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All of them say they have better days coming and better ways of selling you a “BRIGHTER FUTURE”… Has it happened in the all the years of voting? Have you honestly seen drastic changes for the better overall?Violence is soaring and I know systematically where that root lies..and the political systems are destroyed across this country. Are we really sold on just jobs and education will make them less killers? Where we live has extended that imbalance.  

If Papa was a rolling stone and  you didn’t like it… What can destroy that generational curse? If whore-dome destroyed your family structure then why would one repeat that cycle?

 Education or a job wont stop the human heart. So many are sold out on just economic developments but miss the entire picture. Yes that might be apart of the decay but what a man thinks that is who he is? We have the most educated gainfully employed will then embezzled for more money? Do you ask was it his neighborhood?

But if the person is from a different race he did  it because…and the excuses are relentless… Being poor is no more a precursor for what makes or break a man. Our forefathers had even less to work with but had the tenacity to stand up and be men and say…I AM A MAN…

Personally, I have seen too many coddle and condone bad behavior. Being poor wont make you violent no more than being rich makes you less violent. We need to be careful why decay becomes decay.

Show a man how to fish he fishes for life…But you  fishing doesn’t  teaches him.This is a national ignorance!

It’s official people can’t trust ANYTHING” hardly in charge. Power trippers get sold out to majority rules even if it’s evil. Get real… The lies are getting more sophisticated…

One might have well intentions but remember this when you vote… People will sell votes and sell who they endorse behind the booth.  When someone comes with their brand and labels…  I already know I am a “different” and I embrace that I am different.  But I wont short change God by allowing a “heathen” to tell me how to think and behave.  We rationalize different sins even in religion… Your church got women with dresses to the floor… and I am not being disrespectful but dresses on the floor is a clear indication you mean modesty is better… I say  you don’t know people who well… The flesh is still under those clothes! I have been among different denominations and met some of the greatest people. No one has God down to a science and some try to sell you on a God that they don’t believe in.  

We have more people use church as a drug and bring their dysfunction to someone who is just as dysfunctional as they are. God made all of us a little less than a angel…Think about it before you comment. My assignment isn’t to change the world but be apart of what changes it.  

I don’t sell church because its’ tricky! Every church isn’t advocating Christ. They talk the talk but barely really know the language. God is personal and don’t ever forget that. If I tell you nothing else. Pulpits across the globe is only doing what they feel the need to do that is reenact.


I know that Americans love allusions. The bigger the proud peacock the more dangerous it gets. Many abort true ministry because the power because seductive.

People can be a half serial killers and some idiot will stand behind a podium and say…this is better for me and why! Blindly many our citizens are sold on materialism! Liars being voted in means that a level of deception is going to be sold. When you display very little self control…It’s a wrap for me! I don’t give up on people but I do the nonsense.

Although it’s only so many ways to fry and egg…Fry the egg! Vital assessment and components are missing. Even in our religious systems…The people are sold on “who has the best God”…When you leave all you have to do is stay for a moment until the smoke clears and you’d see simply even they aren’t sold out on what they sell! If your God is so much better why do you act so ugly?

I quickly tuned them out based on “character”… You can be celebrity …So what?  Being a celebrity means only that you have become wealthy in that craft…whatever that might be. It doesn’t help me focus on what is real or memorex. Reality doesn’t disappear because of a zip code or someones’ status. And so many religious leaders get duped this way as well…And this has been why the church no longer is driven by God but materialism…they throw in a little God to keep it appearing as if it isn’t a social club. When in fact, many have no inkling of the pattern God sets for a church…and OH BOY! Have you seen the  rules and regulations?…sadly many are out of context…and not understood! It worked so they used it to control the people on misinformation!

Our society is sold on what sells.  You can have the biggest romp shaker in the world and that will help me do what? And then fleshly decisions are made on the romp business. Strange, no seems to see all the aspects only to what sells for the moment. Never long-term of what the destruction of what is later!

 I am NEVER that star struck about people. God bless everyone with what they do and how they are gifted to do it. . When people look at anyone without some common sense you can easily put and see people in wrong  perspectives.  You can be an advocate for violence and be abusive. We need  to take things at face value. Unless we have this personal investment we see what we choose to see. People aren’t voting based on what is best but who they believe that arrives at their way of thinking. Forget experience it’s secondary!

It’s only one person in the voting booth. My vote is personal and it’s none of anyone’s business. I have never been sold on all because.. Human beings are all flawed. Who  can sell me their political or religious manure is based on what I am attracted to.  That is  a truth teller. Whether what is painful or not. Give me the whole truth and nothing but. This foolishness of endorsement is a mind game! It’s so easy to sell the nation on their sins but what about your own?