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The church is losing not God! What differences can you see between them in what they call worldly values? If you see the craziness that goes on and they wonder why people think the church isn’t genuine in what it say and do!

You want to find the center of a  lot of messed up folks who have not been taught or train self-respect and discipline…Go to church… The church has to be  HONEST…and cut out the games many of them play! God isn’t centered is the first red flag… although you see “egos” flying off the self to be in center groups and cliques to see who will be  “TOP DOG”…AND I MEAN THAT…

There is no respect for the church in the next generations because too many of the frauds kept it real by putting on shows instead of being true to their convictions! I’m sorry many are “true to their” convictions even if it fraudulent! The church isn’t that self-sufficient if you to have to kiss tail to make quotas or have deviant associations to get the dirt on others. Any church that practices …I guess Christianity shouldn’t use the word “self”… Because in what is biblical teaching God builds his churches not people.  

Yet, to keep cash flowing so they keep it real with the troublemakers being on staff or they ignore that what people see in the bible versus that bricks and mortar  that profess one way inside and bring street fighting  mentality  to the arena…It’s disgusting!

Examine who leads you and match that up with the bible many of them are not true with. Some really don’t believe in  God it’s apart of the hireling club and nothing more. They teach all this liberation crap but fail to set boundaries.That is why more clergy is being exposed for being perverted criminals. How Jesus do need to expose this side of criminal elements that exist under an altar and the bible?

People please hear me! Don’t give all your business to any church… all because they say family, or say faith. The devil is many disguises and we start first with the church of phoniness! When there is genuine love for God so many behaviors wouldn’t take place within the church…What agents of change can a church be when it full of selfishness and breastfeed hatred?

I am a God lover but I disdain those who play in the Name of God. Religion is on my list of kicking to the curve.  Many men and women that stand in a pulpit has made more of themselves gods. We have people who have built sanctuaries on their own biblical ideologies and have very little regard for standing on biblical principles so that make them up and change them as they go. This keep them comfortable not being transformation agents. If you only knew how so many have duped the people in the pews!

God is love and should be the first thing that people who enter place of worship should sense.  Not what your genetic make up is, gender or anything else. People are not crazy the churches today are messed up on materialism and gets little respect because so many are now telling what goes on when the church doors are closed to the pews. The undisciplined disciples  are really not disciples but imps! It’s when you get pass the “honeymoon” phase when all the masks come off or what rules and reigns. I have heard it too much the “brain washing” of staying in  imperfect churches. It’s not the imperfect church we should stay away from it’s what leads that frightens me. When evil is more pronounced that’s not a church but  a modern-day witch-coven!

Know when its time to leave.  Evil don’t die down where it is allowed to stay including the people one might favor! 

When  a church is not being handled biblically it’s going to be led by fleshly people instead of God…This is then infiltrated as no one is perfected but it shouldn’t cover up evil!

I teach people to love God  I love the old generals who spoke the truth no matter who remained friends or not. Some people live of the man connection but the fool denies God existence!Anything in compliance to being a Christian starts in the bible not what their personal lifestyles or opinions. It’s funny how they judge others but fail to be a conduit for the being who they are. At least they are not acting!

Many become disenchanted with the church and all what it pretends to be… because one thing is administered on Sunday ….And then the see you!!!!