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Its time to plant beauty or get the yard in order for the spring and summer. You can do gardening work while your dinner is being prepared. A great idea and it’s not overwhelming. Cook a turkey!

Light your grill like you normally do but makes sure you have enough briquettes for the duration of the turkey. Briquettes don’t necessarily have to be extremely hot. Just enough for the turkey to cook slowly while you. do gardening!

Buy any turkey size of your choice, make sure that you buy a disposable foil pan that can handle the  size. I normally purchase two.  Rinse turkey well and remove giblets and turkey parts which are often inside of the turkey. Season the turkey well inside and out… with Lawry’s Seasoning salt, onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, and rub brown sugar…Then, take butter and place it inside under the skin of the breast and inside the neck of the turkey.  Place turkey inside the foil pan, add a water to the bottom liberally.  

Put aluminum foil and place turkey on the grill  inside the foil pan. This helps the clean up and it keeps the turkey moist and tender… Have on handy an empty shaker,  a large spoon to baste the turkey or use a turkey baster,  with just water and a little garlic powder and water to add to the pan… Keep the lid to grill closed, only to check and see if water is gone! Cooking depends on how big your turkey is… As the turkey begin to brown consistently  base the turkey with the juice that is at the bottom of the turkey pan. Not only will this keep the turkey moist but it continue the browning and add awesome tenderness and flavor… and it’s not dry as long as you add your water periodically during the cooking and baste in between.

The longer the turkey cooks the better it taste! 

You can tell the turkey is done the parts will begin to open up…like the wings and the legs. And turkey thermometer might pop up. 

You can actually leave turkey without a sauce or add the sauce while in the pan brush barbecue sauce how you  prefer…  Let the sauce settle for a few minutes and remove the turkey from the grill you can place the turkey directly on the grill or  keep it in the foil pan…Place the turkey on a baking sheet and let the turkey rest.

You can have easy sides like corn on the cob, broccoli slaw, mix veggies, salads,  potato salad… or baked beans! And don’t forget the lemonade or ice tea!th (40)

 Afterwards you can sit down in the backyard or wait to  have it for Sunday dinner… Either way… a no fuss meal!

There you have it a beautiful yard and a delicious dinner!