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I have always been called the “Quick Cook”. I don’t spend  half my days ever cooking something. I prepare! From frying or baking! I cut down time and always opt for healthier !

Everyone who enjoys great cooking tips especially if the food is healthy and flavorful… People tend give us healthier food tips and the food is absolutely terrible in taste and most are not really full just pretend to be.  Lets face it they make  healthier too expensive. If you have a large family that can take its toll on our wallet especially if they love to eat!

Cooking doesn’t have to  be challenging especially for parents on the go.  

I eat  what I want but  very mindful of how much of what I indulge in and what can be great food exchanges!   

Sounds odd, but I “love veggies” and found better ways of preparing them with certain spices that accent more flavors!  19443_1359898536_0

I do detoxification after Holiday meals …  My Broccoli and Raisins or Cabbage Slaw.   You can cut broccoli fresh, rinse thoroughly, add dollops of miracle whip and ranch dressing.  It depends on how much you have . Then add, raisins, grapes, cherries  and or sun flowers seeds or cashews optional with pinches of sugar or drizzle with honey…

You can also add cubes of turkey and have as  a side with a sandwich.  

This  will definitely cleanse your digestive tract!  The cabbage slaw is made the same way! Optional is cut carrots and adding purple cabbage!


Bananas is a consistent staple in my way of eating and find ways to eat a banana even if they starting to go bad from making banana bread or a healthy shake that is absolutely delicious…The uglier the banana the better the shake and bread really is.  

I take the ugly bananas and place the in a freezer bad and let them get frozen solid. I also freeze no lactose milk in a container. Which wont upset your belly and easily to digest. And it has a creamier and wows the flavor up a notch.

When I am on the go and don’t care to eat…

I drink!

I take the frozen bananas placed them in bowl and the frozen milk let them thaw out for a few minutes because that is all it will take…  Remove peelings and mash slightly . Mix them or blend them!

Add some vanilla extract  which is optional and normally the bananas are naturally sweet but it depends on your level of taste.

You can add lightly some sugar and or other fruit!  And you want a  serious Banana Foster… add cinnamon which is good for you!


My barbeque tips… unnamed

Cornish Hens,Chicken, Ribs or Turkey…  I prepare all of my food by marinating everything even if it is overnight or for a 15 minutes.

I seasoned my meat with garlic, and  onion powder, chili powder, a season tenderizer, Italian dressing drizzled on both sides lightly, and then I rub brown sugar…leave over night or for at least 15 minutes before cooking….

I leave it in a plastic bag placed inside a pan. What is easy is that you take the meat out of the bag , take it to the grill and just discard. th (50)


Easy Banana Pie… take a box of vanilla wafers, add instant pudding from containers add them into a pie pan.. place a few large slices of bananas  at the bottom because the large slices wont turn into mush… Cover with whip cream and crush a handful of cookies on top…that’s it!

Didn’t take long! 

Okay… its time for you to try it and email me how good your food is and you food will smell up the entire block!