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Ain’t nothing radical about the truth, it becomes controversial when people who have become more delusional than empowered by being in church.

if I had to do a “thesis about the church”…It would be called “OH WHAT BIG LIES THAT THEY HAVE TOLD”. What actual makes me laugh is the sheer fact that ignorantly some believe that stepping inside of building that  holds more lies than a local bar is going to make them be closer to God.

In fact, in the bible “satan” loved church . He had the biggest resume of all… To usher in God’s presence. Lucifer just like man… got addicted to the praises for himself! The church is mainly responsible for compartmentalized things and that is why we have all this chaos! Man is putting things in places and positions it don’t belong so it births organize chaos!

Liberty isn’t an outside thing it is what governs the spirit in respectably and correctly from within! Being free is more than running butt naked in a park, or exposing body parts in public.


Of course breastfeeding wont bother certain members of the congregation especially the perverted members… now days men and women. Whether my breasts are for the adornment for my husband, or my children. There are those who are waiting for me to whip out the girls in the middle of church to feed my children.It then become a spectator sport. All eyes are  on how much ” Junior” is enjoying mom’s milk!!!! (LOL)

No more than if I would like to give another child a piece of sandwich in church, and I don’t like that either. It’s still a sanctuary not a cafeteria. This irritates me as well… I have seen people do whole meals sitting a place that is kept for  sitting and not eating! And then complain about the soil seats and upkeep of the church! For me breastfeeding in church has nothing to do with human rights but simple respect!

I don’t have all these hang ups talking about the human body and or sexuality.The church can make one believe that sex is the worse thing in America until you find out the dirt! God  places many ordinances in place because like sex, it can become tainted and perverted like today! 

You should see the faces if you mention a body part as if the part disappears when stepping inside of the church…When in fact if you want to see  how “freaky” it can get …go to church. Here is where I know some of the biggest misconception about  sex, love and marriage are misconstrued! And it comes off more than lies than anything!

God is very open about human sexuality and has King Solomon expressing his urges that some wouldn’t dare God there because many will be offended!  How hypocritical is this when most  freaky  and perverted in this country goes to some places of worship …

God helps us…but I believe  many Christians live lives of deceit because of what they have been told instead of studying and knowing God for themselves.. so they “allow” others to conceptualize what is  good and bad according to religion and man… but the scandals keep coming!

I’m real on every level because of the lies that have been perpetuated in the Name of God. God made sex and it’s good…Whether you are getting it or not! The secrecy of indiscretions can go on forever until… sex and scandal is mentioned in the same sentence in a church. Its then you hear nothing because the snitch code is more prevalent in a church than the streets.  

What is just odd for me is the lack of talking about  human sexuality! Everything on the surface offends God but the babies  keep coming!


Boundaries are in place for a reason. The church is challenged enough! Covered breasts  or not…Breasts can be easily exposed which can also be a distraction of doing something great! for your child but hinder others.

I have to wonder why we push the envelope on this! I will be the ones who jump out of the box. When in fact, there is no box to come out of … It’s still a place that we can have some sense of  being moderate! 

There is still a decorum that needs to be followed in any arenas. Although this is a public area but you need to still follow the belief of that religious organization. This is not my personal belief…Some people do things for attention.   That is why so many prefer when in certain settings that children are not present. Not a way of taking away your rights but where you want to bring your rights! 

I don’t feel the need to  whip out your  breasts every place feeding children. I have seen women breastfeed 5 year old’s in public.  This is what bottles are also made for. We have a time frame for when time to eat even as adults. We are not in everyone’s house when they eat.  We don’t just pull meals out anywhere…it’s a rule not to bring shame or embarrassment its a protocol!

If feeding your children for everyone to see is that vital, than we are missing something here!  If we don’t get a grip on what, when and where…this can become  much ado about nothing and   quite confusing when there some standards are in place.

We are not to urinate in public, what if you can’t hold it? 

 What I see is that standards and morals are getting push back more and more   being confused with personal freedom of expression.  All because it’s your personal choice doesn’t necessarily means it’s the right place to do it. Would your bring your child to a neighborhood bar to breastfeed? It’s your right… It will be at this point she is called an unfit parent…

Some of this stuff is just sheer nonsense! 

Breasting and bonding is vital for a child and mother.  Like anything else in life we must respect even in public forum. Allowing mothers to breastfeed during service is something I  respectably disagree with. I know some of this freedom to do what we want when want is getting carried away. That is the business of a breast pump is made handy to ensure that the child is fed.

However, the point of being is public is about what? It’s call preparation for a mother. What a touchy subject when its simple common sense.  There are places even as adults  no food, or drink.  I don’t get the fuss there are options if you feel that connected to your baby then maybe you need to stay in the privacy of your home. Respectably  I see the silliness to push the envelope.  We are not to eat in school classrooms until someone get angry enough to protest their rights to eat where they want.  

So many are breaking bad for absolutely no good reasons but just because. If there are blood sugar issues… there is still we can do to ensure the healthy blood sugar!

The craziness is getting so out of control of doing what we want, when we want because it seems so correct. People,  I believe often people confuse the feel of being  liberated even if it might seem appropriate until one presents the guidelines of how it’s going to go here!  Let’s embrace the comfort zone of knowing what might seem to be a good idea might be something I need to re-think and study before making a spectacle. Expressing yourself still holds boundaries!