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We have our generational rites of passage people talk about this or that. You get to the part of life most women wont dare talk about. Some women get offended as if this part of life will be skipped. Every woman is different and some are not as severe. God bless all of you! But I can guarantee you that you will experience something!

 No one wonder why so many women thought they were dying of some dreadful disease…close to menopause. It’s made fun of but in reality some women suffer horribly when those hormones get to roaring!  Some women are just strange, they try to act as if it’s not  happening to them. Your mental and physical body is transforming into another stage…Menopause is the “ceasing of menstrual cycle” … The symptoms are more than I believe medical doctors know. And because of this  transition hormones play a vital part of health.

Regardless how much fun are poked at when a woman is making this transition… It can be difficult with the most healthy lifestyles and positive attitudes. If you have other injuries or previous existing conditions sometimes the conditions worsen… And a lot of women feel like they are falling apart.

 These symptoms can often mimic other signs of different diseases. And mentally going to the doctor out of sheer panic is another sign of menopause. Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are also associated with the change of life.  Men don’t understand how debilitating that this can become if hormones are not regulated in some way. Many take hormones…  I prefer not to… because of the side of effects can be more serious than just going through the suffering! Allergies increase are just horrible!

 I have had my share of experiences and some are terrifying.  The vertigo and the head spinning,  the lack of balance… can be associated more strongly with sinuses…and inner ear.  I became disabled … I couldn’t risk taking the train to work… I couldn’t go anyplace alone …the next step was a service dog! This was my stopping point… I had to decompress…Too much for a young woman to begin.

Now, mentally this was driving me nuts! I had to study nutrition for myself because some doctors are just jerks… I had one doctor told me I need something to help me relax …that’s the next trick …Many doctors have no idea about the effects of menopause and how serious it can become because women are misdiagnosed at lot!   So they prescribe more drugs…I believe in doctors but I listen to my body. I can actually feel when something makes me feel off! Doctor visits I heard the lies…and I looked better and it definitely because I took the medicine… so, I let them tell me how the medicines work that I never took!

I suffered with vertigo for years…and my balance use to be so far off that I couldn’t stand…  I was on medicine that I never really taken…It made me so tired and sleepy where can you work?  You can no longer drive, you have limit mobility and this started when I was in my middle 30’s .

 …I wasn’t able to function… One dosage kept me so sluggish I could do absolutely nothing. I endured the dizzy spells by actually sitting on my stationary bike and peddle for 30 minutes to one hour. That’s just how serious it was. I would go to the High School track near my home…and I would run. Yes, dizzy and running  not a pretty sight running side ways.  The fear of something is inside of your brain or something the doctors are not catching… would make me run!

Come to find out …all hormonal…I had been hit in the face with a bat, a hammer, and head was busted from a rolling chair I fell backwards!  All this comes full frontal with menopause!  Allergies went into overdrive.

My vertigo was a bit severe not chronic.  The vertigo had me with nausea and food wouldn’t stay down… It was like a downward spiral… You have to eat healthier because the body will force healthier options!  th (27)

I had to find a turning point from these attacks…physically and mentally!

From my perspective without some level of exercise, prayer and meditation and just being active menopause can actually stop women in their tracks. If there is an excessive amount of stress…Alleviate!  Menopause and stress can make it worse!  Find alternatives. I am at a point in my life… I refuse to do a lot of stress… anything toxic including people I have dismantle from. Stress is killer in itself…

I’m a private person and I had to learn to decompress from a lot of bad experiences lately!  I let it go…and kept  it moving! I am going to enjoy my life. Life happens but I must use my resources of prayer and meditation to stabilize my physical body! People don’t care who they stress and why they stress other people but the answer is going to come in a way that I can handle it even if it means eliminating what is the root of the stress!

Menopause can also be a time in  a woman’s life to reassure her that you can still be the best and feel your best. I’m pretty straightforward when it comes to just telling it like it is… I work out everyday and practice good nutrition. I have no other choice!

I still have days when I feel like someone beat me up terribly the night before but I find the strength to keep moving! It’s more than just a positive mental attitude…You have to put the lock down on stress especially during this time. I don’t spend time explaining to people how I need to save me!  

Nonsense isn’t apart of my daily make up anyway! Where I come to realize some people wont ever get it… so, I don’t waste time wondering will they get there! 

I have to take care of myself when others fail not to or contribute to helping me  grown in every arena of my life including spiritually! No more time-wasting on things that are poisonous to my life.

 I can’t be committed to a lot foolishness it’s not HEALTHY!  This part of my life might seem to be in turmoil but I have to make the transition into a testimony of being a survivor. I am at the age that I have to do me!