our young to be disrespectful and call this garbage radical. Being radical doesn’t mean you abuse or misuse authority. Quietly when  some of them gather is based on political pull and power and trying to checkmate the other. You will see the constant flip-flop on their stand!   Yet, ak them all to stand together to tell the truth… they will try to push the mute button and send their “best” monsters to annihilate  you from exposing the rest…

The double mindedness is destroying Chicago. When you walk the line of truth you be abandoned the very ones who say they are about restorative justice you will be surprise how many co-sign in unison with rebellion!!