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Le me warn all these religious fanatics, don’t dare try  to explain this nonsense to me  or email me about what the bible has to say !  Start emailing for  common sense and see if they sell that! The church is a breeding ground for deception. Who loves God more than I. But I see the janky business of church matters. We know strong truthful leadership because he or she is careful about entanglements.  If they love attention remember Lucifer ain’t that far  from them.

When you find leaders like this joker. You don’t have to have prophetic abilities just common sense! People be careful with the snake charmers in the pulpit! It’s more than Jekyll and Hyde its called a forgery!

 People really need to stop quoting scriptures and using the bible as mass destruction like so many has and still do. To hide cover ups and dirty staff and member!  These are never church of God but deception , greed and some faithful fools!  Churches become disenchanted with “whistle blowers” or snitches! Hmmm! You will be the “outcast” because you don’t go along with the nonsense!

 Don’t you find it interesting when others in the religious arena don’t call out evil  in the church house but are so  quick to point and protest? 

I wish this was a “April Fools” joke but its real.   As reported in the “INDY STAR” newspaper.

A  Indiana Pastor ROBERT JAYNES,  finally pleaded guilty,  last week because he sold drugs and used his members to distribute his product called “spice” aka K2.  He applied a chemical to a fake marijuana  which made people hallucinate.  He fronted it as potpourri and  incense of some sort.  And member knew of the incense that they could smoke.  th (47)

His 2.6  million dollar drug ring  operation included law enforcement… educators, youth charity operation freak… the one that was apart of the submarine man’s pornography case…all went to the same darn church.  Really now? 

People think I am on something when I say I see a lot it is a lot going on and I have  watched others act as if they didn’t see it or just leave it alone God will work it out…HE WILL!   I don’t do church blindly EVER… you miss deception when you close your eyes and ignore.  People are so easily deceived and it draws in more deception.All because they have titles or labels especially in a church. 

When I read about this operation I wasn’t shock … but I ask  how stupid can people be? I am not searching for correct terms to say. Selling drugs out of the church and alleged other ungodly things going on in the Name of God.  God is never the problem it is those who sit up and come with the “hair brain” shenanigans!     

Yet, It always take that one person that smells a rat and discern deception. When the Feds came  for the church to read this story you wouldn’t believe just how much people get sucked into things. The Pastor has the nerve to plead… for others not to go to  jail and he told his own story. To see that dirty deputies were in on the operation in a lab. I have to shake my head (SMH).  

 …For myself, each day I hear of other scams and cons going on in church. Don’t trust church politics with your personal business to any church there is always that one that disclose pertinent information about others. Talking about cut throat.  I got a book to tell!  

Unfortunately not all but we have some dirty politics, money, members and games! Today the level of accountability is all talk until a situation arises and o see the true colors! Be sold out to Christ not a man or woman. Too many I know in ministry are deceptive and so many can’t believe with what so many get away with… It’s called ignorance and denial!

He  and his dumb church members all are on their way to a special place and it ain’t called “heaven”. Now smoke on the jail house “rock”!