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I must be having so many eye-opening moments lately. When your eyes are open they open! It’s hard to even say peace when you see destruction. So, I have learned to speak and not be muted based on people and opportunities. 

People aren’t stupid they just play stupid. Here is the smörgåsbord full of  manure!  Ridiculously do  you  have to  ask which side is better”… All you have to do is just smell it …even when things are so sanitize to make people comfortable…Inside you know its bad so, yo stay and compromise your position!


There is no need in fronting because the consequence of not embracing for the storm will mess a lot  people up mentally. There is no God without the truth. Many religions are based on more of their personal beliefs.

Common sense is given …its the gift of a brain. Many fail to exercise even using better judgment whether you believe in God or not. Anyone stand with a bible can also be a deceiver  yet there are those who can discern when there is deceiver holding that bible!

From the podiums to the pulpits across the globe.  Personally I  have out grown foolishness in the name of God. I am not interested and I am not one to sway to stay in the cesspool of just being ignorant. People know the truth but its the lie of influence that is murdering the church.

Either you are going to be the conduit or the counterfeit?. Counterfeits hate when someone is real…it mirrors who they are NOT  GENUINELY SO THE HATE! Conduits are that extender to say forget the nonsense lets connect the proper way for power to come forth. Counterfeits loves drama and ignorance in all it’s glory this makes him or her feel like they are “king of the hill”… more or less they got the dirt part correct! The craftiness is to appear and appeal to the people before taking advantage even if it’s emotionally or spiritually! Sorry counterfeits know who takes their bidding…and its usually with their own level of wickedness! 

Jealousy is dangerous because when it is fed the seeds of being destructive becomes worse. Jealousy toward another individual based on race, religion, or region. This world has some serious issues but I can let it begin by witnessing character and truth. Some people are addicted to bad people, bad karma, bad places and bad relationships and bad religions. I have heard that “crap” about buffering words but then in actions they are different anyway. One of the main reason I refuse to short change and short-circuit when I speaking truth. When you know who you are you don’t have to join the community cliques! I have heard some pretty bad speech and at the end … they use  Christian and God. I am ready to stick my finger in the back of my throat and just “gag”…that is how turned off I am. Wisdom embraces new levels and then here comes the demons of divide

During these times you better question and do your homework. People can follow groups, ministries, political parties blindly. They all get together and just decide without sometime not knowing the whole story or full agendas. If I hear one more time who so many who claim to belong to certain groups…I have the nerve to ask… Can I hear your story?  Lies can perpetuation for centuries and people will take stands that they have been ignorant about. History can be fraudulent in its presentation. All are not heroes, and I don’t believe anyone gets the patriot saint award… The entire world is looking for something to mimic… And I thank God I had a mother who rehearse be true to yourself and my father, said…No where you are at all times. It has taken years for me to grasp this…It is not until you are “Daniel” in the lions den…that your perspective about how evil can be in any us including people we thought we knew and can trust!

Today its sensationalism… and it’s personal. I can’t get into who don’t like this person? Is it the character or integrity that you are having a problem with?…Its then and only then I can understand…but most of the time people are going by what someone said…And the evidence of who they are may not be presented to you but a few choice others they decide to show their “fangs” to,  People are not consistent in character…Its  the defining moment which side you will side with. Let me warn if you are Christian this shouldn’t be that difficult. And if knowing when something is bad, you don’t feed it , nor protect it…You annihilate it! Things that are  bad for us tend to keep us in a state of denial! What is scary is that one can become quite adaptive to monstrous environment and call it God’s work in progress… NO, it’s called I am a fool and everyone seems to accept this but me!

If you lie about small stuff…I am a no go! I am not perfect but I can’t handle frauds and liars. It  takes me there! Just like anyone else …I have screwed things up…point blank, period!!!! There comes a  time that we have to prune ourselves away in order to elevate. Some people will love to see you fail.

So they LIE!

We should all be in a better place than yesterday! God knows no of us our perfect or special. He gives free will….and that’s taking so many to early graves out of sheer ignorance. All of us have dropped the ball and some shape, form or fashion. Some got too much pride to admit … I MESSED UP! So, they lie to cover up past mistakes and or failures. There comes a point when we have to say… I got to move forward…and I cannot let  human frailty of any sort keep me from progression and or doing my best… Hey folks, there is no American dream there the dream is what  you want to attain not what others prescribe!