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Something has”disturbed” me greatly for the last six months. I can’t blame it on what is merely going on with me but it’s what I witnessed for myself in community activism and organizing. I have been watching more than the city of Chicago fall apart but I have seen  how God has exposed many crooks and hooks who have their “skin” in the game. Which I believe is a racket in more ways than one!

People are so disenchanted with their standards of living but there is no public outcry for the people to start change in their own lives first. Simple but difficult this REQUIRES!Politics_of_fear

You don’t want to believe what others may have been saying for the longest.  I have been apart of church all of my life. So, I can spot the games especially with “church folks”. And becomes church is no longer a power broker or breaker in the community today. The “straw people” are used to the hem others up. Although information or who is being taken but it might appear one way but it is really  another. I am leery of dealing and hand holding snakes …for one if someone is willing to set someone up they can be easily bought.  In political election the more the dirt the better. I saw how lowdown even religious leaders had gotten if only for a moment of appearing powerful but flagrant fouls to bring down those they had beefs with or wouldn’t stoop to their agendas.

So,  they circled in like ravens…to see when will be the weak point to take their best shot even if they knew it was wrong. We have made excuses not to think for ourselves. I had to come to realize many of these community activists are “FRAUDS”… It’s not new… and neither are their strategies to build but tear down and keep the people beholding to those who play the game of caring and concern…If you don’t think this can’t happen…Hitler proved this works!

The key…is “watch who and what they surround themselves with”…this is a simple indication and deduction  that something is rotten in the cotton! If a demon is hanging around a saint…and the demon is winning…Get focus… whether we can stomach the deception among people we deem heroes of our community or nation. Put the brakes on what it appears than what it really is!

God must honor cells to keep the fire under the feet of those who have abused  his people in this manner!   Those who put on their theatrical mask to subdue people who refuse to educate themselves on those who do all this talking!  … They aren’t bringing injustices within our own who refuse to stand up for truth and justice including inside the church…

There is no restorative justice because the fraudulent goes many ways in communities, politics, law enforcement, education and even religion. People know where the “idiots” are that is where they make monumental strides because people are just doing stuff for show and tell. Then it comes whirling full speed the truth… They take no sides at all as if gaining attention isn’t the name of game… 

In all honesty, some of the members of the community organizing and even members of the clergy I became terribly disenchanted with. Making a world a better place and then it happens… I  saw “egos”  and monsters coming out of boxes.  As a minister nothing disturbed me more than the “ignorant” buddy systems that people were connected with and the absent of spines in our community.

Regardless of how much I may like or love someone if they are “wrong” they are wrong. I saw political and public instigating all in the name of justice. If there were bones to pick and heads to be rolling… I saw how they ganged up instead of standing  up

 I was more than disappointed but embarrassed for people I love and respected …was acting like total fools!  I saw the “games” being played in the Name of God and for his people…Get this…they could care less about people regardless of where they belong. There seems to be  small “true” Christian leadership as far as I am concerned. Christian is a tricky term today more than ever! I saw “favoritism” towards people I knew were the straw people…

THE LIES …We are all in this together…IN FACT…They play on EMOTIONS, FEAR IGNORANCE, AND PREJUDICES.

THEY SAY…power to the people… and the people are still less empowered! There’s a great conspiracy to dismantle our communities but enable their dysfunctions… We are fighting injustice against “our” people but can’t see how many are sold out on media attention!  Will use social media to social climb! Their message divide more than unite! They play on people who have this flair for the dramatic and lack “basic” reasoning skills. They have more faces than “Eve”.  They have no fear of God although, they play with God.

Sounds familiar?

The  painful side of  the truth is facing it… but you have to tell it. If someone decides that ignorance is where they choose to be, well the blood isn’t on my hands and during my watch. How so many have been  lost and turned out for years, listening to people who have made a career out of making fools out of the people.  Some are in serious trouble and at a disadvantage when one lacks simple common sense and deduction. When someone is speaking divide, or spreading discord among the people that’s not God. So many spew hate in many forms. People really can’t respect what the truth really is because of the lack of discernment and educating yourselves off of political or pulpit jargon! If there is no influence of unity it’s not God…I don’t care how popular your pastor is, or who they know…all will answer to God and the consequences of perpetrating good knowing that they are frauds. 

 Time is no more and of the essence when the clarion call has to be made on my watch. People change with power… and with the  taste of success then you see the real agendas and the true nature.  We have to focus on gaining things back that we lost in the fire. The disgrace is that we know some are so feeble and desperate anything is easily influenced… Our people “perish” for a lack of knowledge…

The true danger is when people actually have become lovers of themselves and pretend that they aren’t. As if their sins and indiscretions  can’t be acknowledged. Power to control and manipulate to gain is wrong! The vipers are  among us…words are smooth as silk and swallowed like butter! Do your homework and don’t be so quick to deem everyone as heroes and mentors…

You set the pace for what is deem favorable and honorable by initiating, character, integrity, love, and the truth!