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Just think when someone hit the church doors their expectation is to experience  something different in their lives. You see the movie Beetle Juice  directly greeting you at the door.

Okay, that’s the first imp…But then the more you attend then the  show Bewitched being  played out…Although the place is the bed for the sin sick but then the person experienced no one getting healed but their conditions worsen! All these characters exemplifies personality types!

It starts at the door everything appearing real but actually its a dead house but no can seem to escape!  All are related some kind of way even in evil spirits! 

Then  there is Aunt Esmeralda who has terrible memory but has a bad attitude problems and Aunt Clara… exuberant anxieties to get it right but keeps failing…she might have grandma like qualities but is easily duped into being evil!th (26)

 th (28)Uncle Arthur, appears quiet and sophisticated  but keeps company with cattiness and his friends are more women…which he believes isn’t gossip but sharing and praying aka messy!  

Dr. Bombay,… He “thinks” he is dignified and very educated but so mean-spirited until he is actually nuts! He “thinks” he can lead better and everyone and everything is beneath him. His strut is like the peacock until he is called out that’s when you see just how evil he really is! 

 th (34) Endora, the more sophisticated manipulative witch…She appears classy but  is super jealous.  She once reigned beautiful and hates beauty from within. All she is has been on the what is religious land never relational. She meddles and undermine and hides her had until she is exposed…

She is attached and in the center of much hateful-ness and has learned her pew in the church. She appears dignified but if you can pin point her crowd that is generally who she really is. Falls apart if she sees class and looks for reasons to dismantle a woman of order. So, she puts her feelers out . Her phone directory is large when she really wants to get a handle or her competition even if it means they are lies.  Her stand is will rehearsed and careful who she is seen talking to.

Considered the good witch Samantha Stevens and her weak husband, Darren. th (25)He is in love with the good witch out of the bunch but is easily duped because of her leading. He can’t be a man because he has married something he can’t get control of who is manipulative in a nice way. She exposes her family but rather fix what they tend to do.  So, he endures the dysfunction knowing he hates it! .

When guests come they are on their perfect behavior and performance.  The stellar comes only when you stay and watch the real people in actions. No respects a church that stand for nothing but being superficial. The church has always been apart of HOLLYWOOD…


All the masks! The church isn’t that transparent and neither are the members. I don’t believe anyone should disclose all their lives to ANY religious organization. It’s not alway sworn to discretion but is used as  a weapon to get information on your personal lives.

Don’t every take  your guards down because it’s a church. The danger lies when we make a church the exempt which only opens you up for attacks! I have heard of youth meetings using adults to obtain personal information in order to control members. So, unwisely people tell their lives and they fraudulent youth parents disclose their business to others to keep the goods on members.  I warn people do to be careful about all of these retreats they sound great and seem like a positive thing to go until the unthinkable happens. I know so many become bitter because business is disclose to someone who will “drop” the bomb on where the information come…Yes, this is one of disadvantage of people being ignorant of what evil people do even if they are on the church staff.

When someone sees the evil in any church staff …beware that it is bigger than that one person, you will  never see who they are actually connected to all their dirty deeds will be done while throwing rocks and hiding their hands! 

Church cover ups are apart of the fall of the church BUT NOT THE KINGDOM OF GOD…There is a huge difference. There is a level of maturity that comes with ministry and often times signing up to be in a ministry is also the mere set up for becoming a clique.  Until we learn to stop dissecting common good it creates a spirit of division. And if these  ministries are not governed  maturely, respectably  and within Godly guidelines,. It is then, you see the real agendas and the power tripping. The feeling of being more than God is why so many churches become dismantled although they look together. when there is only total chaos and division but everything kept in secrecy!

God is expressive on what is called and chosen. It has been proven when we put people in their proper positions then we wouldn’t have rogue teachers and ministers in positions that God has never called them to be in…that is why we see so much SPIRITUAL ABUSE!

We see true public relations not based on you see the God inside of them but how one can benefit by sleeping, crawling or stepping on one to the top. The best performer gets with the inside to become one of them! As if one is doing a casting call to being who will be with the whose who?

God forbid if the person is genuinely experienced that is when the get together like vampires to alleviate who just might be qualified! They then feel threatened this is when the dead get together to suck the life out of others. I am embarrassed when I am confronted by things we can become blind to. Our youths today can tell you a lot about what we are too spiritual to know and to ignore. When people are looking for God experiences and get abused by people who really don’t know God or have a sincere agenda for the church. It’s called opportunists…

This cast a bad light on what the church appears to be. If we are doing God’s work there should a pattern of having good public relation.not mere fronting and false pretenses. I know a healthier church isn’t superficial. It is what is . Too many put on Sundays’ best when certain people are in the midst. Putting on good shows and good manners knowing the people are dark-hearted and demonic!

When you have push your way  or abuse,and lie to get what you want… It is a clear indication of the gangs in church. I warn people don’t become so involved with what you think a church is …be in relationship with God, this will detour more heartache from those who we know have no business running a church let alone those who purposely enjoy church to destroy, annihilate people and destroy reputations…Sounds like HOLLYWOOD THAN HOLY GROUND!