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 Oh the fool said…” I did everything to save my marriage… And the children  replied everything but came home”.

My son ain’t no killer…he is a good boy has done good-by me …he hits his girlfriend every now  and then but other that”…  I shake my head all the time even with the proof people would rather go with what makes them feel comfortable… Yet, in the heart will be the truth. All of these man-made kingdoms that were built on fraudulent agendas and the truth comes out there is always that selective few that will rationalize even if is  deadly! I know the damage of when someone is so deep in denial they can’t handle what they have trusted for years. I can’t believe that one is that blind that they fail to come into acceptance of how bad it really is.  There is something so warped about being in denial that it actually destroys more than it builds.

A mother and daughter recently went to blows. The mother vehemently denied that her child had some issues with authority and very disrespectful. The mother and daughter actually was physically fighting and  I told the mother years ago..that the child is handful and that when she disrespected me. That was it. Not only could the “brat” come back to my house …Every time she begs to come see me…I opt on the option box… And say NO!!!!

I am, no-nonsense and I don’t reason with children. It’s nuts! What do they know. Whose the adults here ? Better  yet, w hose really in charge?. Give me someone with some backbone and the strength to  stand up. Not compromise and go along to get along. NOPE!

I always let people put me in my place. I like that because it’s the truth that breaks them down and embarrass them that much more. I spend so little time arguing with a fool.  Isn’t it amazing when expose the lies they need the proof other than that they are “QUICK” on persecuting others. This is how I know human beings who are selective when it comes to the truth. When it comes to t heir madness wont own up to it and will cut you off if you present something that they can’t handle!

When I see that I am up against a stonewall I do no convincing I let them crash and burn. I am not so liberal that I am ignorant to what the truth is.

I know so many abuse authority even in being passive about matters that needs to challenged and or address. They can rant about everyone else until you hit that weak spot. God forbid if it who they adore!  This keeps them safe from being accountable and having to confront! 

Oh what pain it is to find out what yo love and trusted is “jacked up”.  That perfect lie that existed only in their  head and then it takes one person to burst the truth wide open. It’s at this point they will hate you because you had the courage to confront it.

It’s so easy to look down your nose until you expose people internal monsters! My fervent prayer is to  not let be in denial about what is obviously in my face even with the people I love.

Yeah it hurts… but nothing is more hurtful to wake up with living years in denial. I think what blows my mind is the level of denial that people actually have. Birds of a feather really flock together…there is always a common thread among people who gravitate and to evil surroundings and make excuses for it. God gives us common sense. God is not godly that he cannot correct us and prune us about what we “choose” to follow or affiliate with. I don’t find it strange when people embrace evil and call it good.  

We think the majority rules it depends on your perspective… Someone can show, and tell people for years how bad something is. It is during their level of other experiences that they then begin to see. Rose colored glasses are very dangerous because often times all we have to do is remove the glasses and stop rationalizing.  My point although many “EASILY CRITICIZING”and  crucifying  organizations today. To be at least reasonable take a look at your own situations and it will keep you in check. There is no conflict when it comes to the truth just conflicting individuals. I have seen a lot on my watch and called it out and the injustice served me right up when things weren’t challenged to be  corrected. People have rode out on lies for decades because no one called out the destabilize-rs in our communities or homes!

We cannot stabilize our communities until we first use the truth to stabilize what has been purposely and ignorantly neglected on our personal watches …Like the neglect of moral obligations or family values. Even the religious community act timid in fear of losing. What so many appear to be and being honest seem to be an obstacle more than a blessing!

Hmmm???? I said to myself…It’s not that all of a sudden this is who people are or they just got this way… I know clarity comes with a high price tag…of being either confrontational with the problem. Instead of being in denial and rationalizing why it is this way and allowed to stay this way knowing it is wrong!