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We have the most informative nation in the universe. We have more knowledge about this and that. Yet, we can’t seem to resolve not so complex  issues, like violence and poverty.  Bad decisions can exacerbate the problems. We have the have the courage to speak the truth! 

Let me share what I saw in  the raw. Some start by  saying one thing but with power comes responsibilities! I saw “causes” being sold on the backs of the poor and the defenseless! When some realize that becoming an activist can be the open door to also abuse!

One thing is said but all you have to do is watch what the lies unfold and the craziness begins… that is why I don’t bother name  dropping or calling because I know the days of exposing their agendas come full throttle!

Honestly, how much education do you need to comment on simple things that man has made complex? Feed someone if they are hungry. Stop violence by first having a conscious to want to stop the violence. Think about this? … I find it difficult to believe In anyone that say they are for community trust and building and surround themselves with things people and things that tear down. Realistically speaking, some of the rebellion can be nipped in half if a man finds a wife instead of one night stands. Children in single family homes are a significant part why children go wayward! They need covering and a sense of protection. How can anyone advocate helping communities without talking responsibility…from birth control to self-control. Although, so many see the impact of the father not coming home or being in the home. The sugar coat the conversation with jobs and education. Okay…what about the education of teaching our young ladies to wait… and understand the difference between love. lust and war!

We see the set up to keep the family in pieces which breeds more complications in the long haul. It sounds simple but more and more women aren’t the slightest embarrassed by the multiple children’s fathers. I don’t get it!  If you are struggling as one bringing another mouth to feed will bring what?  There seem to be money for the foolish things in life but it seems as if being crazy is the new scapegoat. If you can’t handle the pressure what environment are you setting in motion. Ask about the violence. You will hear the cry from the children the abstinence of the father.   

Things that I stumble upon until now…  Dealing with the cries of the people started in student Council, in elementary,  the ability to lead without struggles is a gift… This  formed who I am today! The bad things catapult me to be stronger when I deal with rejection and opposition. Who wans to hear another story unless someone is transparent enough to say how bad it was and still is…being victorious in chaos! In public you get these wonderful stories and people are shock that I go there! I’m tired of the superficial you can tell by the way I write that something has pricked my humanness. I appear as the odd ball and that’s fine. I can celebrate me. Haven’t quite grown to a point when my guards have to be down…Hurt and betrayed by too many that say that they loved me and abused by those who can’t understand me! I am not looking for a crowd to follow me!

I  am still discovering things about myself. Not perfect but in touch with myself enough to know that there is self-created imbalances. I know who I am will help build others! How much building goes on with so many are self-centered to gain power and prestige at the expense of throwing their own under a bus. If it is called politics there is serious danger to think you are untouchable. When someone is wrong I am witness how God not man cuts them down and off! I think so many lose their way because “self” is on it’s mind on a constant. I know my greatest rewards didn’t come because I “dogged”  people to get there! It was because what I “sowed” came back to me 7 times greater!  

I am not a number chaser! A number chaser doesn’t necessarily mean the sincerity of people who can only relate on top and never the deeper things. It’s not that you set out to do things on your own it just comes up through life experiences..Either you will become wiser or dumb down for acceptance! Which is still a way of being a fake! I look at the papers and I current events.., Who are we fooling its tearing down rapidly and I am middle age! What’s more frightening is that the love of “self” might be winning temporary.  

The cold reality is that people come away with nothing even with the do good-ers is because of the deception of them that stay in prominence pretending to care for the people.  How does anyone with the wrong agendas stay in power? Pride comes before destruction! Even  when some who have done the wrong things we have to learn the power of letting it go! Their day comes harshly!  

I refuse to give away to the maneuvering schemes of those who abuse authority, or lie to get advancement. That’s not success! The first signal of those who got positions or opportunities are “always” afraid they someone wants their position!  If you know something is given in right there is never the threat of what one can take or miss. God still elevates based on faithfulness to being a servant not-self servants and hirelings. Assignments in life have term and time limits. Some have missed  community upgrades by not being realistic about their own value systems.


The fact remains that we have some “cut throat” people doing community work and or ministry! Compassion is something that is a deeper part of a personality. Everyone don’t have compassion but prefer accomplishments and accolades for being apart of our country or communities! Some get terribly offended and I ask why when you doing the right things. I agree, persecution come with causes but in time some start to care more about build their resumes and the cause if aborted. It’s  in time you see where they really are!

We need to be more aware of the greatest community activism starts within our family unit and then extend from there!  so many make money off of trying to save someone else in fact they have missed the mission all together. That’s not the price of discipleship but the ignorance of those who don’t know what discipleship is… The life of the discipleship wasn’t as successful as one likes to teach and preach. They abandoned Christ even in the simplest task even if it was  1 hour of their time. All talk  but displayed their love in actions by not having his back. Being a disciple does cost but never at the expense of abusing your own. Although they spent the time seeing all t his wonderful stuff Christ exemplified it was only during each experience that the realize that they didn’t really know Christ!  The misconstrued versions of being a disciple and all the work they done… We have to remember God showed us the agenda of his disciples!

When someone tears down their own family to save another is a fraud! Charity begins where? We have to many so-called leaders who say one but do another… How can they save all others when the family dynamics is more powerful than anything in the universe? If mentors and role models are needed for our dying communities and this country…LOVE, LUST AND WAR DIDN’T START ON ITS OWN… THE ATMOSPHERE IS SET FOR MORE MORAL DECAY WHICH LEADS TO MORE TROUBLE DOWN THE ROAD!

Does it not start with what leads? We seem to perfect more sin than honest men! 

I bet if you ask just how bad it is at home… there is your answer!