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Someone recently told me that   too much come with church membership and church are for the sinners but what goes on in the name of God is the turn off the people off . God isn’t the problem it’s the nonsense that people wouldn’t expect to be in the church. God gave the story of Cain and Abel ( Genesis Chapter 4) and still it doesn’t resonate the dangers of  ignoring how deep one is with a jealous spirit.

How foolishly many skip over the first dysfunctional family…with a spirit of jealousy that a brother would murder because he “believe” God loved one more than the other!

Jealousy, provokes a negative energy and spirit , to strike, fight or kill! 

Although,  you really should expect some level of discord  because of the  influx of different personalities. I have heard all the excuses about you can’ control adults  and remind any leader…. Think of it this way… You can’t control the world but you keep speaking to it! Ministry isn’t for the faint heart. No pastor should be concerned with the attendance of your church based on MONEY. This is when you will see the true faith and nature of any pastor. Is what he or she allow to go on in order to maintain this level of dysfunction as if “jealousy” is normal.  It is precursor if not dealt with… It wont be long for this spirit gains momentum and only the bad stays and it will eventually all self destruct! All because you see a church doesn’t necessarily means God is Chief Operator! Yet, the  common goal should be God. Oh baby, oh baby it isn’t!!!!  Don’t ever think the church attendance is always  about God. People have agendas and you’s be surprise how low God is truly  on the list.  Every house isn’t God’s house!  And this where so many church goers get deceived. As if the church is perfect. Leadership has great responsibilities to be the first example. but when that fall short you have a modern-day witch coven and hostage  take over. Christ is the model, we may not be all on the same level . There should be a  level of  respect and standards operating.

Don’t believe me do your homework on the spirit of divide aka “divination”. Some poor Pastors have straight anxiety attacks if the thought of having pews empty so they never prune and keep the church from being unhealthy. It is the place for getting energize until you see what happens when people are not be very Christian like. It’s a hot mess!  God’s deals with our attitudes and pastors wimps out of fear! So, then when jealousy arrives she stays because there is no sincere rebuke!  I have seen jealousy’s head stick so far up… and the church has no spirit of love or God.images (2)

But what about when the lineage of the church, staff and the pastor’s picks  are mess starters?  OH…I have been here before!  There is the  “group” of people who never leave and you don’t have to ask why! You see the spirit of divide…working in them. Trying to size you up and God forbid if you know their games…They go NUTS! The whispers are about you, the talk is “always about you”…when they can’t find you messy then here it comes the instigators setting their plans in action… 

You ask yourself is it me or is it what I hope it isn’t. All of a sudden snippy attitudes come out of no where. You can sense the change in the atmosphere as if  something happened and you aren’t informed. There is one familiar face that you know wouldn’t let you down and even  they are distant. Dont’ want to be seen befriending you or engaging with you socially. If you have dealt with this evil spirit then you are familiar with the settings.  There is talk in the room about you …they don’t need a reason. It could be the color of your skin, you clothes, the way you carry yourself…it might even be just insecurities on their parts….Jealousy and  envy and that far away! If there is a leader of the pack they wont be seen on the surface but behind the scenes you can sense who might be the ring leader.  Others have no idea what’s really going on. And I am here to tell sometimes “nothing” happened between you and the individuals just hate and jealousy!  

It’s not always with worldly success you run into that “green-eyed” monster. Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors ,has reached a level of success in basketball and he better be prepared at what is going to come out with their fangs and feelers. You can see already how cruel some players are getting because he is favored!

Take it from someone who has to deal with the haters.  If my self-esteem was taking a beaten you couldn’t tell with the haters! You’d think I was sit straight from heaven they way some of the ignorant folks act!   Not to toot my horn.

The fatal word for any kind of relationships when they find out I am a lot older for my age…they expect this feeble old white lady to come into the room and  BAM…There it is! It’s hard to get the big head when you see “jealousy” at this level.  Pastor’s wives can’t wait to meet me and when it happens…I am sent with the “rejection” letter.  I have no other choice to laugh about it! God knows here lately…something inside the church building hates anyone who speaks the truth and be the truth.  

These old church witches are get together just like street gangs they  must take down the opposition…and that’s me!  Some pastors are just slow and can’t see how much mess it  is inside their church with mean-spirited members and they stay while others leave! They are deemed as faithful although many are demonic.

“Jealousy” is a destructive spirit if it is allowed to run.  I guess I didn’t get the memo on the sheer competitiveness to sit in a pew or be in charged up  in a ministry! Personally need a body camera… because you can’t make this stuff up.   Statistically, I don’t have the numbers of how many females attend church on the excitement to ruin churches. Churches have too many women and never enough men. At least ones with “spines”.  The jellyfish syndrome exists in its’ finest… When a man can’t tell his daughter, sister or his wife…they need to get their act together!

Yes…Jealousy is everywhere in the world but in a Christian’s life it should be so obsolete! Ministers who are jealous of other ministers are not consecrated but man-made appointed that is why so many are power tripping with titles but have no clue about being a Christian. As if a title or a position surpasses God! Believe me people are just that selfish!

Some people have no business in ministry period! Everyone isn’t designed to lead or run a ministry that is why we have so much organized chaos…  functionary that is never functional! It’s all appearances… Dealing with out of control sinners is one thing but staff and members  who know better and don’t care to get better… the day is coming! 

Jealousy is deadly, and trust me it’s not harmless. I write my experiences because no one wouldn’t  believe how crazy people are in church as if the devil is off-limits … Here is when it kicks in overdrive.

Jealousy riddled churches set atmospheres for people to be attacked… Pitting members one against another. A spirit of competing who will be next top dog and I mean that in ever since of the word. It’s like they are trained to  be attack dogs! Competition on who will be the pastor’s pick! So game is on! And will stop at nothing to annihilate in their mind who might appear  opposition to them!

You have to confront people about their nonsense and foolishness… And for one second… I wont operate my ministry with bad attitudes and jealous folks…this tells others that we are no different and no one wants your angry and jacked up Jesus!  Everyone is a threat so they set in motion to tell lies, set up road blocks, to purposely distort the people’s views.  How sick is this? But it happens!

Be prepared with genuine success or not comes more opposition and jealousy if God has a purpose for your life. The tares perpetrate and they are in positions you wont believe that they are in. Especially if you know who you are and others fear it! Jealous people fear what you fail to see… and they can’t handle that and choose to be haters instead!