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What is more frightening to me is when the answer has been there all the time and it’s ignored anyway? Freedom is at the door but you refuse to initiate steps toward what might be right but not popular.  What I believe it the most painful is when you can be vindicated and others sit in silence instead of standing up to the challenges. The moment that brings you to the tipping point is when you know what was is the correct way and ignore your heart to say or do something!

Standing up may require something but you rather lie to yourself! Facing the giants might be the anxiety of being rejected. Or that you someway or somehow lose because you feel that the majority may be on the same page even in evil.  

How can  someone be in denial for years and all that they need to know is right there. Our criminal justice system is the same way! Just think how so many are unjustly prosecuted sent to jail for years…and here comes one person blowing it all out of the water?

I thank God for everything that will bring vindication …But have you notice that no matter how much evidence is presented here comes all these excuses, and formalities to not make it right… When the truth comes forth about what people knew all the time …they spend this time trying to conjure up justification! It sets an angry atmosphere and some become bitter because someone knows what happened!

Think about this … It’s strange how so many will go the extra mile for those they favor but can’t handle if the truth comes out about the ones that they favored…  It’s time we stop being selective about right decisions. The no snitch seems to active in many sectors and arenas!Cowardly Lion copy

I know where some people are instantly when I see inconsistency in character. It’s never okay that someone has been abused,  hurt, maimed or killed on watches. To tell the truth is difficult only for those who say one thing but their actions speak another. I pray that people get rid of why should I care…I ask why shouldn’t you care. Life spends this vicious cycle sometimes and it might land at  your address… It wouldn’t be so ignored if it was now your turn and people know what to do but fail to do it anyway…That’s hard! All evidence is right in their face but look at it in this perspective… Your pain goes without pain medication in times of crisis…

This reminder of what you wont make it happen for others…God wont let it happen for you!