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COMPTON, CALIFORNIA JUNE 21, 2013-Convicted murderer Donald Ray Dokins, 16, turns to his lawyer during sentencing at the Compton Courthouse Friday. Dokins, a gang member, was convicted of killing one-year-old Angel Cortez last year. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

COMPTON, CALIFORNIA JUNE 21, 2013-Convicted murderer Donald Ray Dokins, 16, turns to his lawyer during sentencing at the Compton Courthouse Friday. Dokins, a gang member, was convicted of killing one-year-old Angel Cortez last year. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

Being involved in community and ministerial  affairs for years and I have seen so many co-sign on children bucking authority.  I have seen their parents lack of self-control. Radicalism means you are setting bars and examples not abusing authority and creating an atmosphere of rebellion. When your head is hard the soft back side needs to prepare for hard falls!th (53)

What message has so many taught or children even Christians in their lukewarmness? Adults with bad behavior need to first work on bad dispositions before bringing children into their mental chaos. What are you angry about? Surely it can’t be the fact you are left to raise a child alone or in bitterness? These are personal choices not mistakes… America is coddling too many things that not good for us in the long haul!

What’s happening folks with the children of today? All because someone calls themselves mother or a father doesn’t mean that they are parents! In reality the society as whole is having a 40 year experiences over matters that takes all of 4 minutes! Seriously, when children are misguided there are no cute words to act as if we are so sensitive to these hard head crumb snatchers! You can’t fail as a parent if you teach them discipline and respect.  Some people should NEVER…even consider having children and if systems are messed up why have more children? Would the stress become more? It’s almost  an excuse to blame systems for failures in the home…I  DON’T…  What I am not understanding an I can’t believe that’s  it’s hardly ever addressed!

I have seen so much destructive parenting educated and the non educated. People love to use poverty as this precursor for why things go bad.  Some of this liberal crap has enabled people mentally! I am appalled at so many when you find out that they have children and these are the most immature and ignorant! They act like children themselves young and old. How can anyone start having children when the mental make up stays at the age of 12?

I have seen the messy mothers and to see the bully behavior and then spot check the child…I am even more disgusted! Its as if the child is trained to be destructive in his or her decisions. A lot of them no better but its their choice and the blame others for what they fail to do or step up to do!

A young woman shared how “pro black” she was. Her daughter  LOVED ME BUT I KNEW THAT BACK THEN THE CHILD NEEDED STRUCTURE.  The child didn’t know any better would always refer  to  me as the “white lady”… And  her  mother was so focused on being jealous and negative  than what I could help the child with… She told a relative  how much she hated “white people”… Okay!

She had a problem with my skin color? Really???? th (52)

The mother tried to send me a subliminal message by saying don’t ever buy her child anything that represents the  “white race”… And wanted her child not have a thing to do with me. If you believe African-Americans aren’t racists think again! This is another LIE!!!!

And she was part of some  pro “black”movement in her mind!  She blatantly told the child to be disrespectful of any authority. Taught the girl hatred 101. Once an honor student, is now trying to be a  High School drop out and now “violent”.

As much as she thought she was putting me in my place…I quickly disclose… how the price will be so much higher when the child jumps in her face and that she will bring a lot of trouble if they don’t start correcting the behavior.

Well, needless to say, time has passed the teachers hate to see this disrespectful buzzard coming! Failing every class and now sexually involved  with guys…Before I got to get to this the child wanted to live with me..I flat out vehemently denied …I wasn’t taken on trouble …this girl became a handful!

I  got the call over a weekend…that she and mother got into a physical altercation. I mean so physical that  they were drawing blood from each other! The  girl  was thrown out and living with her grandmother that works too many jobs for a teenager  to be home alone.

Oh, the father, can’t stand his own daughter….this is the mess that exist in Urban America  folks!

The girl actually punched her mother in the mouth… totally disfiguring her. When I got the message of the stress in their home… And I said this… DID THE CHILD PUNCH HER HARD ENOUGH IN THE MOUTH? I didn’t care!

I wasn’t going to be involved.  The parent set the seed in motion. The patience I had ten years ago to deal with her as a child. ..Now an adult teenager….I was so disrespected  by her mother who  initiated that child “hate” white people and authority…  

You see, so many times people actually believe that reaping and sowing wont happened… When here daughter disrespected me one time…out she went! There was no reasoning skills just sheer ignorance! What can you tell a FOOL?

 How does 12 year olds commit strong-arm robberies after 10 pm? How much life do we care about when the breakdown of the family unit is deteriorating quickly?  

Clergymen are too afraid to speak the truth but find other “scapegoats” when the truth is right in their faces?  Too much are in the pockets of others …owing nothing to God. You know what I know so many lack the courage to tell dying communities what is the community “causes” of death… You don’t want to be disliked for being a witness to the gospel!

Here is the biggest lie told… A job, and education  will make them be civil… When people lack a moral foundation he or she tends to abuse systems even if they are in place.  The lack thereof isn’t what is creating a child to become a robber.  Poor or otherwise!   They wont respect human values because this isn’t ideal for ANY PERSON WHO LACKS STRUCTURE!