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Our westernized customs seem to confuse principles and privileges. Principles definitely come with a higher price. Although many will swear the will  die by a principle but will die if they can’t have privileges.

When I am going to certain engagements. I watch some of the most ignorant individuals who will get angry if they can’t have their way. They are so super sophisticated until their monsters come out of the box. They are intimidated if their status is somehow rejected with just sheer order. If the event is educational or informative I am dismayed with negative behaviors! You can “easily” see who is there for show and tell…privileged not principles!

When in fact, sometimes is just mere circumstances and the water is tested. I purposely try to avoid nonsense by following the letter. Some people like “grand entrances”… and power pushing with their authority. I still do what is right even when I know they are wrong.

 On time means on time the privileged can often come often abusive and controlling emotionally. They don’t know who I am is their attitude! Instantly I know where they are…Apparently issues with self worth…They have to “try” to devalue others!

I prefer even with school to get their early to settle in. Those who have dealt with individuals that believe that they can do what the want you will see that who they are in person in so short-lived in private.

As you begin to become in season with your life at some point  you do have to  reassess who, what and why? I can’t ingest everything that someone is about unless I am actually lining my life up with individuals that are  going in my directions.

People connect themselves to others for many reasons but when it’s based on status, or some other foolish reasons, there is no true relationship. Without holding one’s self accountable, what we make decisions about today brings a tomorrow. Saying and being is two different things. When people have no moral boundaries get ready for the obstacles of dealing with pride and ego!  

th (51)Sadly, people are caught up in labels for some who “holler” about former NBA star, Michael Jordan. I watch the foolishness over  a pair of athletic shoes. They almost “kill” each other for these next name brands.

Look at  this way…Aren’t people the same way with human beings? They have to stand next to the name brand celebrity, or what’s deeming popular? Is this not the same nonsense its the brand of the day?

It’s not a shoe but certain people we must “rub” elbows with even if they are filthy in character. Household names that will keep names in light but draw darkness. This kind of superficial craziness is what drives our nation as  a whole.

The negative  competition between each other that is more divisive than anything.  What am I saying when one sets and atmosphere what is better material wise… and without principles will fail eventually.  

Michael Jordan’s shoes will eventually wean away from wear and tear. The simple privilege of owning a pair… the money was spent on a  basically a status symbol”.  Just say you have it! Inwardly knowing that shoes costs so much to prove to others that he or she has arrived.

Privileges without principle is short-circuit if there is some level of gain temporary. Principles holds fast to human decency, morals and boundaries.  You can easily tell the superficial because they are normal proud of being  connected more with the status of anything than the principle about everything. I think it’s wonderful you can find anything that relates in a positive fashion. I haven’t found anyone or anything  to stand in line for hours for… celebrity or otherwise!  

I am not there yet! We are sending the wrong messages to our young, that privilege is everything and it’s not. I do understand having privileges but the more people seem to have the more the seem abuse those privileges. When you do some sense of having a moral compass you are not the center of the universe and neither do you purposely hurt others. Power and privilege has jacked this country up already…to see it within individuals is just as frightening! 

Privileges are  great when someone can handle it with principles this extend the spirit to grow with instead of downward spiral of having opportunities without knowing the meaning thereof.